The SuperGods Maurice Cotterell

Maurice Cotterell – The SuperGods, Energy & Periodic Scaling
June 30, 2011
In the second hour for members, Maurice begins talking about the ancients and how they acquired more knowledge than we seem to have today. He’ll tell us about a life changing trip he took to Palenque, Mexico, his discovery and interesting connections he has found between Sun kings, saviors and the solar system. Maurice takes us into a philosophical conversation about Jesus, Zeus, Pakal, Buddha, Viracocha and more. Then, we discuss saviors, their”job” and what makes them different than us. Maurice shares an interesting theory about our ebbing and flowing God and what it requires. We’ll discuss the great questions such as why we came here, our purpose and the soul. Maurice will tell us about increasing voltage and purifying the soul. Later, we talk about how gravity works and corkscrew energy. Maurice will tell us about periodic scaling and how we can get free energy. Lastly, he’ll tell us what he sees for the future. Topics discussed: Primitive societies, Pacal ,Jesus, Viracocha, Krishna, Palenque, Venus, soul, energy, Love and god, energy, voltage, negative, positive, sacrifice, cross, sun, the “SuperGods”, the lid of Palenque, hydrogen atom, bonding, hydrogen bonding, mirroring, gravity, “Gravitational Field Generator”, unlimited energy through “periodic scaling”, electrolysis, free hydrogen, decoding of the pyramid of Palenque and more.


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