Death of Senator Nancy Schefer and Bruce


Nancy Schaefer ran for Mayor of Atlanta in 1993, Lieutenant Governor in 1994 and for Governor in 1998. She was a two term State Senator in the 50th District. Schaefer spent most of her professional and political life as a stalwart in the conservative pro-family movement.

It is tragic when someone dies, but when someone dies because of what they were about to reveal tells me that Nancy Schaefer knew something startling and serious which she was about to reveal on talk radio. “They” had to figure on her husband knowing all about it, thus he had to go as well. If anyone else, publishing or personal friends or associates know, then they are also in danger.

She was perhaps about to speak on the second most profitable criminal activity of the criminal federal government, second only to drug running and that is government sanctioned and protected child kidnapping operations that bring in billions in corrupt blood tainted dollars to those co-conspirators that pimp their services to a group of connected criminal pedophiles and hardcore Satanist and those that worship their dark lord Lucifer.

While the subject matter she postulated stemmed from abuse of children in CPS being sold to the highest bidder for many criminal actions and that bonuses existed for a certain sex, age, color of hair and eyes even certain blood types. While at first she and others were appalled to find that children in CPS custody were being sold into sex slave rings, pornographic circles, and even possibly to human organ harvesting types, but it was a darker and a more sinister secret that I am certain got her killed. While my speculation runs wild, I just know that I am probably more correct than not.

That darker sinister secret is the fact that many of the special order bonus children are sold and used by those that will torture and then will murder the child in some ritualistic blood sacrifice important to the true Satanist and those of the Cult of Lucifer. These specially chosen children pay a thousand times better than others because they get disposed of by those that are doing the ritual killing of innocent children.

While she had already historically revealed much of what was going on at the CPS level, she was bright enough to know how to find out just high the corruption went. I am certain she had already realized that there is a lot of greed and money in pedophilia, sex rings, the porn industry, snuff movies, human organ harvesting and Satanic ritual murder are all right up there with capital murder and the electric chair for anyone associated with these special criminals that hide behind National Security.

In that regard, the brotherhood of those demons that share and profit from the same crime, all have a reason to murder Nancy Schaefer and her husband for what she was about to reveal publicly. I am certain that by revealing just how high the corruption goes and who those elitist are at the upper echelons is exactly why she is now dead and we are left wondering who else knew what she knew that was new. Perhaps some staff member knows.

Lastly I would add that it is sad when those that know the truth are hunted down and murdered to hide dark secrets. I would be lying if I said that even this double murder does not surprise me because when it comes to dealing with demon vermin from hell that are inside the gates of Washington’s highest circles you just always know they will show publicly just who mattered enough to send a death demon knocking on their front door with a suicide note just for her and her husband.


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