The DroughtMaster Water Generator makes 10 gallons of pure water in 24 hours



Granite Shoals resident and inventor Terry LeBleu tinkers with one of his many inventions, the DroughtMaster Water Generator. LeBleu said due to the recent water issues in the Highland Lakes, he wants to reintroduce the unit to residents and is offering a low-cost rental program so folks can have pure drinking water at all times. Photo by Gale Yarber

Drinking water from Cloud Nine

By Lyn Odom

HLN correspondent

HIGHLAND LAKES – Local inventor Terry LeBleu doesn’t worry about having to consume contaminated water – ever. In 1980, he invented a water-producing machine called the DroughtMaster that creates water from air that is so pure it’s akin to sterilized distilled water and kidney dialysis water.

“The machine works by using the ‘DroughtMaster Water Generator’, which pulls moisture-laden air through the water generator, condenses it, and exhausts the purified air,” LeBleu said. “Then the water is filtered and is potable drinking water. At 60 percent humidity it produces 5.3 gallons per day; at 70 percent humidity it produces 6 gallons per day; at 80 percent, produces 7.3 gallons per day; and at 90 percent humidity, produces 8.4 gallons per day.”

Although his machine has been on the market for a while, LeBleu continues to get sidetracked with inventions that flow through his mind, rather than staying on track of one invention at a time. He’s created more than 57 inventions and holds 38 registered patents.

But now more than ever, LeBleu and business partner Gale Yarber believe the time to reintroduce Highland Lakes residents to his inexpensive water-making machine has arrived.

Costing merely four-cents per gallon of electricity, and production taking place in a modified 55 gallon barrel that can be plumbed into a house, LeBleu, Yarber and current users of the DroughtMaster Water Generator never fear consuming water – even during flood conditions.

“The DroughtMaster Water Generator makes 10 gallons of pure water in 24 hours with the average 75 percent humidity we are experiencing right now,” Yarber said. “Terry has reserved his rights to manufacture and sell the DroughtMaster Water Generator in the United States with marketers working on a large production facility offshore. Terry is currently looking to start building small quantities here in the area for sale in view of the current water situation here in the region. He’s also interested in starting up a low-cost unit rental program of just $20 per month.”

LeBleu recently sent a sample of the DroughtMaster Water Generator water for analysis to Stevens Ecology on Mosier, OR. The company utilizes procedures established by the Environmental Protection Agency, Association of Analytical Chemists, American Public Health Association, American Water Works Association and the Water Pollution Control Federation.

“The current water test from the water barrel conducted June 1, 2007, shows incredible results,” Yarber said. “The guy at the testing facility thought we were messing with him because the water was so pure. He likened it to sterilized distilled water.”

According to the test analysis, DroughtMaster Water Generator’s water is free of coliform bacteria; metals such as nickel, zinc, copper, iron and cobalt; nitrates, phosphate, bromide, ammonia and magnesium. There are trace amounts of calcium, sodium and sulfates, which fall hundreds of milligrams per kilogram under regular tap and bottled water samples.

LeBleu installed a DroughtMaster Water Generator for Llano County resident Bobby Green three years ago.

“We have a shallow well and were worried about contamination from flood waters and cattle feces,” Green said. “Terry built and installed a unit at our house and we plumbed it into the bar sink. We use the water for cooking and drinking. Our kids like it so much; they come here to fill jugs to take home.”

Green said the unit keeps 55 gallons available at all times.

“When you use it, the unit kicks on and refills the tank,” he said. “We don’t worry about drinking water now. It’s very good water. When we travel, we store 10 or so gallons in the RV. When we run out, we come home.”

Cottonwood Shores resident Frank Feist agrees DroughtMaster Water Generator’s water is wonderful.

“I heard about it through a friend and tried their water,” Feist said. “I decided to give the machine a try and I love it. I feel better and believe it’s because of this purer form of water. I’m not a vitamin-taker, but since having the machine installed, I feel better when I get up in the morning. I haven’t noticed a difference in my electricity bill and I have a hot and cold water producing unit.”

Ken and Suzette Willis, proprietors of Courtesy Collision Center in Marble Falls have canceled their bottled water contract.

“We were taking water to friends who didn’t have safe water during the storm disaster,” Suzette Willis said. “We got the DroughtMaster Water Generator four months ago and have noticed a huge difference in the taste of our coffee especially. As long as you have electricity or a generator, the unit runs.”

“What’s most important to me is that people, especially children, have clean water to drink,” LeBleu said. “Making a difference in people’s lives, and possibly their health is more important to me than making money.”

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