Investigations into Pentagaon Strike

As I studied the pentagon damage, several questions came to mind due to the photographic evidence didn’t coincide with the testimony of the individuals that claim they were covered with jet fuel while they sat at work in their Pentagon office.

Common sense tells you, if your close enough to the impact site of a plane to get covered in fuel then chances are very slim that the fire that follows it wouldn’t consume you. So for people to say they were treated for fuel in their eyes and face has always remained a sticking point in my mind. I though for years they must simply be lying, but when I found a few photos, showing the inside column damage, really got the gears spinning.

I recalled seeing a large number of green (what looked at the time like water dispenser jugs, the kind you see at a construction or camp site) plastic containers on the lawn of the pentagon. Upon researching these containers I managed to find the same container but different color. The blue containers hold Kerosene, and knowing that jet fuel is primarily Kerosene, and that was a helicopter landing pad with a hanger next to the crash site, I started to dig deeper. I have not been able to verify my conclusion but I believe there is strong evidence to back it up.

To think that someone would take fuel containers from inside the hanger, possibly to protect them from the fire that was burning just 100 feet away would be logical, but to take them from storage, and put them where we see them in the photograph, was no making sense. Sitting out in the open would not be safe, and just asking for a disaster.

This must mean the containers were empty, or the Fire personnel would have immediately removed them and we see no mention of this from the fire fighters.

The accounts that day begin to get cloudy as the day progressed. We were told by the firefighter that were first on the scene they contained the fire and extinguished it in a short period of time, as one would imagine. But then we see the fire starts again and continued to

burn for almost 3 days. Now that’s a flag raiser for me having fire fighters in my family, and having a slightly better then average understanding of the capabilities and techniques used to extinguish structure fires and I can tell you something like this would have been no problem to control. Whatever hit the structure would have burnt the released fuel almost instantly upon impact, in the form of a fire ball. Worst case maybe 10-15 minutes and the fuel would have been gone. But looking at the official photos we see a burn pattern on the roof top that is consistent with what you would find with a fire that was being fueled by an accelerant.  If no accelerant was present the fire would have spread in a much different pattern. We even see the fire fighters cutting a defensible space in the shingles in order to stop the path of the fire.

It all started to become clear at that point, and finding the photo of the container was the link that brought all together for me.

Fuel used in a Drip torch (Hand-held tank with a spout that’s used for igniting backfires and burn-outs by dripping a flaming mix of diesel and gasoline) can be mixed with some Oil so it will stick to whatever it comes in contact with. That was a key piece of knowledge, because without that you not have seen the soot marks on the concrete. The fuels would most likely caused the soot on the ceiling but would not have stuck to the concrete column as we see in the photo without the help of the sticky oil.

The claims of people being covered in fuel now become a possible scenario as they would have been covered with fuel that came from the sprinkler system. This would allow them an opportunity to escape being burn be the fire that would have followed whatever if anything struck the building that was missile or a plane.

This also explains why a building could continue to burn for almost 3 days. It also would allow the time for all the photo ops with Rumsfeld that we have all come to love so dearly.

It explains how the fire traveled along the roof top as we see in the photos. It was following the pipes that fed the sprinkler system.

This is also why the responders are wearing HAZMAT suits and decontaminating the people at the scene.

The photographic evidence that backs up my theory:

Click on the image for the full size.

Its very difficult to find any photo left on the web that show the green containers.

Click here to download all the images below in a PDF formated file.

The following Photographic analysis was performed by Jack White. I consider him a friend and very skilled in his field. His work has been overlooked for many years now and I think its time to get the word out.

Its not Government as a whole, thats the problem, since government is made up of people, certain individuals are the problem. The events of 9/11 remain the turning point for this country. Its time we face the facts that surrounding that event, along with all the other social shaping perception management operations that took place and hold people accountable.

We continue to repeat our mistakes because we are unwilling to face the facts.


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