Robert Clarkson was right!

Standing on the shoulders of giants, we honor Robert Clarkson and his truth and his work


The following was posted to IANews last night. (Ref. Dees VII)
The United States Air Force has been sued in U.S. District Court
for South Carolina, Docket #8:97-1882 under the Freedom of Information
Act (FOIA) by national patriotic leader Robert Clarkson.
Clarkson filed suit against the USAF Special Operations Command
(AF SOC) at Hurlbut Field, Florida and other locations over a military
training course called “Dynamics of International Terrorism.” The
course is based on materials purchased from Morris Dees and Joe Roy of
the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) of Montgomery, Alabama. Although
the materials are more fundraisers for the SPCL than educational
materials, Dees and Roy have with full government approval distributed
them to various military bases where they have been used to dangerously
misinform American troops.
Among SPLC items distributed are the booklet “False Patriots”
and a brochure, “Keeping Watch.” Both documents include fund raising
requests for the SPLC, a well-known private political organization of
extreme left-wing orientation.
In response to a FOIA request by Clarkson, the AF SOC released
the class materials including records of payment for them.
However, none of the released material had anything to do with
any “international” operations, and nothing about real terrorism by
international groups. The booklet and pamphlet were strictly
leftist-oriented scare propaganda targeting religious and political
organizations, many of whom call for a return to government
accountability. “False Patriots” encourages the public to trust the
Clinton administration.
Since the military failed to produce anything documenting the
“international terrorism” it associates with these patriotic
organizations, Clarkson filed an administrative appeal to the Secretary
of the Air Force under the FOIA, filed a barrage of supplemental FOIA
requests for release of documents and finally the FOIA lawsuit. With it
he plans to put a stop to programs which teach American soldiers to
treat innocent people as terrorists.
Robert Clarkson graduated from Clemson University in 1969 and
from University of South Carolina Law School in 1974. He served in
Vietnam with the 22nd Infantry Regiment, 25th Infantry Division as a 1Lt
infantry platoon leader. Robert Clarkson is Executive Director of the
Carolina Patriots, a Constitutional study group which is libeled in the
SPLC booklet. Clarkson is a nationally recognized expert on the Freedom
of Information Act, Privacy Act and tax procedure law. He has written
several books and is editor of The Patriot Cannon, tax reform
magazine. He was co-founder of the both the Libertarian Party and the
U.S. Taxpayers Party in South Carolina. 
For 20 years, Dr. Clarkson has been speaking and writing about
the United States Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Declaration
of Independence, plus the danger to our rights and liberties from the
IRS, income tax and Federal Reserve.
In the SPLC suit, Clarkson is making use of what are known as
the “sunshine” laws because they give citizens access to what government
is doing as financed by taxpayers. The Freedom of Information Act, Title
5 US. Code 552, was passed by Congress in 1966 and requires that
federal agencies release records and documents upon request. Requesters
can file suit when they discover something improper and collect costs
and attorneys’ fees for calling the government to account. The FOIA is a
“private attorney general” statute. Dr. Clarkson needs more patriots to
participate and send in FOIA forms.
For information on the AF SOC class on “international
terrorism,” contact Col. Eugene Ronsick, USAF SOC, Hurlbut Field, FL
32544. For a copy of the lawsuit and other information, write the
Patriot Network, POB 2368, Anderson, S.C. 29622. Phone 864/225-0882;
email, clarksonrobt@….



Author-Publisher: Dr. Robert Barnwell Clarkson II has published The Patriot Cannon, the mouthpiece of The Patriot Network for thirty years, as well as Clarkson’s Law Course and dozens of books and videos.

Lecturer: Dr. Clarkson speaks on procedural problems of Tax Patriots, Constitutional Law and political activism for freedom seekers. Also, Dr. Clarkson has appeared on numerous TV, and radio shows. Many of his lectures are recorded on video and cassette tape and DVDs.

Political Activist: For years, Dr. Clarkson was active with a major political party and served as campaign coordinator for a major Presidential candidate.

In 1975, Clarkson helped organize the fledging Libertarian Party in S.C., directed its successful petition drive for ballot status, served as Executive Director, published party newsletter. He also formed and led a number of political action groups: War-On-Waste, Truckers Rights Association, The Carolina Patriots, The Patriot Network, and assisted, represented hundreds of other anti-statist groups of all sorts. In 1992 Dr. Clarkson founded the Constitution Party in South Carolina and placed it on the ballot where it remains.

Legal Background: Clarkson graduated from University of South Carolina Law School in 1974, after filing the first FOIA Suit in S.C. and bringing two civil rights suits against the law school and the Dean. Clarkson has filed dozens of civil rights and FOIA-PA suits for himself and others, and has been a defendant in numerous contempt of court charges.

Our stead fast Patriot was a member of SC Bar Association and he refused to pay Bar Association dues because of it’s immoral and illegal spending programs. Consequently, he was suspended.

DISCLAIMER: Dr. Robert Clarkson is not member of any Bar Association and not a licensed lawyer. He may not represent any one in any court in this country.

Freedom Fighter: Upon graduating from Clemson University in 1969 in Economics, Clarkson was commissioned Lieutenant in the U.S. Army. Later he completed the Airborne Training Course, Jungle Warfare School and served one tour as Infantry Officer Basic Course, 1LT with the 25th Infantry Division in Republic of South Vietnam.

Clarkson has been jailed on various phony charges by State and Federal authorities for his political activities and is now working full time to Restore Constitutional Government. In 1982, he sued for false arrest and deprivation of Constitutional Rights and collected sizeable damages.


 Clarkson is the son of James Heyward Clarkson and Frances Dargan Clarkson. Clarkson’s ancestors include Thomas Heyward, signer of Declaration of Independence, Robert W. Barnwell, author of The Confederate Constitution, and John Julius Dargan, noted S.C. lawyer and author.    Jun04


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