Swap.com has expanded rapidly in the last year: Swap.com Mobile, Local and Events is helping us to expand in many ways in the U.S., and now abroad. We thank all of you for swapping with us, both online and at our local events, too. We are well on our way to building the “world’s largest swap market.”

We want to continue to expand rapidly, because the more swappers that are part of our community, the better the swap opportunities that we can create for everyone. When you step back and think about it, the fact is that swapping a book with your neighbor or online with a swapper across the country are essentially the same thing. We believe Swap.com can play a vital role to enable both of these swaps, but in order to do so we can’t charge transaction fees for swapping because it is not the way it naturally works. Swapping is meant to be free. So swapping on Swap.com will be free from now on.

Swap.com has helped our members saved nearly $13 million by swapping for items instead of purchasing them. We hope that making swapping free on Swap.com will help you save even more money! We will continue to sell optional services like shipping and in-person events. We will also add more swap-related services for a fee as we go forward, but this will always be the member’s choice to purchase or not.

Like what you hear? Please tell your friends, because with swapping, the more the merrier! Every friend you invite who signs up for a Swap.com account will count towards free Swap.com shipping labels for you (5 friend sign-ups = 1 free mailing label). (See, we’re even trying to make the optional services free for you, too!)

Happy swapping!

The Swap.com Team Swap.com


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