I love Pennsylvania, well I just love America and love to tell the story of my family and how they came to America from far away lands.

My Hasle , Hassler, Family came from the Valley of Hasle






We are a Kingdom own restaurant with over 6 years of Latin American and Carribean style foods. We specialize in rottessiry chicken, steaks, sea food, and many other delicacies. Our family own recipes consist of a blend of fresh natural vegetable seasoning which distinguish us from all other resturants in the York, PA area. We provide a variety of Latin and Carribean wHoly Soups which consist of twenty-six delicious yummy soups. Such as Sancocho de cola (Oxtail Soup), Sancocho de gallina (Hen Soups). In addition our finest York City Police Department Burritos will leave your mouth on fire in need of our finest fire department chief special to put your fire out. And finally to take care of all city matters we provide you with the best hot chicken wings and empadas to help you crunch the day.


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