Shelli Jones Baker of Oklahoma painted a vision she received on July 4, 1987. Beginning on July 9, she spent 1500 hours painting acrylic on four canvas panels totaling 4 by 8 feet. The painting was unveiled on October 11, 1987 at A Glorious Church Fellowship, in Collinsville, Oklahoma. Links to actually see the painting are below. The first one is a .bmp version created to fit on my computer screen. This image doesn’t even begin to do the painting justice! Most of the details are lost.

Following that are the two .jpg images created by scanning in the print. (The software couldn’t handle the entire picture in one scan!) You can see the details quite well in them, but you have to scroll all over to get around to seeing everything. To actually see painting on line in all its glory, you’ll need a 60 inch monitor! (Never seen one of them, myself!)

If anyone knows where the artist, Mrs Baker is now, please let her know that her work has been given a new life! It’s such a powerful image, it needs to be made available to as many people as possible!

(Please be patient while the images download.)

Click here to see the screen-sized image (114,003 bytes)

Click here to see the left half (899,626 bytes)

Click here to see the right half (953,716 bytes)


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