31E (Internement/resettlement Specialist) . 31Bs are trained in basic detainee operations



I am a 31E (Internement/resettlement Specialist) and no we don’t get treated like MPs except for the fact that we are in the MP branch. We are prison guards and internment/resettlement specialists, that’s it. We do not qualify as MPs (31B) first as one poster said, we go to basic training with 31Bs and then go to a different AIT. We are not trained at all in law enforcement operations, we are trained in detainee operations and US military prisoner operations.
We only deploy as part of a detainee operations mission unless you are an E-6 or E-7 who gets put into a BCT slot and then you are an advisor to a BCT on detainee operations.
31Bs are trained in basic detainee operations but our training is more in depth. We are the subject matter experts in that field.
Hope that helps.


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