Pastor Massad’s (


In Pastor Massad’s ( most recent
interview with Winston Shrout (,
the latter discussed private corporations posing as courts. Officers
acting under color of law would have no *immunity*–statutorial or
constitutional. Evidently, many such entities are not even *bonded*
to operate within their respective states! If not, each employee is
personally liable (confiscation becomes larceny, arrest becomes
abduction, bail becomes ransom, etc.). He recommends looking into
whether they’ve posted a bond, and if so, what their surety is. He
was asked where they could be sued, outside of their own (corrupt)
jurisdiction, if one obtained such evidence of private enterprise
having supplanted the judiciary. His answer: Have a hearing before
someone who has an Oath of Office, e.g., the Cheif Justice of the
State Supreme Court. But would he be likely to actually disqualify
every court in the state? Answer: “He may in fact do that, rather
than to have the state’s entire assets attached by a yokel like me.
…Once private liability is established, they have no public
immunities. …If they’re not bonded, you’re not trying to attach
their bond, but file commercial leins…”

My comments
In my percept, this jurisdiction-busting involves two questions
related to substance & process; what they ARE & what they DO.
*Obtaining* jurisdiction requires oaths of office and/or bonding to do
such business within the state, and *maintaining* jurisdiction
requires their ongoing fidelity to constitutional due process and/or
to the statutes or corporate bylaws of their corporation (which they
also violate). I need to become fluent in both sides of their legal
requirements, tangible and behavioral; however, I’ve yet to learn
where to look up the step-by-step list of duties of public officials
which, if violated, constitute loss of their jurisdiction and/or the
basis for criminal complaints. IT WOULD SEEM THAT THIS COULD BE

Mr. Shrout’s commercial strategy questions whether the courts are
courts at all! Interesting!–but I’m not confidant about learning the
intricacies of commercial law enough to prosecute such civil matters!

Conventional jurisdiction-busting seems to presume that courts ARE
courts, and proceeds to scrutinize whether they’re operating properly
or not. Due to their victorious track records, Randy Kelton
( and Dave Myrland ( both
recount their war stories with the courts with bold bravado–and both
use the counter-offensive strategy to filing criminal complaints
against any & all public officials (arresting officer, DA, judge, ct.
clerk) for any departure from Due Process, as defined by state or
federal statutes, or the state or federal constitutions. (Not that
they’ll be indicted, but such complaints tend to be “career busters”
for them!)

I signed my two pending tickets “ALL RIGHTS RESERVED,” which should
establish the basis for a demand that the Foley, AL court clerk
furnish (off the top of my head):

* copies of their oaths,
* verified complaints with supporting affadavit (or affadavitS–I
believe there must be two, but only one cop was present?!?),
* a Bill of Particulars specifying the offenses,
* and an official summons to court signed by the judge based upon the
officer’s affadavit

…but that’s off the top of my head, based upon my memory of the
federal Constitution. I don’t know where to look up a
compendiouslegal requirements to comply with these demands, and the
criminal penalties for their failure to do so, in whatever code-book
they admit to following.

* In addition–and of primary importance for engaging this enemy–Mr.
Kelton also said that they must provide change of venue to my county
of residence if I demand it, or face criminal charges for failure to

Do you know where I can find such a concise, seuqntial listing of
their tangible and PROCEDURAL OBLIGATIONS, organized by the type of
alleged offense (criminal, in this case), and the penalties with which
they can be charged in the event of violation thereof??


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