The Kingdom of Khazaria (c.lOO A. D. – 1016 A. D.) occupied a territory larger than any single nation in Europe in the 600s A. D. It reached from the Black Sea through the Ukraine, encompassing much of Poland and what is now European Russia, Hungary, and Rumania. Racially they were Turko-Finn (*1. Britiah Encyclopedia Vol. 15, Khazar, 1911 Edition). or “Turks”.

This achieved it’s importance because of it’s strategic location. Trade goods coming from central Russia and northern Europe destined for the market at Constantinople passed down the great Russian rivers. Long stretches of these rivers passed through the heart of the Khazar nation which exacted tolls and tribute from traders and travelers.

This ancient state was bordered on one side by the empire of Byzantium. On the other side was the equally powerful empire of Persia. It was the policy of the Christians of Persia to form strong alliances with the heathen rulers of Khazaria to thwart their Christian brothers of Constantinople.

Thou shalt not hate thy brother in thy heart…Thou shalt not avenge, nor bear any grudge against the children of thy people. Lev. 19:11,18

This alliance between Khazaria and Persia lasted from 200 to 350 A. D., at which time the Persian empire became so powerful that Khazaria became endangered. Switching sides, Khazaria took part in Constantinople’s invasion of Persia in 363 A. D. Khazaria became Constantinople’s buffer state to the north.

Unfortunately, its strategic location placed Khazaria in the middle of any invasion launched from the East. One of the first of these invasions was by Attila the Hun who scattered and for a time extinguished the independence of the nation. Khazaria became the kingdom of Attila’s oldest son in 448. When Attila. died, the Khazars kingdom reformed.

In 625 these people appear under the name “Khazars” in Byzantine annals.(*2 Britiah Encyclopedia Khazar, 14th Ed.) To cement it’s alliance between Byzantium and Khazaria the King of the Khazars was offered an Imperial Christian princess.(*3. Ez. 9:12) In return for the princess and trade-treaties Khazaria furnished 40,000 men in a joint war against the Persians.

In 637 Christian Persia was struck down by the advancing power of Islam, and in 651 the Muslims began their subjugation of Khazaria with an 80-year war. In 737 the king and nobles were com pe11ed to accept Islam. This state affairs lasted until the Mohammedan flood ebbed. During this period, Christian Constantinople banished her Jewish inhabitants under instruction from her Christian priests.

Thou shall make no covenant with them. They shall not dwell in thy land, lest they make thee sin against me. Ex. 23:32-33. If maps do not appear, click here —

These Jews fled northward to Khazaria where they were welcomed. The Khazars were also a mixed-breed race. They were of dusky Turkish/Tartar stock which included Mongol strains which came from the later Mongol invasion of their land.

The Mohammedans had been recent non-too-gentle conquerors. There was no love lost between Mohammedans and Khazarians. The newly arrived Jewish refugees from Constantinople brought with them a welcome choice from the Koran of Islam – the verbal “Traditions of the Elders” written in the Talmud.

King Bulan, the Khazarian ruler, chose this late arriving religion in place of the religion of the hated Mohammedans. He and 4,000 of his nobles became converts. The entire country followed suit in time. The language of the Khazars was adapted to the Hebrew alphabet (in much the same way that German is written with the Latin alphabet). The result was called Yiddish. There is no other connection between Hebrew and Yiddish other than the latter containing a number of Hebrew words.

In 775 Leo IV, a grandson of a Khazar/Jewish sovereign, ascended the throne of the mighty Christian Byzantine Empire and Byzantium wa& ruled by a Samaritan. During this period the King in Constantinople was honored in Constantinople as a potentate above even the Pope and other Christian kings of the West.

In 862 the quarreling Slavs of the north were subdued under the rule of the Russ of Sweden. These new conquerors named the land after themselves – “Russia”. “This was the beginnIng of the threat from the north” as the combined Russ-Slav forces fought their way southward along the Russian rivers.

On the heels of this development, an explosion of Petchenig-Turks from the East swept into Khazaria. There was war on two fronts. The kingdom began to break up. In 884 Oleg, the Russian Prince of Kiev, passed through the Slavic tribes in the Dnieper basin who had been ruled by the Khazars with the cry “Pay nothing to the Khazarsl” The day of tribute had ended. In 965 Sarket, Itel, and Semender surrendered to Swiatoslav of Kiev. The last flicker of independence was extinguished by a joint expedition of Russians and Byzantines in 1016. “Many members of the Carzarian royal family emigrated to Spain…. Some went to Hungary, but the great mass of the people remained in their native country.” (*4. Jewish Encyl. Vol. IV, p.5.) This brought to an end the political state of Khazaria and forced its continuance as a religious state.

Khazaria’s New Rulers

The nation of Khazaria was no more – the Khazar/Jewish converts remained. Most continued to live beside the great Russian rivers as they had done for hundreds of years. They formed tight, suspicious, autonomous groups who looked in upon themselves and excluded the world. They wanted to be left strictly alone – and that was the one thing their Christian, Mohammedan and Mongol conquerors would not do.

From 884-1016 the Russians conquered these porcupine-like enclaves, scattering Jewish refugees across Europe and into Spain. Then the Mongols. stormed through in 1240, a cataclysmic event that pushed another wave of “Jews” into Europe.

This last wave of dark-skinned, Yiddish speaking alien invaders caused a reaction. Starting with England in 1290 the Jews were expelled from Europe and herded back to the East again to join their brothers in what was by now Poland. But there was no peace for these people without a country.

In time the Polish rulers were displaced by Russian overlords. Next came the Moham-medans once more, the Mongols, then the Hungarians, Austrians, Germans, and again the Russians. Most Khazarian settlements tended to remain generally where they had always been while the ebb and flow of war brought new masters, and new nation boundaries every few years.

In the 9th century a Sephardic Jewish scholar in Cordova, Spain, Hasdai Ibn Shaprut, heard of a Jewish national homeland in Khazaria. He wrote King Joseph to ask about it,(* 5. Jewish Encyl. p265 short version) especially to learn to which of the tribes the monarch belonged. The answer came back:

“We have found in the family registers of our fathers that Togarmah had ten sons, and the names of their offspring are as follows: Uigar, Dursu, Avars, Huns, Basilii, Tarniakh, Khazar, Zagora, Bulgars, Sabir. We are the son of Khazar, the seventh…(* 6. Arthur Koestler, “The Thirteenth tribe”, NY: Random House 1976 p. 72)

Webster’s New World Dictionary defines Ashkenazim: “a German Jew, earlier a German, after Ashkenaz, second son of Gomer…distinguished from the Sephardim.” Jewish books are very careful to distinguish between Sephardic and Ashkenazic. Most individual Jews would like to claim descent from Spain for that is where the Khazarian royal family migrated in 1016.

The “Ashkenazic” Jews adopted the six sided “star of David as their symbol. This differentiated them from the large settlement of Spanish and Portuguese Jews who called themselves “Sephardic” Jews. They had adopted for their insignia the “lion of David” with his fcot on a ball.

Certain Christians and all Islamic conquerors of the Ashkenazics in eastern Europe tried to convert them to their respective religions. Being crude in their approach, the offer was often the simple choice of conversion or being sliced into with a sword. This was a painful choice. Rabbis came to the rescue by resurrecting an ancient prayer which could be made in advance and would allow the Jews to repeat the Christian, Islamic, or any other oath, without actually doing so. It is called the “Kol Nidre Prayer” and from the earliest times down to the present is made each year on the “Day of Atonement”. It goes as follows:


This “All Vows” prayer allowed the persecuted Jews to take any oath they felt necessary – with impunity. This was the thing which allowed the enclaves of Jews to remain together through the years without being detroyed. It was proved indispensible in their negotiations with unfriendly neighbors as we shall see.

Chmielnicki Massacres In Poland

Chmielnicki was an Eastern Orthodox Pole who fought with the Cossacks against Poland, which was Roman Catholic. In those days Poland was the largest country in Europe. Her borders extended from near the Baltic almost to the Black Sea. While Islam was carving out a European empire and knocking on the doors of Vienna, the Christians, Eastern Orthodox, Roman catholic, and Protestant, were butchering each other in war after war. Chmielnicki captured Kiev and indiscriminately massacred Jews and Roman Catholics whom he felt to be equally reprehensible.

This massacre triggered a chain reaction in eastern Europe in 1648-1649 which again sent thousands of Jews swarming into Western Europe. It was pressure from these new “Polish” arrivals which gave urgency to Ben Israel’s 1655 petition to Oliver Cromwell for them to enter England.

The Nation of Russia existed to the east of the great country of Poland. Following the example of the other Christian nations, on Dec. 2, 1742 all Jews were expelled from Russia by order of Tzarina Elizabeth Petrovna.

Russia Takes Over

Poland was partitioned (1772- 1795) by Russia, Prussia, and Austria. In these divisions of Poland, Russia inherited all the Ashkenazic Jews which had previously been expelled from Russia, plus more than one million others.

The ruling Tzar of Russia at the time was Alexander I. At first he looked on the Jews as a people like any other people. At this time Alexander, in common with most other Russians, frankly did not know what a Jew was. In time he discovered that for ages they had liver in Kehillas, had autonomous rights, and their own school systems called “heders”. In spite of not having a separate country, they werein fact a separate nation requiring special treatment,

On Feb. 26, 1785, the inhabitants of the newly annexed Polish territory were given all the rights and privileges of other Russian subjects without distinctions of faith or nationality. Immediately the Russian rulers were inundated with petitions from the Polish Slavs requesting that they be protected from the Jews. This was notice that the Russians had another problem of which they were not previously aware. At the request of the Poles, all the old Polish restrictions against the Jews were gradually reinstated.

The Russians soon found that these Ashkenazic Jews had a well-developed nation existing within the boundaries of Russia. While the Russian government was supreme politically, the Jews had their own government administered from their synagogues, their own religion, their own laws, and their own system of finance in which the forbidden practice of usury was the cornerstone. They also discovered that the Poles looked on the Jews as “a nation of bankers”.

In dealing with their own kind, the Jews had a system of “building and loans” which made money available to any of their number who needed money. Sometimes these loans were made interest free. At other times the loans were made at rates between 9% and 12%, rates considered very high at the time. Jewish private schools were everywhere. Their “unofficial” governments had lobbies to influence first the Polish, and later the Russian government.

Alexander was advised by his Christian priests to kill or banish these heathen. Alexander flatly refused to kill them, and since no country wanted them, he couldn’t banish them. A “Russification” program was undertaken. The Orthodox Jews put up a stonewall resistence to the Russians as they had earlier to the Poles.

In 1804 the “Russification” program was sof tened and new laws were enacted which provided for separate Jewish schools which were required to teach Russian. Even these new “softened” requirement & were resisted.(* 8. “The Jews in America, Max Dumont, Simon & Schustler, NY 1978 p.155) The news of these disagreements between the Ashkenazic Polish Jews and the Russians reached the ears of Napoleon.

In 1806 on July 19th, at the Hotel de Ville in Paris an assembly of Jewish notables was held at the command of Emperor Napoleon. Napoleon wished to use the Jews for his own ends, but first he had to soften the harsh criticism of Jews by devout Christians. They were asked such questions as “Does the Jewish law permit the taking of usury.from Jews? From Christians?” The answer was ‘No’. Usury whether to Jews or Christians was forbidden by Jewish law.(* 9. Dumont, P. 75) This meeting was a prelude to bigger things next year.

Napoleon had in essence assured the Christians of Europe that the Ashkenazic Jews were a people just like any other people, and to the accompaniment of much publicity, he proceeded to give them rights and privileges not duplicated elsewhere until 160 years later. For instance, it had been assumed by Western Europeans that Jews would lie if given an opportunity and so special Jewish Oath, “more Judaico” was administered. This oath was abolished in all countries under French control. Jews also could resume using Hebrew and Yiddish in their bookkeeping and also hold public office.

French agents in Russia made sure that the Jewish population there was made well aware that a “friend” and his army were on the way and that they could expect the same privileges as their kinsmen in The French Empire if they would join in with a revolt against the TZar.

The Idea of using Ashkenazic Jews for his own ends was well conceived and carried out with all the efficiency with which Napoleon’s empire was noted – but it was a dud. The Russian Jew did as they always did when a new conqueror came – nothing! They could not care less about getting involved in a war where Christians were killing Christians. This betrayal and the Russians cold destroyed Napoleon. He had lifted the Christian Church age old restrictions against the Jews for nothing, and now there was nothing to contain them, since the Christian Church had been virtually eliminated by the French Revolution’s Terror. They were “out of the box”. Thei r first major move was to expand their usury banking, a thing permitted by their religion.

Russia’s Jewish Solution

To have an understanding of Russia’s Jewish problem one must carefully study the map on the following page copied from a map in the Jewish Encyclopedia Vol. X, 1909, under “Russia”. The area of Russia f rom near the Black Sea almost to the Baltic Sea constitutes the “Pale” – the modern name for the ancient nation of Khazaria.

According to the 1897 census there were 126,368,827 people living in Russia of whom 5,189,401 or 4.13% were Jews.(*10. Jewish Encyl. Vol. X, 1909, Jews, p.529) In the Pale the Jews made up only 11.46% of the total population. There would at first glance seem to be a low population density by ordinary reckoning, but it is believed that the percentage had never been higher in the long history of Khazaria. The non Jewish inhabitants of the land were descendants of the Slavic serfs of the ancient Khazarian over Russian Jews lived in the Pale – only 6% outside.

Outside the Pale the Jews made up less than 1/2 of a percent of the population. This is the reason most Russians knew nothing about Jews. Most had never seen one.

On the map of “The Pale”, you will notice the triangle made up of the three cities – Warsaw, Grodno, and Brest-Litovsk. In 1905 the heaviest concentration of Jews resided in this area. They made up about 20% of the population. The former Prime Minister of the Israeli state, Menachem (Wolfovitch) Begin, was born in Brest-Litovsk Aug. 16, 1913.

The area from Gomel in the center to Sebastapol in the south had the fewest, from 4%-5%. This low density was due to the Russian effort to resettle the Jews from this area. Most Ashkenazic Jews living in America came from this area. Cities such as Moscow and St. Peters-burg had virtually no Jews at all.

Jews mate freely with their host countries. As a consequence the south Russian Jews tend to be dark complexioned from a preponderance of Turkish/Mongol blood, while the Polish Jews living in White Russia have fair complexions and eyes combined with a Slavic appearance. The Jews to the west of Warsaw often have a Nordic appearance. Many of these are indistinguish-able from. Westerners by appearance.


“The Pale” district of russia ocupied the same region as it did earlier when it was the independent

nation of Khazaria. See earlier map of Khazaria p. 79. A map of The Pale may be found in the

Jewish Encycl. Vol X, 1909.

One of the “special laws” re-enacted at the request of the Poles prohibited foreign Jews from having right of residence or from buying land in the Pale. This restriction was passed tc prevent the unbelievably wealthy Jewish Banking families residing in the Pale and excluding non-Jews from living there.

The Christian government of Russia had the greatest difficulty dealing with the closely knit bodies of Khazar Jews who reinforced their national identity with a different language and schools. The attempt to break up the groups living in cities failed. When banned from one city, like flocks of crows shooed from one forest, they re-gathered in the next.. They formed new “kehilla” (local government) colonies in each city to which they were dispersed. Not only that, the Russians were amateurs in dealing wi the Khazarians, while the Khazarians were experts in dealing with Christians. Centuries of Christian restrictions had taught them to hate all Christian governments. As a consequence they were involved in every plot against the TZar and his government. Every time an assassination took place or a bomb exploded, it was assumed that an Ashkenazic Jew was involved.(*11. The nat-l. Geographic Mag., May 1907 p.310, Wash. D.C.)

The Russian solution to this turn of events was, as mentioned earlier, to force them out of the country. Millions left for America. The three waves of immigration to the U.S. are as follows :

1654 – 1840 Sephardic Jews- approximately 2,000.

1841 – 1880 German Ashkenazic.

1881 – 1920 Eastern European Ashkenazic.

The handful of early Sephardic immigrants to America came mostly from Portuguese and Spanish Jews who went first to Portuguese or Spanish colonies in South and Central America and then came to the United States.

The German wave was caused by German special taxes and quota laws enacted in the attempt to deal with the massive arrival of Polish Jews, from the Chmielincki massacres in 1648, and then the German acquisi tion of Galatia from Poland in the late 1700s which brought with it a large complement of Jews. Rosenbloom also lists an additional factor, the failure of the liberal revolutions of 1830 and 1848.

Khazarian Economic Successes

Khazarian refugees fleeing the many invasions of their homeland formed colonies in virtually every city of the Western world. Their success in usury-banking gave them an immense advantage in all avenues of business.

Their Barons of usury-banking heaped riches upon riches. By 1730 more than 1/4 of all sugar plantations in Surinam were in their hands. In the 1740s they began to control the Brazilian diamond trade. David de Pinto was the largest stockholder in the East India Company. In 1750 Tobias Boas was allowed by the states-general of Holland to share in a public loan for half of 1,000,000 gulden, and in another for half of 8,000,000. In 1793, Benjamin and Alexander Cohen participated in a 5,000,000 gulden Prussian loan. The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia p.432, calls them “the most outstanding Ashkenazim”.

In the next century the foremos t family banking house was easily that of the Rothschild family. By 1848 it is said of Nathan Rothschild that “while he lived the center of the finance, the world may said to have been his office in New Court,(* 12. Jewish Encycl. Vol X, 1909 p.501) London”. But the control of unbelievably large amounts of money had been the Rothschild hallmark since the first of the century.

In the early 1800s Rothschild loans to the impoverished Austrian nobility totaled 24,521,000 gulden. The Austrian loan of 1815 was for 50,000,000 gulden. The French loan of 1816 totaled 350,000,000 francs. The Rothschilds had more money than most of the nations of Europe put together and nations were theonly customers large enough to be worth their time and attention.

Partial List a Rothschild Loans. (* 13. Jewish Encycl. vol. X, 1909 p.501)

“In the year 1848 the Paris house was reckoned to be wor th 600,000,000 francs as against 352,000,000 francs held by all the other Paris bankers.” (*14. J/E, Vol. X, 1909, p.496)

This quote indicates the importance of the Paris house of Rothschild alone, but the figures achieve true meaning when we remember that most of the remaining 352,000,000 was also held by other Ashkenazics. For all intents and purposes even at this early date, the entire finance of France was in the hands of the Paris Khazarian colony in exile. “‘The borrower is servant to the lender.”

So as not to forget the damage interest does in just a few years, look again at the table below.
$1 at 7 1/2% Interest For 50 Years










in 5 years










For each dollar borrowed, $37 must be repaid. Look at the nations t hat, went into the “net”! The million s upon millions lent. Tens upon tens of millions had to be repaid for each million lent. By the 1840s the wealth of the Khazarian bankers was enough to stagger the mind.(** Note: Just a single dollar lent in 1800 at 7 1/2 % would by 1984 require a repayment of $601,391.72.)

It is easy to see how that by the 1840s Europe was mostly mortgaged and servant to the Khazarian bankers. There was little else to be mortgaged that could enable debtors to borrow more money into existence. Consequently, it was time to “foreclose” mortgaged property from destitute borrowers, take possession, and sell it again to other debt-free borrowers.


Karl Marx, son of a rabbi, was tapped to be the spokesman. He published the “Communist Manifesto” in 1348 to coincide with “The Revolution of 1848”. The 1848 revolutions started in Sicily and almost instantly spread to Germany, France, Austria, Rumania, and the Papal States, exhibiting a remarkably high degree of coordination and planning.

The spark that ignited these revolutions initially sprang from old conflicts between poverty stricken workers and debt ridden owners: Czech, Hungarian, and Rumanian Slav nationalists vs. Western rulers; and political liberals vs. the old monarchists. Ashkenazics were active in every group in revolt with the established order.

These revolutions which swept across Europe were actively led and financed by thousands of Ashkenazic Jews who attempted to impose Ashkenazic solutions to Christian problems. They even furnished a few of the victims, which turned out to be a fortunate happening of which much was made later.

Most of the Christian problems had been brought about in the first place by the introduction of the Ashkenazic economic usury system in the West. The by-products were unemployment, lack of food and shelter which made necessary unemployment insurance, old age insurance, public education, etc. With more interest-created debts than money to pay, problems florished.

When not active in the central leadership role as revolutionaries themselves, they supported and financed Western Slav nationalist groups. The Revolutions unsettled all the crowns of Europe, but only King Louis Philippe of France, the client of James Rothschild of Paris, was actually dethroned and his property seized. In Italy, the Pope fled for his life. The Russians moved their army into Rumania to put down the revolutions there.

Gradually order was restored. There was a frenzied attempt to disassociate European Ashkenazics from Karl Marx and communism by constant publicizing the fate of the few Ashkenazic victims. This bloody period, however, caused the entire Christian continent of Europe to become violently anti-communist. This in turn contributed to the migration.

Lastly, the failed communist revolution of 1848 caused such tight control and supervision of the European Khazarian colonies that the support of the large Ashkenazic bankers switched to activities back in the Pale.

The Russian Front

The new front became Russia. There was an outbreak of revolutionary activity resulting in bombings, assassinations and political agitation among the Jews and Slavs against the ruling Westerners. This wave of terror was met, as it had been earlier in Europe, by severe restrictions.

It culminated in the “Russian solution” of 1891 – 1892, with the expulsion of Jews from Moscow by order of Grand Duke Sergius, and from the interior of the country forcing Jews back into the Pale. For all intents and purposes the Pale was an alien count in the midst of Russia, constantly patrolled by Russian armies and ruled by “friendly” appointees with the help of police.

Rather than return to the Pale most Ashkenazics lived outside chose to emigrate from Russia entirely. This decision was encouraged by the Russian government. Thousands of ship loads of Khazarians set sail for America and elsewhere. The large Jewish migration took place between 1880 – 1920. They left but they did not forget. The Askenazics formed colonies around their leaders in America and immediately turned their eyes back to their brothers In Russia.

Modern Finance

In 1905, Sergyel Nilus published a book In Russia call “The Protocols”. The book purports to be the stolen plan conquest made by the “300 elders” who rule the world. The Ashkenazics maintain that the book is a forgery.

This unwelcomed publicity resulted in a virtual blackout information on Ashkenazic financial dealings. Things are not very secretive. While tables like that of the earlier Rothschild dealings in the 1800s were common place earlier as they boasted their accomplishments, now a thundering silence accompanies most of their financial coups.

Certain things are common knowledge. The Ashkenazics momopolized usury banking in the Middle Ages since usury is forbidden to Christians. As early as the 1600s they had made servants of many of the rulers of Europe who were in their debt. By the first part of the 1800s they had a virtual monopoly of world finance so that entire nations who had adopted their usury system were their customers and servants. By the late 1800s they boasted of their princely bankers and their many titles. They backed their claims with proof.

The Rothschilds were one of the largest factors in the American real estate boom of the1830s.(*15. Robert Sobell, “Panic on Wall St”, MacMillan, NY, p.42) They were also one the largest factors in financing the U.S. national debt of the 1860s.(*16. J/E Vol. X, 1909, p.501.) Their operations in America have appeared low key since they have operated through agents under other names (see footnote p. 95)

It is a well known fact that Paul Warburg of Germany came to America to set up the Federal Reserve System with the aid of a few associates. It is also a matter of general knowledge that the most important district of this Federal Reserve is the wealthiest; and that is the New York District.

Exactly what is going on in the Federal Reserve is a dark secret. The banking organization is lender to the United States, is its master, and arrogantly flaunts the fact by refusing to allow itself to be audited by any “sovereign” state in the United States, or by the Federal Government.

Mullins’ exhaustive research on the Federal Reserve sheds a great deal of light on the subject. On page 179 of his book “The Secrets Of The Federal Reserve”, he uncovers the fact that as of July 26, 1983, the following banks owned 66% of the total outstanding shares of the F/R Bank of New York – the controlling district:(*17. Estace Mullins, ‘The Secrets of the Federal Reserve’, PO Box 1105, Staunton, VA, p.32)

Ownership Of Shares Of The Federal Reserve Bank Of N. Y

Bankers Trust

Bank of New York

Chase Manhattan Bank

Chemical Bank


European American Bank & Trust

J. Henry Schroder Bank

Manufacturers Hanover

Morgan Guaranty

National Bank of North America










. 2%

The above list seems innocuous enough. Below is another list which made the circuit a few years ago. This list was also given as being a list of the “true owners” of the Federal Reserve.

Early List of Federal Reserve Bank Owners

1 – Rothschilds of London

2 – Lazard Brothers of Paris

3 – Israel Moses Seif of Italy

4 – Warburg Brothers of Hamburg, Germany

5 – Lehman Brothers of N.Y., USA

6 – Kuhn Loeb of N.Y., USA

7 – Chase Manhattan of N.Y., USA

8 – Goldman Sachs of N.Y., USA

This last list bears little resemblance to the first one. This chart (** ) on the next page helps to bring the two lists into harmony by listing the NY banks that own a majority of the stock in the FR bank of NY, and some of their connections.

National boundaries blur as we see that the actual owners of the FR are spread over Germany, England, and France, as well as the United States. All are parts of the whole.

A conclusion may be drawn from this. In spite of the lack of discussion on the subject, it is unrealistic, to assume that the Ashkenazics and their agents are presently any less a world economic force than they were in earlier years.(my emphasis)

(** The Hyperlink below takes you to a chart that was compiled by Mullins and taken from p.92 of his book “The Secrets of the Federal Reserve”. the Rothschild name is not recognized in America since they operated through their agent – J.P. Morgan & Co. and others. Also printed in his book ae several charts selected from a series of 75 such charts showing the connections of those who control the FR. They were presented in a study, by the House Committee on Banking, Currency, and Housing of the 94th Congress, 2nd session, August, 1976 “Federal Reserve Directors: A Study of Corporate and Banking Influence.” These charts have been in existence since 1976. The only reason their contents is not general information is because of the paper curtian thrown over the subject by the national media. An in-depth study of the FR showing the interlocking directorates of major American corporations, banks, and government, is outside the scope of this book. If you are interested in further study, please refer to the Mullins book mentioned in foot-note #17. above)

Present Khazarian Population

The current Jewish world population. is 14,396,000. The largest concentration of 6 ,860 ,000 reside in the US. The total increase in overall population is only +110 thousand over last year, less than 1% increase. Without converts they would soon cease to exist.

Federal Reserve Directors: A Study of Corporate and Banking Influence _ _ Published 1976

Chart reveals the linear connection between the Rothschilds and the Bank of England, and the London banking houses which ultimately control the Federal Reserve Banks through their stockholdings of bank stock and their subsidiary firms in New York. The two principal Rothschild representatives in New York, J. P. Morgan Co., and Kuhn,Loeb & Co. were the firms which set up the Jekyll Island Conference at which the Federal Reserve Act was drafted, who directed the subsequent successful campaign to have the plan enacted into law by Congress, and who purchased the controlling amounts of stock in the Federal Reserve Bank of New York in 1914. These firms had their principal officers appointed to the Federal Reserve Board of Governors and the Federal Advisory Council in 1914. In 1914 a few families (blood or business related) owning controlling stock in existing banks (such as in New York City) caused those banks to purchase controlling shares in the Federal Reserve regional banks. Examination of the charts and text in the House Banking Committee Staff Report of August, 1976 and the current stockholders list of the 12 regional Federal Reserve Banks show this same family control.

Federal Reserve Directors: A Study of Corporate and Banking Influence _ _ Published 1983

The J. Henry Schroder Banking Company chart encompasses the entire history of the twentieth century, embracing as it does the program (Belgium Relief Commission) which provisioned Germany from 1915_1918 and dissuaded Germany from seeking peace in 1916; financing Hitler in 1933 so as to make a Second World War possible; backing the Presidential campaign of Herbert Hoover ; and even at the present time, having two of its major executives of its subsidiary firm, Bechtel Corporation serving as Secretary of Defense and Secretary of State in the Reagan Administration.

The head of the Bank of England since 1973, Sir Gordon Richardson, Governor of the Bank of England (controlled by the House of Rothschild) was chairman of J. Henry Schroder Wagg and Company of London from 1963_72, and director of J. Henry Schroder, New York and Schroder Banking Corporation,New York,as well as Lloyd’s Bank of London, and Rolls Royce. He maintains a residence on Sutton Place in New York City, and as head of “The London Connection,” can be said to be the single most influential banker in the world.

Location Of World Khazarian Population

(*18. Jewish Voice, p.7, jan. 1984)

1,228,000 N. Y. City

1,998,000 Greater N. Y.

455,000 Los Angeles

295,000 Philadelphia

253,000 Chicago

225,000 Miami

272,000 Jerusalen

3,235,000 All of Palestine

2,660,000 USSR

650,000 France

410,000 Great Brittian

305,000 Canada


For almost a thousand years there has been constant friction between Khazars – who call themselves Jews – and Christians. The starting point of contention is Law. The most abrasive subject is money. The Ashkenazics brought usury to the West. This gave them a tremendous advantage.

The Jewish Encyclopedia, subhead “England!! p.162, notes that as early as 1168 before their expulsion from England the Jews’ personal property was regarded as 1/4 that of the entire country.

Another quote from the same Jewish Encyclopedia, subhead “France” p.449, notes that in 1171, “The Jews…were then very numerous… many… come to sojourn in Paris; they had become enriched to the extent of owning nearly half of the city; they were engaged in usury; their patrons were often despoiled of their possession.” In Spain it was charged that these people were the most powerful group monetarily and politically in the land.

This condition was and is true in other lands as well. As long as the widely scattered Khazarian colonies wield such power, there will be a never-ending series of charges of one sort or another brought against them. With their control of the media, however, they have learned to blunt and turn accusation against their enemies. Among the first targets of their media were the Russian “pogroms”. The Slavs of Russia and the rest of the world were alienated from the Russ of ‘Russia by stories of TZarist excesses. Right after WW II the Germans were accused of murdering 41 million people in death camps.

The first figure of 41 million deaths reported by their media was found to be untrue – so were the intervening 28 million, 12 million, and on down to 8 million, all of which totals were too fantastic to be believed. Now all totals quietly dropped except the one about the six million Jews. There is a reason to keep this figure alive.

In 1933 only 580,000 Jews lived in pre-war Germany. Most of these migrated to other lands with large numbers coming to America. Still, the Germans are charged with killing 6 million. The evidence found in Western Germany does not support the charges, and so the search went to Eastern Europe to find evidence. The evidence that has thus far been discovered in the Eastern zone implicates the Soviets – not the Germans. It is the Poles who were the victims – not the Jews. The Katyn Forest massacre of Polish army officers was first blamed on the Germans but was found to have been a Soviet atrocity. Since then there has been a great reluctance by the Soviets to allow further investigations in their sector. Solzhenitsyn states in his books that the death camps in the Soviet sphere have from the beginning been the creation of the Soviet state and operated by Stalin and his successors.

To embarrass further the Jewish media, The Insti tute for Historical Review(*19. The Institute of Historical Review, PO Box 1306 Torramce Calif. 90505) offered to award $50,000 to anyone bringing proof, which would stand in a court ot law, that “gas chambers for the purpose of killing human beings existed at or in Auschwitz Concentration Camp during World War II”. The offer remained open from April to December 1982. During that period not one serious attempt was made to collect the money. With hundreds of thousands of first-hand witnesses who claimed to have been actual inmates of the camps and who now live in every city or the world drawing reparations and hardship checks from Germany it would seem that it wouldn’t be difficult to gather the necessary proof – if such proof exists.

There may be another explanation for the perpetual “holocaust” theme. The book, “West German Reparations”, discloses that between the years 1946 – 1978, the Germans were forced to pay the Israeli nation many billions of dollars. This is in addition to reparations which are paid to each camp inmate. If the Israelis were deprived of this enormous flow of tribute money, there is reason to believe that their country would be in serious difficulty. In other words, their media has been placed in a position where it MUST harp on the “holocaust” theme if the Israeli nation is to continue to receive its payments from Germany. The German government, which owes its existence to Germany’s conquerors, does not permit open discussion of the so called holocaust subject in Germany. Publicly expressed doubt lands the doubter in prison. An open discussion would tend to implicate the Soviets in the overall subject of “death camps” and result in tribute termination, as well as indignant demands for its return.

It is easy to see that it is far cheaper to continue the 40 year – old weekly TV charge of “holocaust” against the Christians of Germany than return the money. The “reruns” cost only a few million a year. The return would result in billions. It’s good business! Incidentally, the Institute for Historical Research was firebombed and burned to the ground in July 1984. Where money is involved – tempers grow hot.

* * * * *

Every nation and region of the West has endured these kinds of attacks at one time or another – the Germans are only the most recent victims. This will doubtless ensure that the centuries old friction will continue.


There is also another point which is receiving increasing attention. As early as the 9th century there was contact between the Sephardic Jews of Spain and Ashkenazic Jews of Khazaria. Later the royal family of Khazaria fled to Spain. The overwhelming majority of the Jewish population in the rest of Europe is composed of Ashkenazic refugees from the many invasions of the ancient nation of Khazaria, their original homeland. A Jew today is a composite of many races. Their Talmud places restrictions on inter-FAITH marriages, but none on inter-RACIAL marriage.(*20. Deu. 23:2) That is why there are black Jews, Chinese Jews, Slavic Jews, South American mixed-race Jews, and blue-eyed blond-haired Jews. The Christian religion is the only religion that prohibits both inter- faith and inter-racial marriage.

Unlike the Jews, Westerners who are of “Israel, “Isaac-son”- “Saxon”, all are of the same race and look alike regardless of which country they live…. Their opposition to racial intermarriage with strangers (zuwr) is felt by the Jews to be a source of danger (*21. “Studies show that at least 40 percent of Jews marry outside the faith. In Western cities, the rate may be as high as 60% ….some leaders…now see this trend as having the potential to enlarge their community. Studies show that 7out of 10 children in mixed marriages are raised as Jews…Under ancient law, the child of a Jewish mother and a non-Jewish father is a member of the faith, but the child of a Jewish father and a gentile mother is not. Increasingly, non-Jews who marry Jews are converting to the faith”US News & World Report p.44 Apr. 4, 1983.) to them because their extremely low birth rate has forced them actively to seek converts among the progeny of mixed marriages. If mixed-marriages were stopped, the Jews would soon become few in number.

**Note: The Law was placed in the heart of Israel. The Law against racial interbreeding is universally known. The absence of outrage at the sight of interracial couples is taken to be one of the identifying marks of a “Marano” (see page 55).

Who Rules The USSR

There is debate as to whether or not the Russian Ashkenazic Jews still wield the same power they held at the end of the Russian Revolution.(*22. Max I Dimont in “The Jews In America”, p. 151 states that early in this century the Jews split ideologically. The religious ones such as Weizman, Ben-Gurian, and Jabotinsky became “Zionists” and the non-religious ones such as Trotsky, Litvinov, and Kaganovich became “Communists”.) Some say that the Russian Slavs have recouped much of the power. The fact is that the Jews are practically the only ones allowed to travel to and from the USSR. The recent visible head of the government Andropov, was a Jew and the Slavic “samaritan” version of the Christian religion – the one practiced for almost 1,000 years – is suppressed. These events would be unlikely if Russia were ruled by Slavs.

In any event the argument appears irrelevant since “The borrower is servant to the lender” and the Gosbank of the USSR has borrowed heavily from the banks of Europe. According to law this has made the entire country of the USSR servant to them. These European banks were re-established at the end of WW II under the watchful eye and control of the banks of our Federal Reserve. Our Federal Reserve was initially established by agents of these very same European banks. Thus, the banks of the Federal Reserve indirectly control the Gosbank which in turn controls the USSR- the Babylonian system of lending 10 for 11 – rules them all.’


The nation of Russia developed long after Khazaria and must be studied apart from Khazaria since it has only been in recent centuries that the two nations came into prolonged and abrasive contact.

The Russ

For hundreds of years the Russ of Scandinavia and their kinsmen traded and conquered on the rivers of Russia. They would sail the rivers from the Baltic in the northwest until they reached a point in the interior of Russia where they would beach their dragon ships. Placing them on wheels they would have oxen drag them a relatively short distance to another Russian river flowing in the opposite direction. Launching their ships again they sailed two thousand miles until they reached the Black Sea.It saved the long dangerous trip down the Atlantic, around Spain, and through the Mediterranean.

Many trading posts were founded the length of the route. These Russ conquered ,the native Slavs instead of killing them or driving them away, and thus was born the nation of Russia, a combination of Russ master and Slav worker. Cemeteries in Moscow show a progressive broadening of skulls as racial interbreeding progressed down through the centuries. At the end, there was only the TZar and a thin veneer of Nordic Russ aristocracy left. This was swamped in the bloody wave of the Russian Revolution.

It has been estimated that 20-30 million Westerners were exterminated by the Slavs and Ashkenazics during and after the takeover. These deaths were accounted for by blaming them on the Germans in World War II. At the end of World War II additional Nordic settlements were banished from Russia. Millions more were herded into Gulags to die. There still remain a few of our people in Russia and great numbers of mixed-breeds. Since the land was no longer “the land of the Russ”, “Russia”, the name was changed to “Union of Soviet Socialist Republics”.

The old religion was the Christian Eastern Orthodox with the TZar as ruler and head of the Church. As is always the case, the Christian message passed from the Tzar and his priests through the “Slav filter” and came out “Samaritan”. There was little resemblance between the Christian religion practiced at the Tzar’s court and that practiced in the distant Slav villages. The Samaritan religion of the villages was a composite of old Slavic beliefs in elves, fairies, and magic in a “Christian” wrapper.

(*Note: The word “Slav” is Latin for “slave”. The Romans captured these people for slaves and gave them their name. Later, the Vikings and Russ enslaved them to sell to the Saracens still later the Teutonic knights captured them to sell ready Islamic buyers. Who prized them because they made excellent slave warriors. Islamic raiders also preyed on than. The Mongols over ran their land and ruled it with the help of Tatars and Khazars for centuries – and incidentally gave many of the Slavs a distinctly oriental look. . In spite of their warlike qualities, and their obvious genius in – many fields, their quarreling, moodiness, drunkenness, and general like of self restraint has prevented the Slavs from being able to form a Slav country unaided. Whenever one finds is a Slav country, a close examination will uncover another race at the head of the government. For protection they have always placed themselves under an overlord. Poland was no exception. The Polish aristocracy contained large numbers of Westerners who were encouraged to migrate to that country. The traditional overlord of Russia has been the “Russ” of Sweden. The Russ became the Russian aristocracy. They were a different race from the Slavs they ruled.)

Unlike European Westerners, American Westerners have almost no experience with Slavs. Their coloring can be deceptive, often being identical to that of the Westerner. Their usual mark of identification is the shape of their skulls which around the hat band can be almost completely round. This compares to the Western skull type which is longer from front to back.. Some, like Khrushchev have very long arms in proportion to their legs, no visible waist, and almost no visible neck.

Their own legend say that all Slav. descended from three brothers – Chech, Liakh (Pole), and Rus. Practically, there are three different branches of Slav. The Southern (Greek, Bulgarian, Yugoslav, etc.), Central (Czechoslovakian , etc.), and Northern – (Pole, Great Russian, etc.). their original homeland is unknown, but is presumed by many to be the Pripet Marshes all different branches are the result of mixing with other races. The “northern” blondness” combined with round skull type is presumed to have resulted from mixture with Westerners; the “slant eyes” of many come from the Mongols; the “dark skin” of others – from the Turks. The Poles are split from other Slavs by religion. They are Roman Catholic. The others are Eastern Orthodox. There has never been any love lost between the two.)

Russia is a land of few natural boundaries. There was nothing to stop the Mongols when they swept in from the East. The Mongols had only 4,000 of their own people so they conscripted Turks and Khazars into their forces. The Tartars and Khazars ruled the land of Russ and collected taxes in the name of the “Golden Horde”. Over the centuries these invaders were pushed back. This long subjection is the reason the Soviet Slavs hate the Turks to this day, as well as distrusting the Tartars living within their borders. It is also the reason for the high feeling of the Slavs agains t the Khazars. The Khazarian Jews tread a very cautious path among the people they once ruled harshly in their own name and later in the name of the Mongols.

The political state which developed while pushing out the Tartars resulted from the knowledge that Russia’s only wall of defense is the people themselves. As land was regained, the Tzar would grant that land to one of his nobles. The noble must be able to get enough “serfs”, or serving people, to occupy the land, work it, and defend it…thus the desperate need for Slav workers. If ever an estate stopped serving the needs of the Tzar, that estate would revert back to him. The noble owned his land in the sense that he could will it to an heir, but he was bound to give service. If a woman were an heir, she must take a husband to serve the ruler.

The Tzar taxed the land to raise money for defense. The nobles in turn taxed the serfs. Frequent crop failures often forced the peasants to go into debt for taxes, rent, seed, and even food to live on. These debts continued to mount. In time these debts became so heavy that many of the peasants sold themselves into slaverv to cancel their debts and get themselves off the tax rolls. Slaves lived better than free men.

At other times the peasants fled the estates seeking to escape the burden of debt forced upon them. They would flee to the new estates on the ever-expanding Russian frontier. This caused conflict between the old and new nobility because this flight of serfs from the old areas concentrated debt on those remaining. If nobles and peasants on the estates had difficulties paying their taxes and debts before the flight of some of their number, they had an impossible job with them gone. After a time the Russ nobles passed a law which prohibited the Slav serfs from leaving the land and getting off the tax rolls. The courts authorized the return of runaways to prevent the entire political and economic system from breaking down. This is the identical thing that had happened earlier in Rome.

By the beginning of the 1600s the larger part of the peasantry were slaves or near slaves. It was in this way the nation of Russia sought to ensure that its taxes would be paid, that there would be sufficient workers, and that there would be sufficient fighting men if and when the need arose. It is important to remember that the state needed defense money whether or not the landholding noble was having difficulty keeping workers. The noble had to pay taxes even if his peasants were gone.

Periodically there were tax revolts against the Tzar. The most noted was that of Pugachev in 1773 when 30,000 Slavs revolted to show their discontent – a prelude to what was to happen 146 years later. Just before our Revolutionary War in America about 40% of the peasants belonged to the Tzar. Almost 80% of the population lived in bondage. This gives an indication of the racial break down of the nation.

The great blow to serfdom was the defeat suffered by Russia in the Crimean War of 1854-1856. The system of “Tzar-nobles-serfs” all combined for the defense of “little mother Russia” broke down. Theoretically the nobles were to raise their regiments, arm and clothe them, and lead them into battle. The Russian regiments facing the allies in the Crimea were of this kind. They were personal property of their officers” When a Russian regiment was shot to pieces in service of the Tzar, the commanding noble was economically ruined, if he survived. He had no one left to work his estates and consequently could not pay the taxes. His lands could be taken from him. Many other nobles were so deeply in debt in the effort to pay taxes that they could only raise regiments but not arm – or clothe them. Other Nobles, fearing that their regiments would be shot up and that they would suffer financial loss, dawdled en route to the battlefields. The only system that Russia had ever known was out dated.

Five years later the serfs were freed. The great reforms of 1861 allocated them land. It was not a gift. The Tzars took their jobs very conscientiously as head of the Christian Church in Russia. As a natural consequence the “Year of Jubilee” Law was invoked. This Christian Law orders that all debts be paid or forgiven every 7 years and that land be returned to its true owners every 50th year. While debts were not forgiven, the serfs were given 49 years to pay for their land so that when the 50th year arrived the land would be free f rom debt” The plan was to have the peasants owning their own land by 1910. The state collected the payments, which in turn paid the former land owners who in turn could pay their own debts.

The obligation for the payments was placed upon the entire peasant population of an estate commune. This method of working oft debt had been customary for the past several hundred years. The commune itself rather than the individual peasants was given the land to manage and to allocate among its members. The hopes and expectations of the Slavic peasants knew no bounds.

The System Brings On Revolution

Commodity prices peaked world wide in 1864. What were reasonable prices for land in 1864 became unreasonably high prices ‘as land and commodity prices collapsed into the great worldwide depression which did not bottom until 1896. The deeper the depression went, the lower the price received for farm produce. The less the income, the more the peasants fell behind in payment for their land. The great hopes of 1861 faded into sullen belligerency In 1896.

Not all Russian peasants were in bad condition by any means. By 1905 Lenin estimated that 10,500,000 peasants had small holdings that were relatively prosperous. Over a million had prosperous farms averaging 40 acres each. This is not much by American standards, but by Russian standards it was head and, shoulders above the bare subsistence level endured by most Russian peasants. These advances, however were not sufficient to satisfy the great masses when confronted with increased taxes stemming from the unsuccessful Russo-Japanese War of 1904-1905.(*24. The News of The New World, Jan. 1984, p. 23, PO Box 830, Honeydew 2040. S.A. $12/yr. refers to Jacob H. Schiff, of the Wall St. Bank of Kuhn Loeb & Co. by saying, “Schiff personally had taken a close interest in promotingthe revolutionary movement in Tzarist ussia from the days of the Russo–Japanese war which he fiananced for Japan.”) The peasants and communes, finding it impossible to pay interest, current taxes, land payments and rents, still had to find enough to feed their families. They revolted when the cost of the war was added. This was the “Revolt of 1905”.

The land situation in Russia at this time was as follows: The Tzar, who was the government, was the mos t extensive landowner as is the case in all nations. The Church was next largest. As in other lands, the devout through the generations had willed their lands to the Church. Unlike the marshes, woods, and steppes which comprised most of the Tzar’s land, Church land was mostly prime acreage. The remainder of the land was owned half by nobles and half by peasants. “The Great Emancipation of 1861” with the plan for land ownership free of debt by 1910 set the stage for the Bolshevik Revolution in 1918. What started as a generous idealistic gesture turned out to be a nightmare as land and commodity prices tumbled lower and lower. There was no way most peasants were going to get their land.

The Tzar, who was the government, owed exorbitant loans to the European Kharzarian bankers. (*25. Lionel Nathan de Rothschild raised L16,000,000 for England to fight Russia in 1854, and for 20 years he was also the agent of the russian government. Lending to both sides is considered proper insurance to the survival of the System and the lender. Whichever country wins is the right one. Since the “borrower is slave,” the lender to both sides will survive perpetually while the borrowing nation’s chance of winning a war is seldom much more than 50/50.) There was abundant collateral but there was no way to foreclose. While it is true that “the borrower is servant to the lender”, the problem of the creditors foreclosing can be difficult, especially when the debtor has an army and the creditor has none. The Tzar, the Church, and the nobility certainly were not going to give up easily their possessions to satisfy their Ashkenazic creditors. They would fight first.

Road To Revolution

The Commune developed naturally through the years as taxes were levied on !ands. The holders of the lands divided the responsibility among the workers in the form of “production quotas”. This system of ownership was common in ancient Rome and is natural to Russia and her many different races. For generations they have been conditioned to think in collective terms.

Russia has always been a complex land with over 25 different races, each selfishly clamoring for its own wants. As noted earlier, this conglomerate was in the beginning ruled by descendants of the Nordic Russ who reinforced their blood line by marriages with other Westerners. The large minorities such as the Poles, Cossacks, Georgians and Khazarian Jews were rebellious at times .

The Poles were always trying to break away and re-establish Poland, the one-time giant of eastern Europe. They could not care less who ruled Russia after their own independence was established.

The Cossacks were of the same race as the Russ but were broken into 11 different groups and were too fragmented to be a viable political force. Georgia was talking about breaking away and re-establishing her own country.

Then there was the land of Khazaria. Her Ashkenazic Jews were scattered throughout the Pale and colonies abroad but were still united by language and religion. This group had the choice of being taken over and ruled by yet another conqueror or taking over the rule them selves. A choice of being ruler or being ruled is no choice at all. The Jews went for the top post. This left the perpetually rebellious and contentious masses of slavs to split their loyalty between Khazaria reveloutionists, who were their ancient rulers, and their more recent rulers, the Russ, led by the Tzar.

The fragmentation of the Russian Empire appeared to be just a matter of time. The Russo-Japanese War had been a fiasco for Russia. Tzar Nicholas II had no choice. To have an excuse to borrow money quickly into existence to avert revolution at home required the mobilization of his army. He knew that his Christian cousin, the German Kaiser, had warned him that a Russian mobilization would be looked upon as an act of war. Still, he had to have an excuse to borrow money into existence to help curtail the suffering of his country and deflect the blame for the land distribution failure, the unemployment and the bankruptcy from himself, and at the same time keep his own creditors at bay. In 1914 he gave the order for mobilization. Germany immediately declared war. New money was rapidly borrowed into existence to pay for the mobilization. For a moment, Russia breathed a sigh of relief as money again flowed and debts were paid.

Reality quickly replaced the euphoria caused by the flow of this new money. Russia was faced by the German army, the finest army in the world. The Russian army facing them was big, but not nearly big enough to deal with the Germans. In desperation Russian Slavic peasants were mobilized, marched to railroads, loaded into cattle cars by the hundreds of thousands and shipped to the front. There they were pointed in the direction of the enemy and given orders to advance. Many of them had no guns but were ordered to advance anyway. If possible, they were to pick up a weapon from a dead comrade. Food and supply services were often primitive, and in many cases, non-existent. Medical attention was scarce. These Russian levies sometimes found themselves in the awkward position of winning a battle while starving. More men were lost to minor wounds and sickness than to direct enemy action.

The day arrived when the armies suffered a reverse. Large numbers of disillusioned peasant soldiers deserted, killed their Nordic-Russ officers who were also their landlords, and started home. They were followed by others. The Russian fronts collapsed. On March 15, 1911, Tzar Nicholas’ train was stopped, and he was told that his government was ended.


Russia had fallen. It was time to take over from the Slav “liberals” who had been helped to start the work and finish the job of foreclosing. The financiers made their next move new borrower would soon have collateral to mortgage to guarantee that the loans to this new government would not mis-carry, the lenders sent their own people.

“….Trotsky arrived (rom the United States followed by over 300 Jews from

the East End of New York and joined up with the Bolshevik Party.” (The Surrender of an Empire, Nesta H. Webster, Boswell Printing, 10 Essex Street, London, W.C. 2, 1931, p.73).

“Individual revolutionary leaders of Jewish origin – such as Trotsky, Zinoniev, Kamanev, and Sverlov – played a conspicuous part in the revolution of November, 1917 which enabled the Bolshevists to take possession of the

state apparatus.” (Univ. Jew. Ency. Vol. IX, p. 668).

“White Armies which opposed the Bolshevik government linked Jews and Bolsheviks as common enemies.” (Univ. Jew. Ency., Vol. I, p. 336).

The London Times correspondent, Robert Wilton, reported: “out of 556 important functionaries of the Bolshevik State … there were in 1918 – 1919, 17 Russian, 2 Ukrainians, 11 Armenians, 35 Letts, 15 Germans, 1 Hungarian, 10 Georgians, 3 Poles, 3 Finns, 1 Karaim, 457 Jews,” (The Mystical Body of Christ in the Modern World, Brown & Nolan, Ltd., Waterford Dublin, Belfast, Cork, London, 1939, 1947 3rd Edition, Forward, Rev. Denis Fahey).

U.S. Document No. 62 of the 66th Congress Vol. III, gives slightly different figures. It states that of 388 members of the communist government meeting in Petrograd, Russia in 1918 -16 were Russian, 1 an American Negro, and 371 Jews. Of these 371 no less than 265 were believed to have been Ashkenazic Jews from America.

“Mr. Bakhmetiev, the late Russian Imperial Ambassador to the United States tells up that the Bolsheviks, after victory, transferred 600 million rubles in gold between the years 1918 and 1922, to Kuhn, Loeb, and Company, ” a New York firm (A. Goulevitch: Czarism and Revolution, p.225).

The foreclosure was successfu1. The new borrowers turned over old mortgaged property to the banks and pledged newly confiscated property to raise new money. The American and British governments at the command of their financial masters sent armies to the USSR to keep watch over mortgaged properties marked for foreclosure. Once sufficient guarantees were received that the revolutionists would not welsh on old contracts, the American and British armies were called home.

The Khazarian minorities were exultant as can be attested by the newspaper stories of that period. They had pulled off a masterful stroke. In the land which had closely regulated them for centuries, they had taken over the banking system in total, caused the Russ-Nordic nobility to be exiled or killed, had Christianity banned, and had their courts outlaw “Anti-Semitism” as a safety measure. They had become tithe most recent” master of the Slav. After 901 years, the Khazarian kingdom had been born again and now stretched over eastern Europe and northern Asia.

Regicide is a necessary part of usury. If the Tzar or any of his family came back into power, loans to the New York and London banks could be repudiated. As an unfortunate business necessity a former business client, the TZar and his family were shot.

The Tzar had also been head of the Christian Church in Russia. His execution took care of who owned the vast holdings of Church lands. They were confiscated for use as collateral by the state. There was no one now left alive who could put in a legitimate counter-claim.

Just Business

The bankers of England and France proceeded to foreclose the German, Austrian, and Turkish empires conquered in World War I. Paul Warburg, founder of the American Federal Reserve System, was one of the American peace delegates at Versailles. At this conference he met his brother, Max, head of the German Secret Service and also a peace delegate from Germany. It was under Max’s watchful eye that a sealed German train transported the communist revolutionary, Nicolai Lenin from Switzerland across Germany to Russia while the war was going on. It was a regular family reunion. The Warburg family banks had financed the Kaiser. The Kaiser had been also financed by the Schroder Bank of Hamburg/Berlin. F. C. Tiarks, a partner of J. Henry Schroder, was a director of the Bank of England. Schroder financed England during the war. Schroder also had branches in the United States.(*26. Mullins, p. 92.)

Benjamin Freedman disclosed (*27. Speech, Tape No. 71, Kingdom Cassette Service, Box 830, Honey Dew 2040, S.A. $10/yr. that he was one of 117 Zionist delegates headed by Bernard Baruch at the peace conference whose job it was to claim Palestine from Britain in return for bringing America into the war on Britain’s side. It also turned out that a large number of the leaders of the communist revolts that had brought Germany to her knees – and forced her to sue for peace were Ashkanazics. Germany was completely flabbergasted at this overwhelming Khazarian political presence in her politics.

It wasn’t all one sided by any means. The story of Sir Ernest Joseph Cassel (1842-1921) also came out. This financier left Germany for England where he set up business. He founded the National Bank of Turkey which had helped finance Turkey’s war against England. He also consolidated Vickers-Armstrong, the British munitions manufacturer. Vickers had completed the fortifications of the Dardanelles for the Turkish Government in July 1914. The next year British soldiers, also armed by Vickers, suffered a blood bath of almost 100,000 casualties attacking these same Vickers-built Turkish fortifications.

Each new country created by the victors became a new borrower and was required to borrow fresh new money into existence from its conqueror to pay tribute. This helped bring about a spate of prosperity after the war.

Slavic Poland was re-created after having disappeared for almost a century and a half. They were allowed to borrow money into existence to buy arms. In 1920 they went off in full cry after their ancient enemies, the Khazarians, now called Bolsheviks. If the Poles smashed the Reds, the newly negotiated loans wi th the New York and London banks would be endangered.

The Poles were within 40 kilometers of Moscow and enjoying amazing success when khazarian led trade unions in England and France went on strike to prevent futher supplies reaching the Polish armies. The Poles a flicker away from victory, were forced to retire for lack of supplies.

These loans to the USSR continued safe and profitable until Adolph Hitler again went after the Bolsheviks in World War II. The bankers had to bring America into the war to prevent again the conquest of Russia and the repudiation of the loans.

Khazaria has come a long way. Managing to survive after all these years is perhaps their most impressive feat. Furthermore, their movement into European banking by small colonies of usury bankers has been crowned by unbelievable success. Finally their successful move to America and the harnessing of its power has made them the premiere force of the entire world.


With the rise of the Bolsheviks all Russ-Nordic land reforms immediately ceased. The land the Tzar had distributed to the Slav peasants was seized. The peasants who resisted were shot.

Except for a few small independent farms which produce most of the food in the Soviet Union, the country has in many ways gone back to the serf system of the 1600s. There is still very little freedom of expression or travel. There can’t be – and still have “the few” rule “the many”. The Soviet “Commune System” is the same as it has always been. It Is the only thing the land has known for hundreds of years. In spite of its drawbacks it is something everyone understands.

The present government has taken the place of the Tzar and his court. Political propagandists have taken the place of “Christian” priests. Powerful “commissars” have replaced the large land owning nobles and often live in their old palaces. Low profile private enterprise multi-millionaires proliferate as before the revolution.(*28. The USSR, The Corrupt Society, Simon & Schuster, N. Konstantin M. Simis, 1982.) All the while the great mass of the Slav peasants in many cases are working the same land their fathers tilled 300 years ago. Tractors, electric lights and airplanes are the main difference, and this is just in the field of technics. The “production quotas” are the same.

The Noose

The men who formed the present government of the USSR were the representatives of those who for centuries the kings, presidents, and governments of the West through the power of the purse. While not wise they were highly educated and shrewd. They well knew how the prohibition of usury and debt in the Christian West in earlier years had hurt them and benefited Westerners. The lesson was not forgotten.

This land of the Russ that they had first ruled as Khazaria, and again as the Tartar-Khazarian tax collectors of the Mongols, had for the third time been returned to their rule. Now, in the role of ruler, they naturally set up an economic system most advantageous to themselves. For their new state, they reinstituted the “tally system”.

The new Soviet government was given the power to issue rubles in any amount, at any time they chose, and tax them out of existence again, leaving no debt as a bad aftertaste.

What use would it be for the USSR to copy the Tzarist system and the United States system of borrowing from and owing the Rothschild banks? Russia had been conquered. It had been foreclosed. What was needed now was a simple workable system that would not cause trouble later on. Today, Western governments are deeply in debt to the international bankers. Each day that goes by this debt grows larger and larger. If the Soviets do nothing but encourage the West to borrow increasing amounts of money for defense and giveaways, in time this load of debt will inevitably grow to the point that it will strangle the West. They will be unable to raise and equipt armies to defend themselves because of this debt.

All the while, the government of the Soviets owes nothing. When they need a dam, a merchant fleet, or a manufacturing plant, they simply issue rubles to pay for the expenditure and then tax them out of existence again. The internal debt of the Soviet government is – nothing!

For The Slav

In the Soviet Union freedom from debt is one more government monopoly. For the Slavs the economic life is the same. They are in debt for refrigerators, cars, furniture, and are servants to their usury banks.

The banking system which owns this debt is now the “Gosbank”, the Soviet copy of a Western central banking system. It issues interest-free money for government expenditures, but at the same time, its method of lending 10 rubles for 11 to private citizens is exactly the same as in pre-revolution Russia. Its effect on the people is also the same.

The Gosbank is debt free within the USSR. It, however, owes the banks of Europe tens of billions of dollars.

Since the Gosbank is borrower from the banks of Europe, according to God’s Law they are “servants”.

The borrower is slave to the lender. Provebs 22:7

As servants, they can only do what they are ordered to do. The ones doing the lending reside in New York and London. The Gosbank receives its orders from the lenders who are now headquartered in New York and London.

This is the reason the Soviet Union suffers no reverses. The Slavs of the USSR have become the “Slav horse” which is used by the international banks to foreclose debt-ridden borrowers the world over who can no longer produce interest to pay on their loans.

The Ashkenazic!

Christians point to the fact that Israel’s ex-leader, Begin, is an Ashkenazic Jew, as is Gus Hall, the secret secretary of the Communist Party USA, Karl Marx, the so-called spokesman of communism, as well as the illustrious Rothschild family. Every- where one looks one finds Ashkenazic Jews in government, in business, on TV, everywhere. Christians then point to Genesis 10:1-4 to explain this phenomenon:

“Now these are the generations of the sons of Noah; Shim, Ham, and Japeth …

The sons of Japeth; Gomer…and the sons of Gomer; ASHKENAZ” ASHKENAZ

IS THE SON OF GOMER. In Ezekiel 38:4-16 God says; “…I wiII bring thee forth,

and all thine army… Gomer in all his band… the house of Togarmah… in that

day when my people of Israel dwelleth safely… thou shall come from thy place

out of the north parts… and thou shall come up against my people of Israel … ”

The descendants of Khazar, the 7th son of Togarmah, along with the Ashkenazic part of Gomer, came down from the north and first prepared the way with their financiers and merchants. Now they have massively invaded, occupied, and rule the kings and lands of Christian Israel in the West as well as the lands promised to Christian Israel in the Holy Land. Christians read the scriptures and tremble. The thing that God warned would happen in the last days has come to pass. ASHKENAZ THE SON OF GOMER IS HERE!

See also: (from Truth Quest Library):

“The Thirteenth Tribe” by Arthur Koestler & “The Jews of Khazaria” by Kevin A. Brook

Note: There is much confusion over the ownership of the land of old Israel in Near East. God made a covenant with Abram (Gen. 15:18-21), to give his seed the 1and “from the river of Egypt (Nile) unto the Great River, the river Euphrates.” The only seed born to Abram while he had that name was Ishmael (Gen. 16) the present decendants of Ishmael living in that area based their claim on this promise.

Abram’s name was then changed to Abraham (Gen. 17:5) and he fathered Isaac, who fathered Jacob, whose name was changed to “Israel” (Gen. 32:28). The children of Israel were then given Canaanland, a small portion of that larger land grant, but only on a conditional promise, i.e. they had to obey Gods Laws, Statutes and Judgments, or they would loose he land. The promise of he largcr area to the Ishmaelites was unconditional and so could not be lost.

The Israelites disobeyed, lost their claim to Canaanland, and wee driven out, first to Assyria and then to Babylon. Although a tiny remnant returned under Nehemiah to rebuild Jerusalem, they never again occupied all of Canaanland.. Finally, aII Israelites were driven out of even that small area of Palestine by persecution a few years after Jesus’ death and resurrection. A thousand years later the united effort of the entire West during the Crusades was unable to secure this land for nuch more than a few generations. The feeble ownership effort by the British between WW I and WW II was easily broken.

The khazars, who called themselves Jews because of their religion, now claim this land from the Ishmaelites. This was prophesied in Ezekiel 36:2 “Thus saith the Lord God; Because the enemy hath said against you, A HA, even the ancient high places are ours in possession.”. That “enemy” is given a name in verse 5, “Idumea,” meaning Edom. Edom means “red”, so reds would take possession of “the ancient high places” in the old land of Israel while Israel would multiply in other lands. To fulfill numbers “as the stars of heaven, and as the sand which is upon the sea shore. (Gen 22:17). The khazarian claim is not by covenant but by force. It was prophesied. all that is presently happening is working out precisely as written.


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