Joyce Riley Interviews Douglas Dietrich

Joyce Riley Interviews Douglas Dietrich

[Joyce]             Seventy years ago Pearl Harbor happened. Did people die for no reason? We’re going to be talking to a unique individual, Douglas Dietrich, today. I’m going to let him tell you some of his background. His background and his knowledge base are very unusual. He was a Department of Defense research librarian for almost ten years. He was responsible for incinerating highly classified materials. Lucky for us he has a really good memory, I believe, on topics such as Pearl Harbor, Roswell, Vietnam and the ethnic holocaust. There’s a lot of things we could talk about today. We’re going to try and limit it to Pearl Harbor.  He contacted me several weeks ago and we were having such terrible time trying to get e-mail back and forth between the two of us. We’re really pleased to introduce Douglas Dietrich to you today. Thank you so much, Douglas, for joining us on the Power Hour.


[Doug]             Thank you so much for having me. I’m really glad to be here. It’s an honor to be with you, Joyce Riley, especially in light of what you’ve done for so many of the Gulf War veterans who suffer along with us, what we’ve taken from that war in terms of injury.


[Joyce]             Well, that’s very kind of you. I don’t think people even ever will fully understand what’s happened to Gulf War I veterans and now Gulf War II veterans. They’re even getting sicker faster than we did from Gulf War I. And you go back to your military service in the marines to Gulf War I. What were your service years? Do you mind telling us?          


[Doug]             Oh yeah, I don’t mind telling you. It was actually through 1990 and 1991. I was in for a very short period of time. And at the time that I was discharged disabling respiratory illnesses were already beginning to manifest and ultimately my lungs collapsed seven times and after about seven spontaneous pneumo-thoraxes they finally stapled my lungs to my rib cage at UCSF in a highly experimental surgery. But they gave me a 20% chance, at least, that they could collapse again in the future and at that point there would nothing they could do about it. So I’ve definitely been impacted. In my case it’s almost certainly from the chemical weapon containers that were blown at ~Camasiah which also affected many other veterans and as a matter of fact one of the reasons why they were performing the surgery where they stapled my lungs to my rib cage was because they were removing the burn blisters from inside of my lungs that had simply become so excessive that they had to scrape them or they would have shut my breathing down completely.


[Joyce]             A lot of people don’t realize you were not the only one that experienced this but you were fortunate enough to get the surgery to be able to save your life because those chemicals and biological weapons that they exposed all of you to and then sort of denied it later on and then tacitly said, ‘oh yeah, well, maybe we did,’ most people have never received the compensation that they’re due or the medical treatment that they’re due for all these things. And that is a whole subject in itself but I’m glad that you have done well up to this point and hope that you continue to do well because there are so many people unlike you who are not fortunate enough.


[Doug]             Well, bless you, ma’am, I really appreciate that but just to put it in perspective each time that I was ~intubated which was about every one and a half years I would experience this spontaneous pneumothorax. Each time that I was on the tube connected to a breathing machine I would lose about five pounds of muscle mass that I would never regain. So I’m forty-five pounds lighter than I was before operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm. It’s left its mark but definitely with your permission, Capt. Riley, I’d like to tell the audience exactly what the situation was at the Presidio Military base that exposed me to the various documents that will enable me to put Pearl Harbor into perspective for them.


[Joyce]             Please, please, I’m going to let you just go with it.


[Doug]             Sure, thanks so much and I’ll count on you, of course, for guidance to help guide the conversation basically. As succinctly as possible, my father served in the China theater at the time of warlord China when in 1937 my father—was born in 1919. He had joined the navy at a very young age at about the age of sixteen to essentially run away from home and he was dispatched to the China command where these old Spanish-American War relics were being used to patrol the Yangtze River to enforce American gunboat diplomacy in China. And many of them were burning coal at that age and at that time and so he was able to see an enormous amount of China. He was a veteran of World War II in the Pacific, Korea and Vietnam. He came home a shipwreck but he was able to conquer alcoholism and ultimately rehabilitate himself and even educate himself as an older adult so that’s one aspect of my experience is his wife, my mother, was half Japanese, half Chinese. Her father was Chinese. Her mother was Japanese. She was born in Tokyo in 1923 before the war which helps to put a lie to a lot of the stereotype of Japanese racism. And so together they both had extremely vivid memories of World War II that they had lived through and they were the age of what most people in this day and age would have as grandparents or great grandparents. So for me World War II’s memories are just like yesterday. And when I became a librarian before drinking age, at the age of sixteen, while I was still in high school at the Presidio Military Base later on becoming within two years a full fledged Department of Defense Research Librarian—actually a military reference technician first and then the DOD librarian status was a little later. But at that time when I was a librarian’s aid I was already delegated the job of burning and destroying an enormous amount of documents. It was a job I never should have had. I never in my entire career which was almost a decade with the Department of Defense, I never had a high level of security clearance and I always emphasize this so that people understand that the only reason I was exposed to so many of these documents was due to the laziness, the incompetence, the drug abuse, and unprofessionalism and stupidity of so many government workers. And we need to emphasize that the Department of Defense is civilian. It’s a civilian agency just like the Veterans Administration. We happened to be on site a military base so we worked quite heavily with US Army and military but these are still civilian workers showing up every day and not wanting to do any work.


[Joyce]             So the reason that you say that you should have not have had access to these documents is because you did not have any kind of security clearance to go along with it, is that correct?


[Doug]             That’s correct. And they were delegated down to me to work with under protest for myself. The protests were always thrown in waste baskets quite literally. Since we had incinerators there was no need for shredders. So, after a while there was just no point in protesting. But through this kind of fiasco I was exposed to literally thousands of documents. A government worker had come in…drunk ten years before I had arrived on the scene. He fell into the incinerators, burned 90% of his body and died. I have to put that into perspective. The incinerators were modified crematoria because the files we were dealing with may have been in Manila envelopes, they may have been in loose leaf and hard copy but they were all within, for the main part, going back to the Spanish-American War in giant wooden locker boxes just like you would find at the foot of a queen-sized bed or an army bunk. And they were hard wood lined with metal to prevent them from cracking open if they fell out of a train car or in transport so you would burn the entire box. But my job or responsibility was to open up the boxes, collate the documents, make sure the correct documents were being destroyed, then shove them into the incinerator. And so it was like taking a body in a coffin and shoving it into the incinerator except on a more modified level and so that’s why these incinerators were so huge. It was dirty work. It was degrading work. It was dangerous work. So ten years after that accident no one would go near the incinerator room. I came on the scene at age 16…


[Joyce]             Wait a minute, sixteen? You were in the military at sixteen?


[Doug]             No, Department of Defense and a librarian’s aid. I actually got the connection. No, not military—it wasn’t till I was—I think it was around closer to about twenty-seven or twenty-eight, whatever age I was back in 1991….1966.  My math is really bad so we’ll do that with a calculator later.


[Joyce]             So, at sixteen, did you appreciate the Spanish-American War documents or appreciate Pearl Harbor documents at that time at age sixteen?


[Doug]             I did because of what my parents had been through. If I had not come from the kind of background I had come from I doubt that I would have appreciated it. And to give you an example of one of those sets of documents. So many of them were like this. After World War II allied occupation forces would basically during the cease fire in Europe or Japan take all the documents that they could, bring them back to the United States. They were made in duplicate in the Axis powers themselves so there were many extra copies floating around in Europe and Japan that the Americans couldn’t confiscate. But they tried to confiscate everything that they could. They would stick it in the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. but duplicates or extras would be sent to other important military bases. Now, what made the Presidio of San Francisco so important was that it was the foundation site for the United Nations. In January 1st of 1942 just three weeks and three days after Pearl Harbor the United Nations was founded to direct resistance armies within Axis occupied nations. So all of those files dealing with the United Nations for that period of time were there and I was ordered to destroy them. That’s how I got also such a different perspective on the war concerning aspects of it that most Americans don’t even realize took place. But another aspect of the war was volumes of Japanese documents concerning the re-settlement of Jews out of the Third Reich into northern Manchuria. We’re talking ten volumes of onionskin reports, studies and orders all stamped…, meaning Top Secret in Japan and they served as the planning of documents for the foundation of a large-scale Jewish investment into the Japanese Empire by resettling many Jews who were….


[Joyce]             We’re going to be talking about some things that probably are little bit uncomfortable to hear, especially if you served in the military you may not want to think that that’s what our country has been about. We’re talking to Douglas Dietrich today about what happened at Pearl Harbor Day some seventy years ago. Now, your position as a DOD research librarian—is that correct—research librarian at the Presidio.


[Doug]             Yes, ma’am. Fifteen hundred acres of coastal artillery garrison and the Western Defense Command Center that ultimately, as I said, helped the United Nations throughout World War II and later it was moved to New York after the cease fire. But all of its papers from its World War II coordination of resistance armies in Axis Occupied Territories were still there along with all of the diplomatic papers. Important to emphasize that World War II ended there concerning the Pacific because the Japanese-American Peace Treaty was not signed until Prime Minister Shigero Yashida came there with fifty-two signatories, representatives of the United Nations and their member states to sign the Japanese-American Peace Treaty and that was September 8th, 1951. So, Japan and America were legally at war until that time. So, what happened in 1945 was a cease fire. But that’s a totally different show and we can go into that some other time. But with your permission, ma’am to explain why the Jewish relocation was so important ultimately Japanese-American hostilities. And again, this is a very uncomfortable subject for many Americans to deal with. Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) was very much a rabid anti-semite and probably the best placed to assess quotations of just how virulent his anti-semitism was would be found in a book called Human Smoke where an author has just accumulated a lot of quotations from both Churchill and Franklin Delano Roosevelt talking about their hatred of the Jewish People which is just monstrous. Some of what they said was just literally unprintable by today’s standards. But the reason they identified the Japanese and the Jewish peoples as a combined threat was due to the Japanese resettlement of the Jewish people in Manchuria. In the Russo-Japanese War in 1904 Japan was losing the war due to its national poverty and its total lack of petroleum resources and it was a Jewish-American named Jacob Schiff who had lost half of his family in Russian Czarist pogroms who provided a massive loan to Japan via Kuhn Loeb and Company, a New York City Bank Firm that he headed and this crucial…help to stabilize the war effort and with it the Japanese were able to win the war. So through…or the Samurai sense of obligation the Jewish Diaspora was looked at as a focus of outstanding national commitment for the Japanese. So, the documents that I was dealing with which as I said, were ten volumes were translated down to a mere ninety pages of American or English documentation at the time I was assigned to destroy it. And they’ve been translated and decided that they were unworthy of any security recognition and declassified and set forth, pointed for disintegration or incineration. And so when I destroyed them I’m still sure that there are—or I sent out there simply to the bureaucracy of US military. So the title just for anyone who wants to research it was Study and Analysis of Introducing Jewish Capital. But it’s known in Japanese as the Fugu Program and so in 1933 to bring it towards Pearl Harbor, the same year that Adolf Hitler ascended into power, Franklin Delano Roosevelt became president of the United States and within six week after inauguration he abolished the gold standard. It was not Nixon, it was FDR and to back up what I’m saying he pursued numismatics which until that point in history no other state had ever touched coin collections. It was viewed as private coin collections of gold were untouchable. You just didn’t do it but FDR demanded that private citizens of the US turn in their gold collections, their numismatics coin collections, to be melted down for US use when he was abolishing the gold standard and many people who were naïve or patriotic enough to do so wound up depriving much popular access to gold. That’s why gold is so relatively rare in coinage…today.


[Joyce]             We’re talking to Douglas Dietrich today and the subject is what he saw, what he has learned about the pivotal parts of history that may have been or attempted to be destroyed. He was a DOD Department of Defense research librarian for almost ten years where he was responsible for incinerating highly classified information even though he did not have a classification himself of secret or top secret. He was destroying this information and he has a very good memory. You were talking about the gold standard, how we got off of the gold standard which is probably going to be a shock to many people. Go ahead, Douglas.


[Doug]             By abolishing the gold standard—and thank you so much, Miss Riley—FDR flooded the US economy with enough liquidity to print enough fiat paper currency for the American economy to expand out of the great depression. By doing this FDR made the US dollar the de facto global currency as it wasn’t tied down to any reserves. He soon named a man named Lauchlin Currie and this is the important man in history you never heard of. Lauchlin Currie was a product of the London School of Economics who had merged from the freshman brain trust of the US Treasury Department. He was a Canadian citizen who had never applied for it nor in his lifetime would ever be awarded US citizenship yet he became the administrative assistant to the President. And this man was known as Mr. Inside by the American press. He drafted the Banking Act of 1935 which reorganized the Federal Reserve and strengthened its powers. He was also appointed a White House economist to advise on taxation, social security, US Treasury affairs and most tellingly of all the speeding up of wartime production even the United States was nominally not at war. In this role Currie constructed…federal income creating expenditures theory to show the strategic role of fiscal policy and complementary monetary policies to revive an economy in an acute persistent depression. And in 1937 during the first Japano-Soviet War which many Americans are not even familiar with in ’37,’38, and ’39 Japan had one war a year with the Soviet Union. They lost twenty to twenty-five thousand men in each conflict. In each conflict the soviets and the Japanese pitted about 100,000 men each against each other and they used tanks, combined airpower and devastated each other’s forces until the Japanese were able to win an amount of land from the Soviet Union in which they resettled an enormous amount of the Jewish community that was being deported from the Third Reich. And what a lot of people don’t understand is by the time the Japanese won that third series of wars with the Soviet Union there were more Jewish refugees in Shanghai than all the British, French and American nationals in Shanghai combined. It was an international city and that includes Germans and Austrians, Ashkenazi, which were still pouring into Shanghai at the rate of 1000 a month at the very least. Now, Sir Victor Sassoon who later on was famous for founding the Sassoon Cosmetics Dynasty was known as the J.P. Morgan of the Orient and he was president of the Shanghai stock exchange at this time and over one-third of its ninety-nine members were Sephardic Jews. He, himself, was Sephardian and his family had hailed from Iraq and had established the David Sassoon and Sons Limited in the 1840s mostly out of India. But Tokyo enrolled the capital, talents and financial skills that these European Jewry and established an Israel in Manchuria which is still there today. If you look up on your search engines for the Jewish autonomist…you will find that it was invaded and occupied by the Soviet Union in 1945 when they had invaded Manchuria. They absorbed it as a satellite state and it actually has a tourist board. You can go there and you can visit it. After the collapse of the Soviet Union many millions of its residents left for Israel but it still has at least hundreds of thousands of Yiddish-speaking Jewish people who live there. It’s national language was Yiddish.


[Joyce]             Let me ask you a question here because all of this information couldn’t have been in all of those documents that you were involved with at the Presidio in destroying. So where has this information come from that you’re putting all this together?


[Doug]             Oh, it does indeed all source from the documents. What most people don’t understand is that these documents were many different types of documents. They were not from the same set of documents and I go into other documents I destroyed concerning the American conspiracies to bomb Japan in a very short period of time because this is what it culminated in. The Americans felt basically this was advocated by the Secretary of the Treasury, Henry Morganthau, who himself was Jewish but identified himself as an American Jewish person. He felt that the European Jewish Diaspora combined with the Japanese would be the greatest threat that America had ever faced and he recommended to Roosevelt that they bomb Japan preemptively because he was convinced that Japan now had access to an espionage element of Caucasians, an financial espionage sector of Caucasians that they never had before that they would use to infiltrate the Western World.


[Joyce]             Ok, so we’re supposed to believe that you were reading all these documents before you destroyed them which is how you put this all together. Is that correct?


[Doug]             That’s correct. I took as many notes as I could, copious notes, while I was destroying the documents, because I knew I was committing a form of cultural genocide and what was lost was so damaging because future generations would never be able to make intelligent or correct decisions without any knowledge of the past.


[Joyce]             And the point you say is accurate and I’m trusting you that it is accurate at this point but I mean this is rewriting history the right way finally which has not been done.


[Doug]             That’s right. We’re combating the American propagandistic revisionism, not on the part of the American people but on the part of the establishment that has misled the American people and one of the reasons the American people have been misled is because the elites of the United States have been become so deluded believing their own propaganda they’ve forgotten the history because the history’s been destroyed. They can’t make correct decisions. They have foundations of sand on which to stand. To kind of go back to 1937 during the first Japano-Soviet War the Japanese diplomatic codes were broken with British aid through the ultra flash magic program which many people are familiar with so the Americans already had the diplomatic codes broken where they knew about all of this taking place and that’s how all of this was so identified by them as a threat. So in July of 1939 Lauchlin Currie testified before the temporary national economic committee to highlight the role of big government budgets in the recovery process. He outlined what he insisted to be the ideal monetary system for the United States which included 100% reserved banking plans to strengthen central banking by preventing member banks from lending out their demand deposit liabilities while removing reserve requirements on savings deposits with low turnover. If all of this sounds suspiciously collectivist it should because Lauchlin Currie was an identified Soviet operative. VENONA was an ongoing project that decrypted Soviet cables preceding the war and lasting throughout the war itself. These intercepted cables identified Currie as a source of Soviet intelligence. VENONA exposed Currie as operating under the cover name of Paige and Soviet intelligence archive themselves later were discovered after the collapse of  the Soviet Union that classified his code name as Dim. He was known by the FBI to be a member both of Gola and Bentley Spy Networks. Contemporary pre-World War II VENONA intercepts and the KGB notes of….in Armenia characterized Lauchlin Currie as the head of the Silvermaster ring of Soviet agents who served as Washington, D.C. economists. And the name, Silvermaster, itself, was a play on words referencing the manipulation of America off the gold standard. When Laughlin Currie was ultimately incontrovertibly cover blown by the admitted Soviet agent, Elisabeth Bentley, in August of 1948, he appealed to the United Nations for international asylum and was consequently appointed to head the first of the World Bank’s comprehensive country surveys to Columbia in 1949 where he ultimately stayed on as a Columbian citizen to integrate Columbia’s economy into the world banking system until the day he died. But just to go back to what he was doing back in September of 1939 you had basically around 1940 he helped Roosevelt establish the Breton Woods monetary agreement which Nixon later took us off. This is where the confusion with the gold standard comes in. The Breton Woods monetary agreement established the US dollar as the reserve currency of the European and American dominated global colonial powers and it was later on that they began to plot for the destruction of Japan using this American domination of the global currency. So in January of 1941 the very same month and year that the United States naval security group broke the Imperial Japanese Naval Code and he distributed these IJN decryption codecs to Britain and all the allies. Roosevelt was informed by the FBI of Currie’s operational status as a resident foreign Communist agent and FDR responded by dispatching Currie out of the country to prevent his arrest by the FBI. He sent him on a mission to China for coordination with Chinese Communist Party. There Currie met with Chou En Lai, the Communist Chinese foreign minister…, the revolutionary party and he didn’t return to the United States until March. Then FDR put him in charge of the pre-war Chinese Lend Lease program to oversee General Claire Chenault’s AVG or American Volunteer Group of Flying Tigers. This was an illegal mercenary wing of American soldiers and sailors, naval aviators, turned criminal by the United States government…


[Joyce]             What did the Flying Tigers do? What were they used for?


[Doug]             The Flying Tigers were cooperating with CNAC, China National Aviation Corporation. What happened was that Britain gave over a tremendous amount of Chinese territory to the United States. Britain had been fighting the opium wars with the Chinese for years, centuries before. They had established an opium empire where they took cannonball-sized balls of opium out of India, shipped them up the rivers of China to the Chinese population and kept the Chinese population on this drug habit which made the British empire the wealthiest in the world because Winston Churchill was so desperate to get the Americans to fight on his side against the Germans he gave the Americans the China command except for Hong Kong and Singapore. And so the Americans were running the drugs through CNAC, China National Aviation Corporation which was the forerunner of Air America. And CNAC…Douglas DC3s and the DC3s were civilian airliners that were loaded with dope taking it into China. The Japanese were interdicting them and shooting them down so General Claire Chenault’s Flying Tigers were organized to fight the Japanese as escorts to these drug smuggling planes.


[Joyce]             But how did history play out General Chanault’s Flying Tigers? How did they reflect them in history?


[Doug]             You’ll notice that there are very few books available on the market concerning the Flying Tigers from a strategic or organizational perspective. They’re all personal diaries. You never get anything…  Look at the Flying Tigers and what were they doing, but when you create an illegal mercenary wing you’re creating it for the purpose of conducting criminal acts. It was illegal as defined under Sections 956 through 960 of the United States Criminal Code which legally restricts collusive aggressive activities and forbids conspiracies to injure the property of any foreign state, the hiring or retaining of persons within the United States went all the American Volunteer Group also known as the Flying Tigers….for enlisting in any foreign military service and the furnishing of money for any military enterprise against the territory of any foreign state.


[Joyce]             So that is no different than what we’re doing now in Afghanistan, correct?


[Doug]             Oh well, I think that Blackwater pioneered it in terms of the modern form of that. So we’re certainly familiar with this kind of skullduggery. And definitely it was playing out back then. You have these people who were presented as heroes who were like in John Wayne movies preventing the Japanese from bombing orphanages. But the reality is unfortunately far different and I know that many people get extremely angry about this because of what I’m exposing. But it’s definitely something that absolutely has to be exposed. We can no longer tolerate this kind of delusion because General Claire Chenault later on founded Air America and it was delivering so much dope it was the largest civilian airlines in the world belonging to the CIA. It wasn’t military. You could put Pan Am, TWA together, all of those civilian airlines the world over they came to a fraction of what Air America was in terms of its fleet….  And all of the money was laundered through Nugan-Hand Bank in Australia which was the BCCI of its day which no longer exists, but neither one, BCCI, nor Nugan-Hand Bank. But April 14th President Roosevelt gave an oral directive to navy secretary Frank Knox to allow American military pilots and technicians to resign from the army, navy and marine corps to serve in China. And at that time Captain Frank Beatty, an aid to Secretary Knox, wrote letters of introduction to commanders of navy and marine air bases on behalf of Chenault to visit those bases and recruit men to serve in employ of the Central Aircraft Manufacturing Company, CAMCO, and CAMCO was used a cover by the United States government which took the official position that these men were involved in a commercial venture without any direct participation by the United States government. And of Chenault and the other confederates involved in this criminal enterprise the United States Navy relates, ‘we realize the necessity for keeping things quiet and they will take due precautions. This was the kind of chicanery of which we speak. Now, on May 12th of 1941 Lauchlin Currie presented FDR with document JB355 which I was ordered to destroy. JB355 was serialized as both 591 and 691 in documentary status to confuse future retrieval attempts. And what it was, was Chenault’s plan to firebomb Japanese cities. And so the plan was to this into perspective what JB stands for was Joint Board. This was the equivalent of today’s Joint Chiefs of Staff. That meant that this plan was reviewed and recommended by scores or responsible contributors including Henry Stimpson, the Secretary of War, Frank Knox, the Secretary of the Navy. James Forrestal was the first undersecretary of the Navy and felt his immediate superior’s position upon Frank Knox…


[Joyce]             I got to tell you, a few weeks ago when our guest today, Douglas Dietrich, contacted me my head was just spinning listening to this information as you can imagine. It’s hard to even take notes. I know he talks very fast. He’s very fluid. He knows exactly what he’s saying and I do want to encourage you if you want to get the CD of today’s program you can call us at 573-378-6049 and we make copies of the CDs of the program so you can ask for the 2nd and 3rd hour and you’ll be able to have it to share with other people or take notes or whatever you want to do but I’m telling you it is full of information. And this will not be the last time obviously. He’s on the program. I was just talking to him about revealing other incidents that he’s aware of which the Roswell incident is one of those that he has come forward with lots of information that we will deal with at another time. Kind of walk us through the major steps to bring us up to where we are with Pearl Harbor day because all of the things that you’ve talked about have played a role in this. But what would you say are the major bullet points of everything that you’ve said this morning in the first hour that lead us to Pearl Harbor day?


[Doug]             Well, the major bullet points would, of course, set your focus on JB355 and it’s being uncovered by the Japanese after the Americans had bankrupted Japan. And I have to go into that. That’s why Lauchlin Currie was so important and the American dollar’s place in the world was so important because the economic warfare was just as vital if not more so in a sense than the actual military attack that the Japanese interdicted. So it’s important to emphasize like I was saying about the JB355, joint army/navy board documents. When it included the men that I mentioned such as Frank Knox as the Secretary of the Navy and Henry Stimpson, the Secretary of War and, of course, General Hap Arnold of the US Army Air Corps who was directing and coordinating the bombers this is very act of conspiring to make war for which the United States prosecuted Axis national heads of state in 1945 through 1946. So these men by the definition of the Nuremburg and the Nuremburg Code were war criminals. And the document title was Aircraft Requirements for the Chinese Government and it explicitly planned the firebombing of Japan by Chenault’s Flying Tigers flying out of… to attach Nagasaki, Osaka…and Tokyo respectively. And it was an ambitious plan, it envisioned 500 military aircraft being operational October 31st of 1941 to include 350 fighters and 150 bombers and its strategic objective was the destruction of Japanese factories in order to cripple production of munitions and essential articles for maintenance of the economic structure of the Japanese people and so they already began to allocate bombers into Burma where the cover of Burma being a British colony meant that if the Japanese were trying to interdict them they would automatically find themselves at war with the British Empire. And so they were being shipped by May of 1941 already and so it was an insidious plan and it was one that was beginning to take shape. So in July 22 of 1941 per direct presidential authorization Lauchlin Currie cabled General Chenault to mobilize his criminal mercenary wing and it was criminal internationally as well as domestically because the League of Nations of which the United States was the primary founding member made mercenaries illegal by their international law. And worse yet, it was a….flag bomber offensive. They had sixty-six bombers already in country. These were Lockheed Hudsons and they were going to be flying under the Chinese flag which as everyone knows….


[Joyce]             We’re going to cover getting up to Pearl Harbor day. I would have never guessed there was so much involved in this. The incredible amount of treason that has gone on to bring us up to where the big treason, we think, starts.


[Doug]             Yes, definitely, and I’ll do that as concisely as possible. As everyone knows about the Flying Tigers they always flew under false Chinese colors. They all had Chinese round…on their planes and they wore Chinese blazons on their uniforms even though they were all Caucasians. And definitely this was comparable to Bush Jr. or President Obama ordering Blackwater to invade Iran dressed in Iraqi uniforms. And that was essentially what happened on July 23 of 1941 that this conspiracy was authorized and signed into executive order by FDR himself by implicating him as the preeminent war criminal of the 20th Century. And on July 25, 1941, five months before Pearl Harbor the first 24 Lockheed Hudson bombers arrived in China while the US Army Aircorps was relocating the entire 19th bombardment group based out of Hickham Field occupied Hawaii to the Philippines with express intent to bomb Taiwan which was part of Japan at that time since 1895 specifically to devastate Taiwanese airfields and prevent aerial reinforcement from launching to defend the core population zones of Japan’s major cities. This was why when the Japanese attacked both Pearl Harbor and MacArthur’s command in the Philippines literally every single one of all the Boeing B17s, the Flying Fortress heavy bombers caught on the tarmac at Clark Field in Luzon on the day that the Japanese struck was—they were loading up on the ground fueling an army to attack Taiwan which, of course, was attacking Japan since it was part of Japan. So on July 26th of 1941 concurrent to this general in-theater mobilization FDR froze all of Japan’s and China’s assets in the United States and throughout the US dominated Western Hemisphere. And the largest Japanese population in the world outside of Japan both then and now is in Brazil. This was a devastating act of war in and of itself because it was far more than just a trade embargo. It eviscerated Japan’s laboriously accumulated international monetary reserves. By 1941 war all across the globe had congealed the financial systems of all the world’s powers into autarchy blocks rendering their currencies incontrovertible and abroad the Yen itself was suddenly rendered illiquid. That is not acceptable for payments outside of the Japanese empire. The United States stood in the extraordinary position of controlling nearly all of the world’s negotiable monetary resources and it abused this extraordinary power to bankrupt Japan with malevolent intent to devastate any Japanese ability to counter-mobilize its own national economy to respond to America’s planned bombing offensive by freezing Chinese assets the American blocked Japanese assets to the outside worlds through Sir President Victor Sassoon’s Shanghai stock exchange and the international market by Shanghai’s port. Japan had ample liquid assets, dollars in US banks and gold bars in Tokyo vaults that it was using to pay relatively small international debts incurred by the China War and combating the illegal American insurgency that was being conducted by Chenault’s Flying Tigers. Japan was not insolvent but FDR’s pen stroke rendered the entire nation of Japan illiquid and to freeze isolated Japan economically from the outside world voided its monetary assets. Though sums on hand are obtainable in the future, consented by strategic goods within the US dominated Western Hemisphere or in any country that exported for dollars was withheld by the United States in conjunction with parallel freezes simultaneously initiated at FDR’s insistence by the British and Dutch colonial empires that controlled enormous areas of the Asian Pacific hemisphere surrounding Japan. And the Caucasian imperial powers referred to their strategic economic offenses as the ABCDE Squeeze Box standing for the American, British, Chinese and Dutch East Indies economic strangle hold.

We pretty much covered it, Captain Riley, by boxing in Japan the Americans were bringing starvation not only to the Japanese but to millions of Chinese who could no longer have assets to the outside world with their assets frozen. So the Americans didn’t care about the millions of starving people on the very mainland China that they were supposedly protecting through Chenault’s Flying Tigers.  That’s all part of the delusion and the lie that has been propagandized to us but it gets worse. On September 11th, 1941 General Leslie Groves conducted the groundbreaking ceremony for the Pentagon and it was with the express intent of starting the largest war the world had ever seen so the US military needed the largest office in the world to administer that war. And they knew they were going to be using all the steel for building warships, planes and tanks so the Pentagon was ordered to be built with as little steel as possible so it was all concrete, no elevators with steel cables, all concrete ramps, no sprinkler systems since it was concrete, was never going to worry about it burning down. September 11th, 1941, that’s when that groundbreaking ceremony was held. And if you talk to people in the high command of the military or within the US government they don’t remember Leslie Groves as someone affiliated with the Manhattan Project. They remembered him as the man who built the Pentagon. And on September 30th, 1941 that’s when Roosevelt wrote a secret memorandum to Knox and Stimpson declaring that in addition to the 100 P40 fighters already in Burma the US was sending China 66 bombers and 269 additional fighters. And the American buildup of airpower was confronted by Ambassador {Kichisaburo}Nomura of Japan who literally stated to the American government that what they were doing was at this point an act of war.  And on October 31st the United States news which was the pre-world war II version of USA Today carried a two-page story entitled Bomber Wings to Japan, Flying Time From Strategic Points and the story included an illustration depicting bases in Chunking, Hong Kong which the British were allowing the Americans to use as well as Singapore,…, Vladivostok, which the Soviets were allowing the Americans to use, Guam and Dutch Harbor from which American bombers would be launched to bomb Japan. And on November 15th of 1941 US Army Chief of Staff, George Catlett Marshall gave a secret briefing to the New York Times, the New York Tribune, Newsweek and the Associated Press asserting that bombing operations would be initiated against Japan in the first ten days of December. The weapons would be American B17 Flying Fortress heavy bombers and they would set Japanese cities on fire. So this was just beyond belief and so it’s beyond disgusting. But fortunately for the Japanese they had broken the Lauchlin Currie spy ring in Tokyo which was run by Richard Sorge. The Sorge spy ring was smashed on October 18th of 1941. Sorge was arrested, the Japanese tortured him. Lauchlin Currie had been using him as a traceless dead drop to transmit all of the news of how he was running America’s economy to Joseph Stalin in the Soviet Union and the Japanese not only found all of this out but they forced him to give them the information they needed about the upcoming attack. He was executed on November 7 of 1941 and they attacked Pearl Harbor a month later. But on November 1st of 1941, obviously, a month and a week before Pearl Harbor with intent to attack Japan the US army established the precursor to the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, California, the military intelligence school inside ~El Presidio’s…building, number 640 billeting, basically abducting 58 US citizens of Japanese ethnicity under Lieutenant Colonel John Wickerling for training them in…, the Japanese language because most Japanese Americans were so well assimilated none of them spoke Japanese. They had to have Caucasian tutors. They were intended to be used as saboteurs and spies against the Japanese Empire. So this is the kind of culmination that we’re getting to, right before the Pearl Harbor attack was on November 21st of 1941. The Army Air Corps strategists were publicly selecting targets in Japan to be attacked by heavy bombers. And so, on that same day the 2nd American volunteer group, the men that would man and service the so-called Chinese bombers sailed from San Francisco. The Lockheed Hudson bombers were sitting on the tarmac in Burbank, California and they were going to be flown across the Pacific. So people who say that they didn’t have the range to attack Japan are just in denial. Even on the day of the Pearl Harbor attack itself eleven Boeing B17 flying fortress bombers were winging towards Pearl Harbor from California unarmed and out of gas by the time they reached there admittedly. But they could easily have reached Japan from China and that’s where they were heading to do their damage. And even before Pearl Harbor the USS Ward at 6:45 in the morning, it was a destroyer, it fired on and sank a Japanese submarine and we’re talking about 1 hour and 5 minutes before the Pearly Harbor attack. So America was already at war. All of those men on the USS Ward were given medals for firing the first shot of the war.


[Joyce]             Ok, now, let’s go through this kind of slowly. If you can, slow down just a little bit because it’s really kind of hard to follow all that you’re saying at this point. Now, where did the code breakers come into all of this?


[Doug]             Oh, as I said, the code breakers had already done their work and anyone can verify that as I said they had broken the Japanese Naval Code the year beforehand. The diplomatic code had been broken in 1937 but the most important thing, of course, was the fact that the Americans, once they found out the Japanese were going to attack because they had known how to read their codes quite thoroughly. The Americans decided that they were going to hold an ambush. They were going to have an at dawn we fought kind of scenario where they would not be caught with their pants down. They would come in like the cavalry in a cowboy movie and they would rescue the men under attack. That’s why all three of the US carriers were operating evasive maneuvers in ambush of the Japanese fleet. The CV2, USS Lexington had just left Pearl Harbor specifically to deploy 18 Vaught B2 Vindicator Dive Bombers on Midway Island to attack the approaching Japanese taskforce from the north, trap it in a pincer assault. The CV6, USS Enterprise had just returned from a coordinated deployment of 12 Grumman F4 Wildcats on Wake Island to box in Japanese Pearl Harbor taskforce from the rear. And it was to maintain radio silence under Admiral Halsey while lurking to ambush the 3rd wave that they thought the Japanese were going to be stupid enough to accommodate them with and with all of the pre-deployed land-based ship killer aircraft in striking range of Pearl Harbor the CV3, USS Saratoga, was being held in reserve in San Diego to conserve force assets in case the battle of Oahu resulted in any US carriers down. Now, at 06:15 in the morning the Japanese launched the first attack wave. Exactly the same moment the USS Enterprise under Admiralty Halsey launched Scout Squadron 6 in a probing attack consisting of 18 Douglas SPD Dauntless Dive Bombers to engage the Japanese and confirm force ratios. And directly over Pearl Harbor these 18 SPD Dauntless Dive Bombers engaged the Japanese in combat on the first wave. Rear gunner Bill Miller, he downed a Japanese aircraft and he was subsequently killed when a Japanese Zero downed his pilot’s plane. This was the first naval aerial kill of the war on the part of the Americans in the Pacific Theater. Scout Squadron 6 was forced to scatter when a Japanese Zero rammed…Vaught’s SPD and disintegrated it in mid air. This was the first Japanese Kamikaze attack of the Japanese American war and this denied Halsey extended reconnaissance but Halsey, he just sat out the next wave of attack and allowed thousands of American service men to die with a fully loaded and operational carrier waiting to come in with the third wave. But by that time the Japanese realized that it was a trap and they pulled out. What they saw was just unbelievable. The amount of ships that were lined up in the harbor were all chained together just like they were ready for salvage and that’s exactly what it was. These were all old World War I Dreadnaughts that wouldn’t survive another war. The Americans were planning on scuttling them anyway and they figured the Japanese were doing them a favor by doing so. So they were literally chained right next to each other at anchor and ~Fuchito Itsu, the Japanese pilot who led that first wave attack said, ‘I’ve seen German warships assembled in Kiel Harbor. I’ve seen French battleships in Brest and I’ve seen our own warships assembled for review before the emperor but I’ve never seen ships even in the deepest peacetime anchored at a distance of less than five hundred to a thousand yards from each other. And on seeing all those battleships berthed side by side he said the picture was just hard to comprehend. And so the Japanese realized something very strange was going on. The USS Utah was a converted battleship made to look like a carrier. When they sank it they realized that it was a dummy and the Japanese pulled out. And, of course, there were no American submarines or carriers there but by not accommodating the Americans with a third wave of attack the American high command was made to look like idiots and I think they were more angry about that than the attack itself.


[Joyce]             Are you saying that you got all this information from reading those documents at the Presidio?


[Doug]             Oh, very much so, when they were analyzing the plan for the ambush. It was supposed to be at dawn we fought was literally the name of the operation—that was the name of it. But because the Japanese pulled out it looked more like at dawn we slept. That actually became the title for a book that was exposing a lot of American incompetence. The tragedy was that good admirals, competent admirals, honest admirals, men like Admiral Kimmel and (Gen.) Short they were turned into the Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby of Pearl Harbor {at the time and for many years afterwards}.


[Joyce]             Walk us through December 7th, that early morning of December 7th or what led up to Pearl Harbor, if you would please, Douglas.


[Doug]             Absolutely—thank you, Captain Riley. And it’s important to remember for the American people in today’s day and age that Hawaii or the Kingdom of Hawaii was not an American state. It was not a state of the United States at that time. It did not become one until about 1950. It was an occupied Kingdom and Queen ~Liliokalani of the Hawaiian people was held under house arrest by US marines and she has been deposed by the Dole Dynasty of Senator Robert Dole’s predecessors, of Dole Pineapple fame. And what had happened was she had pleaded to Washington, D.C. in 1898 for freedom but she was forced to abdicate the throne. She had died in 1917. But she had spent a large part of her life basically begging the Japanese to come and rescue her kingdom from occupation but they couldn’t do it because they were just a third world nation. But on the day of Pearl Harbor itself when the Japanese were forced to strike out of self-defense at that time there were American bombers in route to Pearl Harbor that would ultimately be sent to China to bomb Japan. The Japanese were conducting a preemptive strike. They were conducting a purely military surgical strike and anyone who thinks of it as a terrorist act has no concept of what was going on. As a matter of fact there were three civilians in the air. They were…and the three civilian pilots who were flying over Oahu when the Japanese aircraft of the first wave struck, were escorted to the ground and that’s how the Japanese were about civilians at that point in the war. You can never name a single American civilian that was killed at Pearl Harbor but I will tell you there were American civilians but the Americans don’t tell you about them because they were all killed by friendly American fire and so during the attack itself the USS Ward which was a destroyer sank a Japanese submarine an hour and five minutes before Pearl Harbor itself. All of the young men—and I have to emphasize this—all of the old sailors with combat experience, World War II veterans, veterans of the China theater, men like by father, men who had fought in World War I they need them to fight another war, all the men were gone who were of that age or experience. The only men at Pearl Harbor, and you can check the names on the roster, they’re all young swabbies who are between sixteen to eighteen years old and all of them were given a big drunken party, all the sailors on the Arizona the night before the Pearl Harbor attack because the high command knew they were all going to die. And the next day when they were there at Pearl Harbor fighting for their lives half of these ships were just empties, not loaded with ammunition, unfueled, certainly all the planes were like that because they were ready for shipment to China. They were caught on the ground but the Americans had pulled out the things they cared about, the submarines and the carriers. And as I had explained the carriers had dropped off ship killer planes in various islands such as Midway, such as Wake Island. They were to box the Japanese in and ambush them on the third wave, a wave which never came because the Japanese realized when they sank the USS Utah which was a battleship disguised as a carrier, basically converted to look like a carrier, they realized that they were in a trap and to show you how horrible the conspiracy was Admirals like Kimmel and {Gen.} Short—Admiral Kimmel was a conscientious admiral. He was an honest admiral. He had been planning a defense war if the Japanese ever attacked for years. He would never go along with these kinds of ugly politics so he was left out of the loop and in the dark. So was {Gen.} Short and then after the Pearl Harbor attack they were scapegoated and court-martialed and their families to this day are trying to redeem their names and on behalf of their families I have to say that future generations will indeed redeem their names and it’ll be men like Admiral Halsey who will be condemned. He sat outside of the Pearl Harbor attack with a fully loaded carrier using complete radio silence and when Captain Brook Allan who saved his B17 from destruction by taxiing it away from the flight line at Hickham field he rose alone into the afternoon sky with orders to search to the southwest. He found a huge carrier and he opened fire on it. Well, that was Admiral Halsey’s Enterprise which was trying to shoot him down. That shows you how bad…


As I was saying, when we had Admiral Halsey to show you the evil and the rottenness of this individual he was sitting there with a fully loaded operational carrier refusing to participate in rescuing sailors at Pearl Harbor because it was all part of the conspiracy to have the battleship row relics from World War I which wouldn’t last through another war taken down by the Japanese, stir up the American nationalism and get America to participate in a war that basically the American high command and the executive, the commander-in-chief, Franklin Delano Roosevelt had started, and as I was saying, Army Captain Brook Allan had his B-17 which he rescued from destruction, flew it out into the Pacific, ran into the USS Enterprise and they tried to take him down. He was…bombing them because he was a patriotic American and tried to find some other place to land and it wasn’t until 17:00 which was hours after the initial Japanese wave that the Enterprise began to launch a viable attack force, eighteen Douglas TBD Devastator Torpedo Bombers, six Dauntless out bombing scouting squadron 6 which had originally tangled with the Japanese on the first wave and had reported it back to Halsey so there’s no way anyone could say he was ignorant of the attack. They were fitted with smoke generators to mask torpedo planes and then escorted 6 Wildcats. They were all launched to attack the Japanese task force and they found out the Japanese had left because they had so immediately recognized that this was a trap. And so they tried to fly back to the Enterprise but by that time it was dark and Halsey wouldn’t let them land. He refused to turn on the landing lights because he was afraid the Japanese might be circling around to destroy him now that he had an empty carrier. And so the Wildcats and all the planes tried to land at Pearl Harbor but because Halsey wouldn’t talk to Pearl Harbor by radio they were shot at by their own men. Everything opened up. The whole night sky filled with tracers and the only man who survived was a Wildcat pilot Ensign James Daniel. He turned on his brights, his landing lights, blinded the Anti-aircraft gunners and was able to land. But everyone else like Ensign David Flynn whose plane ran out of gas, he parachuted into a cane field. He was shot out of his parachute. Ensign Herbert Menges, Lieutenant Francis Hebbel, Lieutenant Eric Allan all died shot down by American fire because Halsey wouldn’t radio Pearl Harbor to tell them these boys were trying to land. When all the ships were sunk there was a UDT, an underwater demolition frog man. These were the predecessors to the US Navy Seals back when US Navy personnel like that were actually diving underwater as opposed to Seals who just spend all their time fighting on land. Olson was his name and the underwater demolition team expert went down to investigate all the ships just to make sure that there wasn’t explosive levels of fuel that were leaking. They were doing what they could with fuel leaks and also to clear what wreckage they could from blocking the harbor. So the UDTs and frogmen teams were very active and they heard the boys trapped inside the Arizona and all these other sunken ships like the Utah, Morse code tapping for help for five days after the attack to thirty days after the attack and they were given orders by the high command to do absolutely nothing to rescue them. Now, what can we make of that inhuman level of ignoring these boys and tell the UDTs…report them. If they had no access to any kind of facilities of food or any of their rations they would have had to have committed cannibalism at that point, we can only assume but the reason the High Command gave that we can only speculate. But based on what I saw it looked like there were preset charges in all of those ships because if the Japanese were going to take them down the Americans were going to take them down. That’s why they didn’t want these boys rescued. They didn’t want the salvage men to get them, cut them out, rescue a few of them. Sure plenty of them might have drowned but at least a few of them might have made it out. They should have at least made the attempt in terms of rescuing these boys but they figured if any witness survived they might have told the true tale of what was going on. That’s what we’re confronted with. Certainly the Japanese had an opportunity to destroy the fuel or oil storage tank farms at Pearl Harbor and they wouldn’t do it because they were trying not to kill the civilian population. So this was an extremely precise surgical purely military strike on the part of the Japanese. It cannot be defined as a terrorist attack, especially in light of the provocation of war that had come so repeatedly to the Japanese up until that point. But worse yet was to happen to the Japanese-American citizens and to all of us as a result after Pearl Harbor when Roosevelt ordered the incarceration, the forced internal deportation and concentration camp internment of 120,000 Japanese and concentration camp is the correct term. It was not an extermination camp. …lagen was a term used by the Third Reich for concentration camps. Totenslagen was a term used by the Third Reich for Death Camps. But they were concentration camps in America and could very easily have become death camps if the war had swung in a way that provoked that kind of politics. Martial law was never declared {2011 managed to do that} and as a result civil statutes were still enforced and in total violation the American people stood by while the Japanese were interned and most tellingly all of their property was stolen {business as usual–klepto-government}. Old maps of California, official maps, that I was ordered to destroy, the San Joachim valley which the Japanese had been there for generations and had legally bought all that land, settled it, that’s why they were so assimilated, spoke perfect English, it used to be listed on maps as Jap Valley. Well, all of that was confiscated…all their material and real property was taken when they were deprived of their US citizenship {sounds familiar} and deported to internment camps within the United States. And as a result of no American protesting that today the Supreme Court later, that’s after the fact, said it was constitutional in one of the strangest and most ambiguous decisions {practice for later} ever handed down by the tribunal and as a direct result we are all today threatened with the potential for US government seizure of any of our real and material assets and the wrongful detention of any of us any time the US government feels that we as a target population are a threat and that could apply to anyone. It happened in Nicola Tesla. Nicola Tesla later on gave many of his secrets and his inventions to his nephew who was a Yugoslav ambassador. The nephew took them back to Yugoslavia. At that time Yugoslavia was fought over by the Communists and the Nazis. Croatia was an axis satellite. Serbia had been conquered by the Communists so it wound up with Tesla technology in Soviet and German hands. The Americans were so angry with Nicola Tesla they called him up and said, ‘we’re going to do to you what we did to all the Japs. You’re now deprived of your US citizenship. Well, Tesla died of a broken heart. And that was in 1944. It was before the end of the war. His proudest possession was his US citizenship certificate. He had it in his safe. And the OAP, Office of Alien Property, not the FBI, it was the Office of Alien Property which had taken all the property from the Japanese. They came to his offices and took all of his inventions and technology and keeps them top secret to this very day in the hands of the US government. So, if it could happen to Nicola Tesla it could happen to any of us.


[Joyce]             You say he died of a broken heart?


[Doug]             Quite literally. Yes, the man was in robust health. He basically was told by the American government over the telephone he was being deprived of his citizenship. They went so far to propagandize against him that they made him the villain in the Superman cartoons before Lex Luther. It was actually Nicola Tesla that was the villain in the Superman cartoons before Lex Luther was even created. And even at that time that he died they recruited Bela Legosi to play Tesla as a vampire in the film, Return of the Vampire, which is still available. It’s in circulation out there. People can find it. It’s a wartime propaganda film in which Tesla is portrayed by Bela Legosi as a vampire. This is how far the US government will go when they target an individual and you could imagine what  they do. If they’re doing it to ethnic groups, if they’re doing it to individuals on the level of Nicola Tesla nobody is safe from what has happened since the Japanese internment. But worse yet, the NAACP, the National Association for the Advance of Colored People stood by without any protest whatsoever. That’s what led to an enormous amount of Japanese resentment against African-Americans for decades after that because of that terrible time in American history when the NAACP chose to turn the other cheek. Certainly the African-American community had their own struggles, their own persecution to deal with but the part of their leaders that refused to act at that time was simply just unacceptable by today’s standards. We can no longer afford to do that, to turn our heads away, certainly the GI generation at that time that tolerated this. The FBI under J. Edgar Hoover wouldn’t participate. J. Edgar Hoover refused to participate in Japanese internment because he knew it to be unconstitutional. He stood up to Roosevelt and the US Army took over. It was the US Army that handled the internment and the Office of Alien Property was created to steal all the property and pretty much the bread basket of the world. The San Joachim Valley of California was taken from the Japanese-Americans and sold for pennies on the dollar to Caucasian people who moved in. This is like a kind of Japanese version of Israel having been taken away from them that they have rightfully earned. It’s a tragedy that I don’t think is even comprehended by modern Americans.


[Joyce]             I don’t think so; absolutely not. Alright, how did or what did they attempt to do, what did they want to do to try and stem the tide with people understanding what happened, really happened, at Pearl Harbor? I mean, to think—we think 911 was huge in the amount of cover-up. Pearl Harbor had to have been unbelievably difficult to cover up at that time.


[Doug]             It was so easy because the American public was so naïve. The American public of today is much more cosmopolitan, much more cynical for obvious reasons. The people have suspected Pearl Harbor but they didn’t know the length and the breadth and the depth of the corruption behind it {look up Elisabeth Dilling (from that era)}. Certainly, if anything, Roosevelt needs to be tried {fried?} posthumously and condemned for treason for his participation in this and as many members of the high command. {Roosevelt jailed several who were trying to fight his corruption}. Certainly people like {Admiral} Kimmel and {General} Short need to be exonerated.  As President Clinton ultimately exonerated the captain of the Indianapolis. And it took until the Clinton administration to do that. So we certainly need something of that equivalence done for  {Admiral} Kimmel and {General} Short at Pearl Harbor. So this is the kind of situation that we’re talking about. I think I’ve put it into perspective but I certainly will count on you to guide us towards a kind of conclusion with all of this that there are lessons to be learned from it…


[Joyce]             Well, I thank you and, boy, the Pentagon doesn’t like when I use the word, captain, or anyone uses the word, captain. They say I’m not deserving of that because I did not retire which is, of course, their regulation.


[Doug]             Captain Riley, I must get this out and please keep your thought in your head but I do have to get this out before it dribbles out of my ears. When you mentioned the Pentagon and I mentioned September 11th and General Leslie Groves and his groundbreaking ceremony. Well, think of sixty years later, September 11, 2001 on the very anniversary of that groundbreaking ceremony when normally the Pentagon holds about 4000 people. On the day of that groundbreaking ceremony for decades they had been planning one of the greatest anniversary celebrations at the Pentagon in Pentagonal history. And the Pentagonalists were supposed to bring all their relatives and their affiliates. It was supposed to be like literally about twelve to fourteen thousand people there on that day of September 11, 2001. And instead what happens is nobody’s there. It’s just like the FBI and the ATF were missing from their offices on the day of the Oklahoma City bombing and everybody who’s left there to bite bullets or bite the bomb is someone who’s not affiliated with law enforcement including children in the day care center. Now, at the Pentagon you had people die who were like seven years old in the day care center there and a few who are 73 but comparatively speaking a very minor loss of life. There were 200 people in the building. As tragic as each one of those lives lost was, what was so weird about it was the plane hit the one wing—as I said, it was built totally concrete, no sprinkler system—suddenly, the one wing, the west wing, that they were building with this steel network, this network of steel beams, for an Oklahoma City bombing style attack or so they claimed, has this whole latticework and framework of steel beams set up, all throughout it a sprinkler system installed and so any plane that hits it would disintegrate totally on impact. That’s the one wing that gets hit. And the very day of this supposed anniversary where all these people are supposed to be there no one’s there. Mystery upon mystery, but the one thing we do know is that there is conspiracy. The only thing we speculate on is the motivation behind it. But, obviously, the conspiracy is undeniable. How could anyone deny what I’ve just said?


[Joyce]             Absolutely, there’s no doubt about it. Let me go back to Leslie Groves because you mentioned Leslie Groves so many times and, remember, he is the one basically who gave the approval way back in the 1940s for the use of depleted uranium or approved the use of radiation in weapons saying that it was ok. So when these people say—they’re in all the threads of history and, of course, with 911—and you’ve talked to people, I’ve talked to people who said there was no plane that hit that building. They were stationed at the Pentagon at the time and they’re scared to death to come on the air. How sad it is.


How many people died at Pearl Harbor? How many people gave their lives unknowingly for a cause that was just absolutely a fraud?  How many people…? Go ahead.


[Doug]             To my eternal shame and embarrassment, ma’am, I hang my head in shame. I really don’t remember. But that, at least, is something that is far more publicly assessable than what I’ve stated. Less public assessable, I think it’s very difficult to find the civilian casualties because the American high command did so much to hide that because all of them it turned out were killed by friendly fire. But what I would like to bring up would be the international implications of Pearl Harbor that Americans don’t recognize at all. And a lot of people don’t know that on the day of Pearl Harbor after the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor Adolf Hitler had been monitoring the situation. He had obviously been dealing with the Japanese. It was actually at his suggestion that the Japanese had originally set up the Jewish settlement in Manchuria, what is now known as the Jewish autonomous…, which again, I invite people to get to their search engines, look that up, and ultimately if they want to visit it they have a tourist board and that’s a part of history which is not even on the maps. The United Nations does not recognize what was formerly know as the nation of…  And that’s still the name of their capital of the Jewish autonomous….   The United Nations doesn’t recognize them so they are not on any official maps. Taiwan would be the same way. We are not recognized by the United Nations. I was born in Taiwan where the nationalist government of China resides and they would do the same with us except it’s physically impossible because we’re an island so they can’t hide us on a map. But what I do need to emphasize is that Adolf Hitler declared war on the US—a lot of Americans don’t know that. They got the impression that America in some righteous crusade declared war on the Third Reich. That was not the case.  What happened was when Japan was bankrupted many nations across the world said, ‘if they can do that to Japan we’re fools not to declare war on America and they could do that to us next and they probably will.



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