George Gordon School of Law and the man


Memorial Service for George Gordon
There will be a memorial service for George on October 23, 2014, at the farm. Call ahead to let Jackie know you are coming. Anyone whose life has been touched by George is asked to write a snail mail letter that can be included in the time capsule and also read at the service. 

Obituary of George Gordon
George Gordon of Isabella, Mo died in his wife’s arms at his farm August 30 and was buried that same day in the family cemetery on the farm. He was born in Fortuna, CA 75 years ago to Winton and Evelyn Chase Gordon. He attended schools in Ferndale and Eureka, CA. George, an original California cowboy, attributed his work ethics to the years of newspaper delivery in Eureka and ranching on horseback in and around Ferndale.

George, an entrepreneur, piloted his own plane at the age of 18 and created a construction company specializing in the restoration of San Francisco’s “painted ladies.” When he moved to Boise, Idaho George started a furniture factory and designed and manufactured bedroom furniture which was sold nationwide.

In 1982 disgusted with “Big Brother” encroaching on his business, he educated himself and others on law and courtroom procedure, and established a law school in Boise, Barristers Inn, which name was changed to George Gordon’s School of Common Law when he moved to Isabella, Mo in 1984 following his patriarchal marriage to Jacqueline.

He won legal cases in the Federal District 9th Circuit Court and the Supreme Court all based on religious free exercise. The scriptures both Old and New Testaments are the law of his life and death. His students and attendees have included people from Australia, New Zealand, Ukraine, Canada, Ireland and all 50 states all of whom traveled to and stayed in Isabella. He is survived by his wife and business partner of 30 years Jackie, whom he loved dearly; by his 5 children; 4 granddaughters Ja’el and Jillianne of Garden City, MO and Kohl and great granddaughters Ruth and Faith of Cheney, WA; granddaughter Savannah and husband Derrick Ferrell and great-grandchildren Logan, Eli, Josiah and Mallary of Isabella. Proceeding him in death was his legal partner and beloved step-son Dirk DeJong and the family’s special friend U.S Representive Helen Chenowith. A memorial service will be held in Isabella during the feast of Tabernacles in October for both Dirk and George. Published in Eureka Times-Standard from Sept. 6 to Sept. 7, 2014

Feb 16, 2014 Important Update from Jackie:
We have been reminded these past few months of an unhappy fact that goes along with being human, i.e. we will not live forever. And, in this case, we were brutally reminded that George Gordon will not be here forever.
A bit over two months ago, George was grievously injured when a half-ton hay bale fell twelve feet onto him, and crushed him against the tractor’s steering wheel. His back was broken, rib ends separated, lungs and heart crushed and swollen, but his spirit was unharmed. We refused back surgery and a body brace, as well as putting him in a nursing home. Rather, we took him home, where we set up a hospital bed and an oxygen generator in the living room. Then, over the next two months, we used essential oils, massage therapy, minerals, and other Scriptural aids on him. Our faith and trust is allowing George to be healed pursuant to the Scripture.
We are doing two new things as a result of this accident. First is a classroom with many windows, and no steps for George and his students to navigate. Second is realizing that the knowledge we have been given over the years concerning healing is something that many people desire to have, but that few have actually obtained. So, we are holding a class on Healing.
George is doing well at this point, though bodies that have been around for three-quarters of a century don’t heal quite as rapidly as those which have only been around for two to five decades. He is resuming teaching classes on February 24th, which is a Title 42 class, and his looking forward to April 14th through the 25th, which will be a Basic Courtroom Strategy & Procedure class. However, he is also teaching a Tax & Status class from March 17th through the 21st, as well as a Private Business class from March 24th through the 28th.
So, let this serve as a wake-up call and reminder to those of you who are procrastinators… George Gordon is not forever.

Posted: Thursday, March 13, 2014 8:41 am

Graveside service was held for Dirk at the family farm March 7, 2014 in Isabella, MO. Dirk died in his sleep of natural causes on March 6, 2014. He was a lifelong resident of the Ozarks and of Isabella since 1968.

Dirk attended Lutie and Gainesville schools, St. Pauls of Concordia, Mizzou in Columbia and School of the Ozarks. He was Ozark County’s first National Merit Scholar winner. Dirk was an avid photographer and winner of awards, and a law school instructor working right up to his death.

He is survived by George and Jacqueline Gordon; four nieces he helped raise and home school; Kohl Gordon Conner and her girls Ruth and Faith; Derrick and Savannah Ferrell and their three “mutton busting” boys Logan, Elijah John, Josiah and baby sister Mallary; nieces Jillian and Jael; his brother Thor Eric Downing; sister Jincey Davis and uncle Terry Downing of Protem, MO.

Dirk, a tall thin kindly gentleman was a Hebrew and followed the laws of both the old and new testiment, observing Passover, the feast of Tabernacles and annual Holy Days on the family farm with other Hebrews. He is greatly missed by all who were touched by his intellectual kindness.

Burial was on the family farm, Isabella, under Wilkinson Knob, which was his wish. Clinkingbeard Funeral Home, Gainesville, MO directors.


Show Highlights:
-If you don’t like the way the criminal banks are doing business, why are you doing business with them?
-The 4 industries which produce NOTHING for the economy, but consume 9 trillion of the GDP
-Strict liability and taking complete responsibility for our actions
-Yes, you are property of the government and so are your children
-Who owns what?
-Living without a Social Security number. Can you give it back once it’s been issued
-Buying and selling with gold and silver
-Hear why Mr. Gordon hasn’t filed his income taxes for over 30 years..lawfully and without audits.
and so much more!“how-to-be-free-in-an-unfree-world”/george-gordon-with-freedom-comes-responsibility-how-the-government-medicine-banking-and-insurance-systems-violate-the-10-commandments-and-the-laws-of-god-february-25-2013/




Published: Wed, September 24, 2014 @ 2:16 p.m.
photoEx-U.S. Rep. James A. Traficant Jr.

GREENFORD — Ex-U.S. Rep. James A. Traficant Jr. is in “very critical condition” after an accident on his family farm, his wife, Tish Traficant, said today.

The former congressman, 73, is “sedated and he’s not doing well,” his wife told The Vindicator a few minutes before heading back to the St. Elizabeth Health Center in Youngstown, where he was taken after first being rushed to Salem Regional Hospital.

Traficant was driving a 1943 Ford tractor about 7:50 p.m. Tuesday at his family farm on West South Range Road about 140 feet into a large pole barn when the vehicle struck a large steel blade on the ground, said Goshen Police Chief Steve T. McDaniel.

That caused the tractor to flip with Traficant still in the vehicle’s seat, but trapped with the tractor on top of him, McDaniel said.

Andrew Thomson of Mercer, Pa., was looking at farm equipment with Traficant, when he saw Traficant go into the barn and was talking with the former congressman.

When Thomson didn’t get a response from Traficant, he checked the barn, saw Traficant under the tractor and called 911, McDaniel said.

It is believed that Traficant suffered a heart attack on the tractor, said Linda Kovachik, a longtime family friend and former aide when Traficant was in Congress.

“Jim Traficant would have jumped off the tractor” under normal circumstances, she said.

Traficant is in a medically-induced coma with numerous tests and scans being done, said Kovachik, who spent several hours today with members of his family at the hospital.

Doctors will determine if there is any brain activity about 72 hours after he was brought to St. Elizabeth, Kovachik said.

“If anyone can come out of this, it’s Jim Traficant,” she said.

After the accident, emergency responders were there in minutes, lifted the tractor and administered CPR to Traficant, McDaniel said. They also got Traficant out of the barn because gas was leaking from the tractor, he said.

Elizabeth H. Traficant, one of his daughters, is the owner of record of the 76-acre farm at 6908 W. South Range Road since Dec. 10, 1999.

Her father, the Mahoning Valley’s most famous and infamous politician of the last half-century, was indicted by a federal grand jury on May 4, 2001.

The farm was a key location in Traficant’s political corruption trial in 2002. Among his convictions was having contractors do work at the farm for political favors, and having congressional staff members work there while on federal time.

Traficant served more than 17 years in the U.S. House as a Democrat before being expelled in July 2002. That came after a federal jury convicted him of 10 felony counts including racketeering, bribery, tax evasion and obstruction of justice.

He unsuccessfully ran for re-election from prison in 2002, and in 2010, the year he was released, as an independent losing both times to Democrat Tim Ryan, a former Traficant aide. will post further updates as they become available.

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