South Africa New Economics Rights Alliance



Before we begin this episode, please support this incredible documentary that absolutely MUST be made. It is called Strawman – The Nature of the Cage

Here we go Ml! A massive class action against the South African Banks is about to be filed.

If you have ever lost a property, you need to join this case. Over two years of research has gone into it.

The class action is being handled by Advocate Shaw, former chairman of MENSA and all round good guy. He is not afraid to take on the banks and he has already enjoyed several victories against them.

Listen to the interview with Douglas Shaw here: (Right Mouse click on episode 19 and “save target as.”)

The banks will be taken to Court because they are auctioning properties well below their market value. Advocate Shaw believes that this is unconstitutional. A win will see a change to High Court Rule 46 which essentially gives the banks the right to take people to the cleaners. The banks are not supposed to exploit this rule, but of course they do.

A win here will see thousands of homes saved, and it will force the banks to think before they act.

To join this case, or to book an appointment with the legal team (for any legal problem relating to a bank), please book your appointment at  Contact Sam at  083 864 4398 or if you have problems making an appointment.




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