West Memphis 2010


Previous to the murder of Joe and Jerry, Please read the files



Evans and Paudert Autopsy Reports0001 ocr



To: all concerned:                                                                                                              6/18/2012




Donna Lee as the united states, in rem, et al, libertas:

Dear Mr. Issa, OIG, all:

       It is my sincere belief, which is backed up by hard facts, videos, reports, communications, Arkansas State Police reports, FOIA released FBI reports, autopsy reports, that:


Fast Facts re: Operation Fast and Furious:

1)Operation Fast and Furious was a gun walking operation whereby the US DOJ lost track of thousands of automatic weapons allowed to walk over the US border into Mexico.

2)Operation Fast and Furious originated in the State of Arizona.

3)Thousands of people have been killed by these automatic weapons in Mexico, many Americans have been killed in the United States. Including Border Guard Brian Terry.

4)Eric Holder, US DOJ was found to be in Contempt of Congress after refusing to turn over tens of thousands of pages of documents relating to Operation Fast and Furious.

5)Eric Holder refused to turn over tens of thousands of pages of Operation Fast and Furious pages of documents in order to conceal the fact that innocent people were killed.

6)Operation Fast and Furious murder scenes in America were covered up, blatant bold faced official stories were created and Eric Holder participated in the cover up.

7)On May 20, 2010 in West Memphis, Arkansas, two Drug Interdiction officers are killed on I-40 which is THE east-west Mexican drug cartel route..

8)The sole eyewitness says the guys in the van are ALL with automatic weapons.

9)The APB/BOLO was out for 3 Hispanics in a white van, orange roof.

10) 90 minutes later, 1 exit east and only 5 minutes from the State of Tennessee, a white father and his 16 year old son are killed in a hail of over 150 bullets.

11) This father and son helped people endlessly and selflessly with foreclosures due to bank fraud.

12) Jerry and Joe Kane had never harmed anyone in their lives, they were peaceful people.

13) Jerry and Joe Kane were white, had only 1 rifle and one revolver that they carried with them on long cross country trips.

14) Jerry Kanes van was white with a white roof.


I have solid irrefutable evidence and proof that Brian Terry was not the first American law enforcement fatality of Operation Fast and Furious. Note: This information is in the hands of the Terry family.

All attempts of emails, phone calls, faxes to Eric Holder’s office to investigate this matter have gone, without exception, completely ignored, unanswered and swept under the rug. At the time, we didn’t know Holder was involved. Now we know. Holder has been complicit in Operation Fast and Furious cover up all along,

Based upon the information contained herein, it is imperative that you immediately subpoena all BATF, U.S. CUSTOM AND BORDER PROTECTION, FBI, ICE, WEST MEMPHIS PD, CRITTENDEN COUNTY SO, and USDOJ/AG emails, communications, faxes, back to May 20, 2010 to present day. You will find it an imperative and a must to also subpoena Vincent Brown (eyewitness to May 20, 2010 incident) to appear before the House and give testimony. I could clearly see that the subpoenaed documents from the AG were not forthcoming regarding Fast and Furious. The AG is withholding/covering up documents in this prior Fast and Furious incident so people due to the non-disclosure would continue to believe that Brian Terry was the first fatality of Operation Fast and Furious.

Brian Terrys death could have been prevented! Holder and his minions need to be held accountable for the many despicable acts and actions and lack thereof he has perpetrated against the unsuspecting American people, this information is what you need.

This horrific wide spread cover up of Fast and Furious operation and prior concealed deaths dwarfs the monumental cover up that the Danziger bridge police and their Sergeants committed on the innocents they killed and the survivor victimes they attempted to frame. Those police officers and officials who participated in the cover up have all been indicted and are serving prison sentences.

5 minutes is all it will take for you to readily see the poorly executed cover-up that has taken place in this heinous matter. Due to Holder’s higher education, it is surprising that this cover-up was executed in such a shoddy manner. It is as if Holder wanted to be caught…

Two highly trained Drug enforcement officers, one being SWAT, the other a Supervisor, are killed on I-40 in West Memphis, Arkansas on May 20, 2010. Please note: Brian Terry was killed 7 months later.

Here is the APB/BOLO description broadcast from May 20th, 2010.


(West Memphis, AR 5/20/2010) Two West Memphis police officers have been shot at I-40 and Airport Road in West Memphis, AR.

We have confirmed Brandon Paudert, son of West Memphis Police Chief Bob Paudert, was killed.

Police are looking for two Hispanic males in a white Dodge Caravan white with an orange roof and *Ohio* plates. [My emphasis: Two (2) different 911 operators asked the Sole eyewitness if the killers van had Ohio tags, he said “no.”]

A third suspect is being sought.

The van was last seen headed east on I-40.

Both the I-40 and I-55 eastbound bridges are closed at this time due to the shooting.


The police killed two people 90 minutes later, one exit east of the shootings, purporting them to fit the eyewitness description of the killers and the killers vehicle.

Herein lies the problem:

  1. Jerry Kane and his 16 year old son Joe Kane Jerry were white (not Hispanic); and,
  2. They were alone (there was no other 3rd suspect with them); and,
  3. They were in a white minivan with a white roof. (Not ORANGE !!); and.
  4. Their minivan had Ohio plates. But the eyewitness said the killers didn’t have Ohio plates.

Thus, it is without question that the WMPD, ASP, CCSO killed the wrong people!

What happened next was a monumental cover up and ongoing effort to convince the public that:

1. Hispanic = Caucasian                                                                                                                                      2. 3 people = 2 people                                                                                                                                3. orange roof = white roof                                                                                                                           4. dark = light                                                                                                                                                5. fake = genuine.

The police involved in this instant matter had every motive to cover up the fact that they had killed the wrong people. You will find as you go through this document that US CUSTOM AND BORDER PROTECTION and the FBI were also complict in covering this incident up as well. Covering this incident up avoided prison terms for the officers, thereby allowing the City of West Memphis to collect on terrorism insurance versus having to pay it out. In this monumental effort to cover up their own homicides, the following Franchises of the United States, Incorporated: WEST MEMPHIS POLICE DEP’T, CRITTENDEN COUNTY SO, GAME & FISH, ASP, U.S. Marshals, FBI, US CUSTOM AND BORDER PROTECTION, etc., committed on the so-called ‘suspects’ that matched nothing of the eyewitness description of the real killers and killers vehicle, it shows that in order to manipulate the outcome of an investigation is to be a PART of the investigation. Operation Fast and Furious wasn’t brought out into the public as was needed, seven (7) months prior to Brian Terry being killed. The public and real law enforcement had a right to know. The efforts of a few rogues, conspiring to cover up their horrific crimes, expanded into many agencies, leading to all this.

All of the above agencies and departments listed above knew full well that the Kanes were innocent, knew full well that the two (2) officers killed at the traffic stop were victims of Operation Fast and Furious weaponry, Mexican citizens, and willfully proceeded to participate in one of the most massive cover ups in American history. Why? Because they couldn’t go back and UNKILL the innocent father and son they’d killed. They knew it. We know it. The records conclusively prove it. There is no doubt.

The following pages have been prepared in effort to show proof of the massive cover up relating to Fast and Furious weapons used in the May 20, 2010 West Memphis, AR incident, expanded view of the multitude of lies, killers at large, source, links, video, in depth insights, FBI and ASP FOIA reports, intimidation & unconscionable smear jobs by the SPLC, ADL on anybody who questioned the absurd and constantly mutated ‘official story’. The chief of police whose son and nephew was killed, went so far as to publicly threaten on TV to kill the widow of the innocent Kanes. **Keep in mind, he grabbed his gun to go kill the ‘suspects’ himself**.

On May 20, 2010 in West Memphis, Arkansas, at 11:50am CST, two (2) Drug enforcement officers are killed on I-40 (I-40 is a major East-West corridor for Mexican drug cartels), on mile marker 275. The ABP/BOLO was for 3 Hispanics in a white van, orange roof, Ohio plates. Almost 2 months after this May 20, 2010 incident, the sole eyewitness 911 call was released into the public. Vincent Brown, the eyewitness in the 911 call was asked by 911 operators if the killer’s vehicle had Ohio tags, he said “No”. So why were Ohio tags put out on the APB/BOLO? Because the police had killed the wrong people and were already trying to create a nexus that placed the innocent people at a prior scene they were never at. Vincent Brown went on to say “They took them [tags] off”. Yet when the faked dash cam video comes out 41 days after the incident, the maker of the video forgot to make the video reflect no license tag on the back of the vehicle. Eyewitness Vincent Brown also informed 911 “Those guys in the van were ALL with automatic weapons”.  Yet when we see the fake ‘dashcam’, we see nobody else in the van and in the fake ‘dashcam’ we don’t see the father with any weapon at all, let alone an automatic weapon!

On May 20, 2010, 90 minutes later after two police are killed, only one (1) exit further East, a white father and son, in a white van, white roof, are gunned down in a hail of over 150 bullets, in which I will refer to as Scene #2. Their surviving dog (the other dog was killed when the Wildlife officer rammed the van) was running away from the scene and was shot 8 times by ‘law enforcement’. Need I even bother to state the obvious, that the dog was unarmed?

The ‘dashcam’ of Scene #1 traffic stop, that was eventually released into the public as “genuine” (it was not) would not be released until 41 days after the incident, and was immediately dubbed a fake, backed up by the Arkansas State Crime Lab Coroner autopsy report on the father. The father had lost massive weight yet the faked video reflected a much heavier man. Recall further, the eyewitness to the traffic stop said the killers took their license plates off at the traffic stop, yet when the faked dash cam video comes out 41 days later, it shows the license plates never being removed. Irrefutable proof shows the faked reenactment was filmed/produced at a different location. We have solid video proof of this.

Note: Not only was Police Chief Bob Pauderts initial report contrary to the official story, the official story was actually disputed by the WMPD’s own dash cam video. Worse yet, that video was not released until 41 days after the incident and was immediately dubbed “a fraud” by those with knowledge and expertise to spot the discrepancies.– Pat Shannan American Free Press Investigative Reporter Issue 24.

Please allow me to make this crystal clear regarding the sole dash cam that was put out into the public and portrayed as genuine: I am not suggesting that two police officers were not killed at a traffic stop. I am not suggesting that the 2 officers were alive and participated in a reenactment. What I am saying is that there were plenty of video dash cam from the officers own vehicles prior to them being killed [the officers] showing them and the scenery where they routinely pulled people over. Combine that with the plentitude of videos already uploaded to youtube of Jerry and Joe Kane, combine those with a green/blue screen, add in a few props and a little better than a novice would easily been able to make a better quality faked than what the ‘law enforcement’ did.

For example, if anybody has seen the movie Wag the Dog, or the movie Forrest Gump then they are very familiar with almost 20 year old technology. No, Forrest Gump did not really shake JFK’s hand or speak with Lyndon B. Johnson. The dash cam that was presented was so embarrassingly bad that dozens of graphic arts and computer science teachers and students commented on it. Many comments had a particular theme, paraphrased “If I had made a video that bad in my first year of graphic arts, my Professor would have given me an F”. I bring this up due to the fact that the tapes presented as ‘genuine’ were produced so poorly that they DID NOT PASS any reliability testing then and still do not today. Yet, Eric Holder and these officers remain unscathed, unpunished and promoted!

Immediate and monumental cover up coupled with a smear campaign commenced against the innocent father and son. They were called White Supremacists. I have first hand knowledge that these guys did not have a racist bone in their bodies. When it was proved that Jerry and Joe Kane were not white supremacists, they were then immediately labeled anti-government. Jerry and Joe Kane were not “anti-government” but they were solely anti-corrupt government. When it was proven that Jerry and Joe Kane were not ‘anti-government’, they were then re-labeled sovereign citizen extremists by the SPLC and ADL. West Memphis, Arkansas now ex-police chief Robert ‘Bob’ Paudert, alleged he had never heard of a sovereign citizen until May 20, 2010. Yet, here Chief Paudert is with a grant from Holder purporting now to be an expert on sovereign citizens whose only desire it to be left alone and have their right to privacy respected by an ever growing ‘public servant’ police state.

In order to sell more twisted papers, pocket more money and portray deceased people for what they are not, the media showed a video of a seminar Jerry Kane had conducted in Fontana, California on August 2, 2009. (This is right before he started losing massive weight). They show Jerry Kane speaking but they deliberately leave out the part where Jerry says “The Bible even tells us” about killing sheep, goats, chickens, etc. The media conveniently leaves out two things in the video to the viewers:

1)     Jerry quoting a verse from Matthew, from the Old Testament, and;                                                                                             2)     The video was cut off before Jerry says “But violence is not what we are looking for, that is not what we are after.” (A despicable practice and recurring theme of the SPLC and ADL)

In this same all day class:

The media shows a clip of the 16 year old kid saying ”Yeah if you pay for the bat I’ll take care of the problem” and laughed, in reference to someone bringing up ongoing IRS harassment against them. Does anybody really believe that a kid would act upon a statement made in jest?

The media elects to not show Jerry saying “You must give grace in order to receive grace”.

The media elects to not show Jerry saying “Agree quickly with your adversary before he take you before the tribunal”. Matthew 5-25.

The FBI said that Jerry Kane was anti-government. Why? Because they said he had a CD in his minivan that was entitled:  Banks do not loan money. Jerry wasn’t the author of that CD! People gave him CD’s all the time. But more interesting is this: How would the notion that Banks don’t loan money, possibly be construed to be anti-government? Are the banks the government? More importantly, is this labeling of Jerry and Joe Kane necessary to distract and divert from the truth that this man and child were murdered without just cause or provocation? Did the FBI know that Jerry Kane had the CD entitled Banks do not loan money in his van before he was murdered? We think not. And when is it legit for a man and/or child to have a CD in their vehicle to be murdered? 

The FBI went to a relative of the widow. They asked if the widow had ever shown any anti-government tendencies. The relative said “No, why would you ask such a question”? The FBI said “She has a gun”. (Since when is having a gun considered being ‘Anti-government”?) Relative said: “Yes and she’s also got a valid concealed weapons permit, how does that make her anti-government”? The FBI didn’t know what to say to that.**Google MIAC report that caused such a fury, where the government claims that homeschoolers, people who believe in the 2nd amendment, those who reference the Constitution, Ron Paul, Chuck Baldwin, etc. and their followers were all domestic terrorists**The FBI was then asked by the relative “Do you guys have guns? Do you guys have Concealed Weapons permits”? That rendered them silent. But the point is, if the FBI is going around portraying that any American that has a gun (2nd Amendment) is anti-government, that tells me the FBI is anti-American and anti-Constitution!

The media constantly aired the faked video they portrayed to be a dashcam however there was no TIME/DATE stamp, identifiers or initials, of a boy exiting a vehicle and appearing to shoot an officer. There were no spent shells ejecting from the rifle. No spent shells ejecting means no shots were fired.

The media falsely reported that Jerry Kane kept his deceased wife’s ashes in his van. This would be quite a feat considering Jerry Kane never had possession of his late wife’s ashes. Her parents had exclusive possession straight from the crematorium.

The media put out into the public as genuine photo shopped photos of Jerry Kane, falsely portraying him look bizarre and dangerous. These photo shopped photos are contained within the Power Point presentation and the entire presentation is available upon request.

***Very important to note here: Contrary to public perception, nobody had seen the dashcams of what occurred at Scene #1 until hours after it had occurred, hours after the Kanes were murdered at Scene #2. There is a specific sequence that must be followed including the actual vehicles must be brought back to the station (which didn’t happen until late afternoon) and a specific Supervisor in charge of the lockbox key must be the one to open the lockbox and secure the dash cams. The eyewitness wasn’t at the Wal-Mart pointing out killers, So the point is, the WMPD, ASP, CCSO and others acted simply upon a ‘belief’, and even though not a single descriptor matched the Kanes and not even one shred of hard evidence that the Kanes were the killers. And, thank you to the anonymous WMPD insider who provided this info.

The media put out into the public that Jerry was using a stolen van. (Lie). We have his bill of sale and certificate of title, in his name.

The media put out into the public that the ‘killer’ Jerry Kane compared Obama to Hitler. (Lie). There is a different Jerry Kane, one Jerry A. Kane that compares Obama to Hitler, but not Jerry R. Kane Jr who was killed in West Memphis, AR. Oops, was the wrong Jerry Kane murdered? When this was pointed out, the media never corrected the record!

Chief Paudert acted in an unofficial manner and acted outside his specified box whereby he put out into the public, personal financial information regarding the Kane widow in egregious violation of the Privacy Act. He has zero immunity!

Chief Paudert even threatened the widow of the Kanes’ he caused to be killed, threatened her publicly, and on TV! In response to the widow having filed a law suit against the West Memphis PD, Paudert said “If they want to come at us, we will meet and greet them in the same way Brandon and Bill were greeted”. This was clearly taken as an unofficial direct and dire threat and a gross overblown attempt at intimidation on the widow. Paudert wanted her to shut up and stop delving into this!

The widow had filed suit against the WMPD. Tampa District court said a Police Department cannot be sued. That made no sense because that means that the agents under the jurisdiction thereof, of said agency can kill us, but we can’t sue the agency? See PACER account.

The media put out ridiculous lies into the public stating that the widow was a scientologist, that she owned a tea leaf reading establishment, a tarot card/palm reading establishment, etc., and refused to retract them when these were proven to be falsehoods. Here are the facts regarding the Kane widow at the time the media put out all the falsehoods:

Baptist                                                                                                                                                                      Voted for Obama (So how could they be Right Wing OR Extremist as reported by SPLC/ADL                         Licensed Esthetician                                                                                                                                  Licensed Electrologist                                                                                                                                          Licensed Clinical Electrologist                                                                                                                            Licensed Medical Electrologist                                                                                                                                    Certified Laser Hair Removal Practitioner CLHRP                                                                                                Nationally certified Master micropigmentologist                                                                                             Nationally certified Master micropigmentologist Trainer                                                                                         Over 125 hours in pilot training, numerous solo cross country flights.

Yet another blow to Pauderts ongoing statements that the Kanes felt they were above the law and didn’t feel they had to go by laws. If that were true, why pay for all the licensing? Why a CCW?

All of the above lies, omissions, misrepresentations, edits, embellishments were put out into the media and the media ran with it, over and over again in effort to assist the WMPD’s demonization and dehumanization of the Kanes. Because, when it was found out that the police killed the wrong people, it wasn’t so bad because the Kanes were such horrible people. This is reminiscent of:

“A lie told often enough becomes truth”. –Lenin




1)  One of the downed officers, Brandon Paudert, on page 2 last paragraph of his autopsy report, coroner notates that a series of letters and number are written in blue ink on the left hand of the deceased officer. The series of letters is AZD0 and a series of numbers follow that. Arizona is where Operation Fast and Furious originated.                                                                                                      2)   I-40 is a major East-West corridor for Mexican drug cartels.                                                                                     3)  The eyewitness said “These guys in the van are all with automatic weapons”.                                                       4)   APB/BOLO is out for 3 Hispanics                                                                                                                            5)   APB/BOLO is out for a white van with an orange roof.                                                                                         6)   FBI/US CUSTOM AND BORDER PROTECTION/SPLC/ADL, etc., complicity                                             7)   Autopsy reports prove the downed officers at the traffic stop were killed in a strategic surgical strike by professionals from at least 3 different vantage points.

a) Officer Bill Evans was shot from the back of his body out through the front, from the left side of his body out through the right side and from the right side out through his left side and in the back of the neck, in upward angles, downward angles and level configurations.

b) Officer Brandon Pauderts cortex was taken out 3 different ways, he was twice shot from the right side of his head out through the left side of his head and a third shot from the back of his head out through the front of his head. (This completely blows the official cover story which claimed he was shot through the front of the head out through the back, whereby he fell backward dead). His body was shot through the front of his body out through his back, from the back of his body out through his front, from the left side of his body out through the right and from the right side of his body out through the left side of his body, again, in upward angles, downward angles and level configurations. The West Memphis PD, The Arkansas State Police and the FBI would have us believe that a 16 year old kid who couldn’t hit the side of a barn, killed 2 highly trained Drug Enforcement officers both notated as having completed extra training one month prior (one of which was also a SWAT), singlehanded.

These officers were put on their knees, handcuffed, pistol whipped, many of the shots came from above (this is obvious due to the shape of the entry wounds on their autopsy reports). It was an utter impossibility for the Kanes to have been the killers. Have any military/ex-military in the House or Senate look at Officer Paudert and Officer Evans autopsy reports and ask them if they believe it is possible for a lone unskilled minor shooter (according to the ASP Case Summary report it says there was only one shooter) to have committed this damage to two highly trained officers and if it was possible for one shooter to cover a 128 foot by 82 foot piece of land on foot (where the shell casings were found and marked as exhibits), shoot 2 officers in a triangular surround surgical strike configuration, take out Brandon Pauderts cortex 3 ways, shoot them from every direction with the exception of Evans who was not shot from the front of his body out through the back. And somehow manage to avoid getting hit with one single bullet when Paudert allegedly fired 7 rounds at the killers.

And, according to the eyewitness, the shooter also had the time to walk calmly out to the road, stand over the officer without firing a shot, then walk calmly back to his vehicle and cover all that ground and do all the damage reflected in the officers autopsy reports, in all those angles, configurations, vantage points in a surround strike configuration, in only 38 seconds that we see the boy out of frame on the fake video!




The so-called ‘special prosecutor’, attorney Mike Walden failed and refused to take this case in front of a Grand Jury, knowing full well that he had this exculpatory (completely clearing the Kanes as the autopsy reports alone proved the sole dash cam was faked and that it was an utter impossibility for an untrained boy to have fired from all those angles) evidence in his hands yet cleared the 12 officers who fired upon them. Note: There is no statute of limitations on Fraud, the shooters are NOT cleared. We know he had the autopsy reports because the Craighead County Attorney’s Office fax number was on the fax transmission as the sender of the autopsy reports to the Commercial Appeal newspaper.

Further, due to the FBI FOIA reports, we find that special prosecutor Mike Walden never intended to do any serious type of investigation regarding the Kanes’ murders. Here is a letter from Mike Walden sent to an ASP Special Agent, dated July 8, 2010:


STATE OF ARKANSAS                                                                                                                                         OFFICE of the Prosecuting Attorney                                                                511 Union, Suite 342                                                                                                                                              Second Judicial District                                                                                     Jonesboro, AR72401                                                                                                                                                    

                                                                                                                           (870) 972-4779

                                                          July 8, 2010                                             Fax: (870) 972-1700


                                                  Special Agent REDACTED                                                                                                                                             Arkansas State Police                                                                                                                                                                  PO Box 731                                                                                                                                                          Marion, AR  72364        

                                             Re: West Memphis Officer Shootings – 5/20/2010

Dear Special Agent REDACTED

      I have reviewed the ASP file provided me in the captioned matter. As I am still waiting on reports from the Arkansas State Crime Laboratory and the FBI, all conclusions should be deemed preliminary at this point.

      Nevertheless, I do feel that the use of deadly physical force by the various officers involved in the attempted apprehension of the suspects at the West Memphis Wal Mart which resulted in the deaths of Jerry Kane and Joseph Kane appears justified, and I do not anticipate filing any charges against any of the officers involved.

      These officers were confronted by armed and dangerous individuals who were determined to avoid being taken into custody, individuals who these officers had reason to believe had already killed two fellow officers. In addition, the statements of officers at the scene reflect that the suspects initially opened fire on Crittenden County Sheriff Richard Busby and Deputy W.A. Wren, as they continued in their efforts to flee and avoid arrest. The officers who disabled the suspect’s vehicle and returned fir were not only justified, but acting in self-defense. Their bravery in a life and death situation requiring split second decision making is a stirring example of “to protect and serve, and likely avoided the loss of additional lives. They should be allowed to return to their work.

     Thank you for your work in this matter, and please feel free to call me if you have any questions.

Very truly yours,                                                                                                                                                          Mike Walden                                                                                                                                           Prosecuting Attorney


**This letter should serve as Notice to all people who believe that a fair investigation is going on. This also shows the dripping sycophantic “good ole boy” inner workings in what is alleged to be an ‘investigation’ in this day and age. This ‘Prosecutor’ didn’t expend 5 minutes on this case. If he had, he would have known the Kanes were innocent and, had he just done his job, Brian Terry may not have ended up deceased if Mike Walden Prosecuting Attorney had just done 5 minutes of investigation! This is inexcusable, outrageous, Felonious and conspiratorial action! The people have a right to honest service!**

Please note that this Prosecuting Attorney in the first paragraph states “all conclusions should be deemed preliminary at this point”. Right after this, he goes off on a tangent of one-sided unsubstantiated statements of non-fact. It is obvious that this decision is anything but preliminary and the outcome had already been decided. This was already a done deal.

Due to the downed officers autopsy reports being faxed to the Commercial Appeal newspaper on August 25, 2010 at 2:18 PM from Mike Wardens Craighead County Prosecutors office fax number of (870) 972-1700, we know his office had possession of the exculpatory evidence autopsy reports clearing the Kanes’ within 48 days, maximum from the July 8, 2010 date of his letter above. Whoever appointed this Mike Walden was simply looking for a yes man, and they got one. Yet, Mike Walden never disclosed to the public that the Kanes were cleared. Mike Walden didn’t investigate anything other than disjointed statements from cops at Scene #2 that were so different from the other cops as to be beyond belief, such as one cop says (a) the boy is holding a revolver, (b) the next cop says the boy is holding a rifle, (c) to the rifle was laying outside the minivan on the ground. What Mike Walden did do is he feloniously failed to utilize a Grand Jury, willfully withheld evidence and continued to allow the trusting publics to believe innocent people were guilty and that the guilty were innocent! I could be wrong but I believe this is the direct polar opposite of his job description.

When the Tampa FBI agent named ‘Tom’ was informed that it was an impossibility for the boy to have been the one to have done all the damage to the downed officers and that there was a huge cover up, and that we knew this based on the downed officers autopsy reports we had received, instead of ‘Tom’ saying he would commence an investigation, (which is what we expected because we had just reported numerous Felonies to him, very surprisingly, his response was  “HOW DID YOU GET AHOLD OF THE OFFICERS AUTOPSY REPORTS???”. When he was informed that it was his duty to act upon the information we had just reported to him, otherwise he would be guilty of Misprision of Felony, he said he would see what he could do. It has been over a year and he has done nothing.













The U.S. CUSTOM AND BORDER PROTECTION, which works hand in hand with the (B)ATF emailed this communication out eight (8) days after the May 20, 2010 incident:


From: REDACTED                                                                                                                                                           Sent: Fri May 28 11:46:33 2010                                                                                                                                    Subject: FW: Arkansas Wildlife Officer Shootout                                                                                                                        Subject: Arkansas Wildlife Officer Shootout


Attached are pictures of an incident that occurred in Arkansas on May 20, 2010 involving a Wildlife Officer in West Memphis Arkansas. Wildlife Officer O’Neal responded to the fatal shooting of 2 West Memphis police officers shortly before noon. The suspects had fled the area and were spotted at a local Wal-Mart some 90 minutes later.


Crittenden County Sheriff, along with Chief Deputy W.A. Wren, both retired State Troopers encountered the suspects head on in the parking lot where the suspects opened fire on both of them (Lie) with an AK-47 and a handgun. Both men were shot by the suspects (Lie) and were taking heavy fire when Wildlife Officer O’Neal rammed the suspects with the gunfire turning on him at this time (Lie). Officer O’Neal while taking fire from the AK-47 (Lie) returned fire with his state issued AR-15, ultimately ending the shooting spree and attack on law enforcement.


The main reason for this email is to make your officers aware that some threats of retaliation (Lie) have been made by the extremist group that suspects Jerry and Joe Kane belonged to (Lie, they belonged to no extremist groups). By the grace of God, REDACTED is fine, but please remind all your personnel these people are out there actively looking to randomly kill law enforcement personnel given the right opportunity (Lie).


This entire incident was caught on video tape by security cameras (Lie) and dash cameras (Lie) and I can assure everyone these two suspects had trained well for this showdown (Lie) that killed two drug interdiction officers (Lie) and seriously wounded two others (Lie). As soon as this investigation is closed I will be sharing this footage for training purposes and I will make it available to all interested.



REDACTED NAME Special Agent                                                                                                                            US Customs and Border Protection                                                                                                           Office: REDACTED                                                                                                                                                                        Cell: REDACTED





Now I ask, how would something that happened in a tiny (pop. 27,666) city in West Memphis, Arkansas, which has nothing to do with CUSTOMS and nothing to do with BORDER PROTECTION because Arkansas isn’t anywhere even close to a US border, pertain to US CUSTOMS AND BORDER PROTECTION?

It wouldn’t. It doesn’t. I believe US CUSTOMS AND BORDER PROTECTION was attempting to cover up for their complicit acts in Operation Fast and Furious/Gun Runner as well. Why else would a CUSTOMS AND BORDER PROTECTION Special Agent insert itself with all the hyperbole into a situation that had absolutely nothing to do with their post?

Back to this US CUSTOMS AND BORDER PROTECTION statement of: “This entire incident was caught on video tape by security cameras (Lie) and dash cameras (Lie). IF the entire incident was caught on video and dash cams, then produce it. Unaltered.

**Interesting side note to this: The day after the Kanes were killed, Tampa FBI paid a visit to the widow. The FBI requested all the ammo for the rifle and revolver. When asked why would they want it if the incident happened in another state, specifically what would any ammo here, have to do with anything there? Tampa FBI’s absurd beyond belief response? We want to know what lot numbers the rounds came from…She said “You’re the FBI and you don’t know???”























The Arkansas State Police were so worried and concerned that someone might get a court order to obtain the Wal-Mart or Country Club footage (before they could alter it, which I can prove for a fact that they did alter it), an Arkansas State Police Special Agent emailed the following:


Date:               May 20, 2010                                                                                                                                   Dictated by:    S/A REDACTED                                                                                                                     Date typed:     May 27, 2010                                                                                                                                            Copies to:       (1) S/A                                                                                                                                                                            (1) CRITTENDEN CO DPA


                                                       SPECIAL AGENT’S NOTES


On the afternoon of May 20, 2010 I spoke with 2nd Judicial District Prosecuting Attorney REDACTED by phone and informed him of the Shootings in West Memphis. REDACTED was already familiar with the incidents. I also asked REDACTED if he could get in touch with any of his Deputy Prosecuting Attorneys in case we needed any Court Orders pertaining to stopping various private businesses from releasing any video footage that they may have of the shootings or suspects as long as the investigation is on going. In addition if we needed any subpoenas or court orders for cell phone information pertaining to any cell phones found in the suspects vehicle.


I made contact with REDACTED Deputy Prosecuting Attorney – Crittenden County a short time later and he advised that he didn’t feel that any orders or subpoena was necessary for the examination of the phones found in possession of the deceased suspects. In addition he didn’t think an order would be necessary to keep Wal-Mart and the West Memphis Country Club from releasing any video footage relating to the shooting or suspects because they would not.


I then met with REDACTED District manager for Wal-Mart regarding a request for them to not release the video to media or other non Law Enforcement sources. He assured me that they will not and do not release their video. I asked him that if someone tried to force them to release because of Court Order to let me know so that I could contact a Prosecuting Attorney to have it stopped. He advised that they would. [Bold and underscored, my emphasis]










What were they so afraid of? I am assuming that a family member of the murdered Kanes would also have fallen into the category of ‘someone’. And they would have stopped it? Why? They were trying to hide the videos, even to the extent if someone had a court order they would have it stopped, in effort to buy time to alter the video to suit their story. And they did, on both counts. Almost a year later, a family member got a Federal subpoena to obtain the videos and Wal-Mart STILL refused to release the untouched parking lot videos on the day of May 20, 2010! Also, WMPD, Crittenden County Sheriff’s Office, Arkansas Game & Fish, the Commercial Appeal and the Arkansas State Police crime lab ALL refused to provide Discovery requests despite all being served with Federal subpoenas to do so.

Wal-Marts have video cameras all over their parking lots and they run 24/7/365. When the Wal-Mart Scene #2 video was released, well after the incident, law enforcement released a grainy far away video where they say Jerry and Joe Kane started firing upon an unmarked crown Victoria, nothing to identify it as a law enforcement vehicle containing two (2) men in plainclothes, but the video they provided was so far away, no weapons could even be seen. There were several video cameras much, much closer to the scene that would have shown everything. What we can see in the video is this: A white minivan with a white roof is pulling out of the Wal-Mart parking lot. An unmarked vehicle pulls up to the front of the white minivan, nose to nose, (same as what a carjacker would do). Jerry Kane steps his left foot out of the van, onto the ground. At this point, where the police say Jerry and Joe Kane were firing weapons (that we cannot even see) we believe Jerry Kane had his hands up in a defensive surrender position because his autopsy report shows his left hand (the hand that was outside of his van) was shot straight through the palm of his hand and went out the back of his left hand. His left forearm (also out of the van) suffered catastrophic damage. Jerry Kane couldn’t have been holding a weapon in his hand shooting and be shot through his palm of his open left hand at the same time. At this point we see Jerry Kane get back into his minivan and back slowly away, backward. This is also where we see the white rectangular alteration of the video on the license plate tray to make it appear he did not have a license plate on the back of his van. Why did they alter the Wal-Mart video to make it appear there was no license tag on the back of the minivan? Because no descriptors of the Kanes matched any of the eyewitness descriptors of the killers, including the vehicle. But if they alter the video to make it appear the Kanes have no license tag, then at least it would match something that would give justification for killing innocents because remember, the eyewitness from Scene #1 traffic stop said the killers took the tags off. But, this is directly contradicted by the phony dash cam (tags not taken off at the traffic stop) as we can clearly see in the faked dash cam they put out.

Again, this was a very hasty, panicked undercover cover up and all involved in it were not coordinated. Nothing matched then and nothing matches today. The Kanes were unmercifully murdered with no due process, due to a kill order from ex-chief Paudert who, had he acted in an official manner, not murdered innocents!

I feel I must inform you about Chief Paudert who is the father of Brandon Paudert. Chief Paudert is the one who received the grant from Eric Holder to do seminars on sovereign citizens to other law enforcement around the country. I’m not sure if you are aware of West Memphis, Arkansas but this tiny town of 27,666 population was home to the “West Memphis Three” along with numerous incidents of horrific brutality such as shooting an unarmed man 17 times simply for driving away from a traffic and putting a bullet in his girlfriend’s head who was his innocent passenger to choking, beating, pepper spraying and tasering a man to death in police custody and many, many more incidents of unbelievable brutality at the hands of the tiny population of 27,000 West Memphis PD, overseen by Chief Paudert. This WMPD had built of quite a cartel on his police force of his own family members.

His other nephew, one Jimmy Evans had killed a 12 year old boy in West Memphis and almost killed his cousin as well. Ex Chief Robert “Bob” Paudert told the family of the murdered 12 year old to “Move on with their lives, get over it”. This is all documented!

The City of West Memphis, Arkansas and the NAACP had three (3) Public Press Conferences in order to out Chief Paudert. Reasons cited? For Chief Pauderts hypocrisy, racism and brutal policing practices. The 3rd Public Press Conference to out this racist brutal chief by the City of West Memphis and NAACP having been held exactly 14 days prior to Paudert picking up his gun and saying he was going to kill the suspects himself, he wanted to kill them!

Chief Paudert had three (3) of his own family members stacked up on his four (4) man drug interdiction team alone! Paudert constantly talked about his son being killed, and when he referred to the officer killed at the traffic stop, he simply referred to him as the other officer, never once referring to the other officer as being his nephew. Probably because most people wouldn’t appreciate a public servant handing out cushy jobs like mints to his own family members and you don’t put two of your own family members in jeopardy to do a dangerous job such as Drug Interdiction, this is unheard of! Also probably due to the fact that most officers wouldn’t appreciate knowing this Chief practiced nepotism and wouldn’t have a shot at a job if one of Pauderts family member was vying for it, even though the non- blood related officer may have been much more highly qualified and also probably due to the fact that this practice of hiring family members by the Chief was most likely illegal, unsanctioned, highly unofficial and worst of all it would have upset the public, due to all the complaints of hypocrisy, racism and brutal policing, should someone have complained about misconduct or brutality to Paudert at the hands of his son or 2 nephews, would they have known they were complaining to Paudert/Evans own Father/Uncle? And if they did know Chief Paudert was the Father/Uncle of these 3 family member officers Paudert hired (he said he hand-picked them himself), would they have even complained for fear of retribution? And if they did complain, would Paudert have even acted upon a complaint on his own son or 2 nephews? This whole situation is completely absurd! And this man has the audacity to call himself ‘law enforcement’!

Mr. Issa, this Chief Paudert announced his retirement when we showed video proof that the dash cam they put out was a very badly faked reenactment and proof that it was filmed at a different location!

The evening of May 20, 2010, the ASP PIO Bill Sadler stated that they had recovered a long rifle and a revolver from the Kanes minivan. The ASP didn’t refer to the rifle that the Kanes had as an AK-47, because it wasn’t an AK-47. They only had one rifle, which the FBI states was an SKS model. But that is even suspect because we believed the Kanes to have owned a CMK clone, not an SKS. (More cover up on Fast and Furious weaponry). Yet the media kept portraying that the Kanes had AK-47’s, as in plural, which was false on two counts. I do not dispute what I am sure is true that the killers had AK-47’s, what I dispute is that the Kanes were the killers, due to all the evidence, autopsy reports, the dash cam video which had no TIME/DATE stamp or initials/identifiers, along with no audio.

So how does Paudert try to solve the 900 lb gorilla in the room? How does he explain how an innocent 16 year old that he caused to be killed who was never at a traffic stop, was able to cause two highly trained officers deaths?

Paudert set the scene and caused the Commercial Appeal newspaper to report Pauderts quote of “I’ve heard rumors from law enforcement officers how cold and calculating he was” , (Lie). See Commerical Appeal article entitled West Memphis Police Chief Bob Paudert Learns How Tragic Police Shooting Unfolded reported by April Thompson. So allegedly hearing ‘rumors’ from unnamed ‘investigators’ which is also known as hearsay is actually reported in this rag sheet? And notice in this article that he’s referring to the father also as a killer, even though the title of this article states West Memphis Police Chief Bob Paudert Learns How Tragic Police Shooting Unfolded. He knew that the father wasn’t involved in any shooting at a traffic stop, but he still kept the lie going until it was pointed out that the ASP had already said the father was not involved. Then he took a different tact:

Paudert then causes the Commercial Appeal newspaper to report another story that “Investigators told him that the teen was so skilled with the rifle that he didn’t even unfold the stock of the rifle and the shooter was so skilled that the shooter continued to shoot as the van was driving away. (Lie). This is disproved in their own made up dash cam video.

So now Paudert is in a quandary. How does he explain that fact that there are different automatic weapons rounds from different automatic weapons found at the scene of the traffic stop Scene #1, when the Kanes only had an SKS…ahem, CMK clone rifle?

Snap, got it: Paudert causes the Commercial Appeal newspaper to report that the Kanes had a dozen weapons in their van. (Lie).

Paudert couldn’t stick with that story because the ASP PIO had already done a Press Conference stating the only weapons found was a long rifle and a handgun. Which was backed up completely by the FBI. Back to the drawing board.

Paudert then decided to go back to saying that Jerry Kane was ALSO a shooter, contrary to official reports by the Arkansas State Police, the eyewitness and the FBI. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

But that’s not the ticket. Because the Kanes did not have rifles, as in plural. So how was it possible for the Traffic stop Scene #1 to be left with different automatic weapons casings scattered about that would only fit in different automatic weapons (as in plural) with no Taurus Judge casings, bullets found at the scene and still pin this on the Kanes? Make a fake video long after all parties are dead in attempt to show a nexus which would place the Kanes at the scene and make a scene horrific enough to justify the Homicides… i.e., the MURDERS of the Kanes!

One thing in particular really gnaws at me. Paudert had put out a story that no marijuana was found in the Kane vehicle and he corrected people when they said Brandon Paudert worked for the drug interdiction team, he said Brandon worked for the Criminal or Crime Interdiction team. Paudert later completely changed his story and stated that there was marijuana found in the Kane vehicle and lo and behold, almost like magic, Paudert said Brandon was on the Drug Interdiction team, not the Criminal Interdiction team. Why? Was this a liability issue? Was Brandon someplace he shouldn’t have been?

Then the officer’s Memorial pages began to mutate and reflect quite a different story from the official made up story, in reference to the Kanes. Both officers’ down pages originally reflected:  The officer’s pulled over a white van. The officers ordered the vehicle occupants to exit the vehicle. The vehicle occupants exited the vehicle with AK-47’s. The officer’s were killed with AK-47’s.

The faked dash cam video regarding the traffic stop never shows the vehicle occupants exiting the vehicle with AK-47’s. It never showed the father with a weapon at all!

Then it was noticed that the Memorial pages were altered to reflect this: The officer’s pulled over a white van. The officers ordered the vehicle occupants to exit the vehicle. The vehicle occupants exited the vehicle with a long rifle and a handgun. The officer’s were killed with a long rifle and a handgun.

The Officers down Memorial page editor was reminded that his altering the weapons to a long rifle and handgun not only completely contradicted the faked dash cam, but also was completely contradictory to what the eyewitness said.

The Officers down Memorial pages were altered back, to reflect the original story of: The officer’s pulled over a white van. The officers ordered the vehicle occupants to exit the vehicle. The vehicle occupants exited the vehicle with AK-47’s. The officer’s were killed with AK-47’s.

They have altered the official story. Got caught altering, so they altered it back to the original.

Regarding the dash cam video from Scene #1 traffic stop, there was reported to be two officers present. The initial ‘pull over’ Tahoe containing Officer Bill Evans and the backup Supervisor Officer Brandon Paudert in a crown Victoria. This backup officer’s dash cam would have shown everything. We were fully expecting to see everything regarding the traffic stop, Scene #1 in which the Kanes were allegedly involved in. However, 41 days after the incident, a lone dash cam with no audio and no TIME/DATE stamps, identifiers or initials was released into the public as genuine. WMPD said that their dash cam systems were ‘faulty’, therefore the backup supervisor vehicle failed to record the incident on dash cam.

We found that to be an outright lie when the Arkansas State Police Case Summary report stated “When the backup Supervisor made the scene, he turned his dash cam off”.

Mr. Issa, I ask you. Do you believe that any backup Supervisor would ever ‘make a scene’ as a backup Supervisor then turn his dash cam off?

We found that to be an outright lie when in the FBI FOIA, an FBI agent claims to have watched the full dash cam from the backup Supervisors vehicle.

And they would have seen Hispanics similar to those who killed Constable Darrell Lundsford, except “all with automatic weapons”.

The eyewitness 911 call was edited to try to make a description of the killers fit the Kanes. When in fact, the eyewitness description, with all due respect, fit the downed officers at the scene.

32 seconds into the eyewitness 911 call, the eyewitness cuts off his own statement he’s giving midsentence to the 911 operator and twice makes the excited utterance of “They’re leaving in a white Caravan, They’re leaving in a white Caravan”. Ok, so the killers are gone. Over a minute later, at 1:36 seconds the 911 operator #2 says “Okay. Okay. Whadda you see sir? Fedex Driver:  His brains, he’s dead. His brains is on (intelligible). Operator 2. “Is it an officer?” Fedex Driver: YES! YES! It’s a Tahoe and it’s a West Memphis Police Officer. Two white men, one fat. TWO COPS ARE DEAD! The other one’s in the ditch! They’re both dead Ma’am. He was describing the scene and with all due respect, the downed officers were two white men, and one of them was fat.

If the sole eyewitness had reported that the killers were two white men, one fat, in a white van with a white roof, then someone please explain to me in a way that a child could understand why the APB/BOLO was out for 3 Hispanics in a white van with an orange roof? The 911 call was edited all over the place to make it appear that the Kanes were the killers.

We’ve even synced up the 911 call to the faked dash cam video and they, of course, don’t match.           See: Jerry Kane Incident 9-11 Audio to Video Overlay http://www.youtube.ng/watch?v=d1_BRi_A3G0&feature=channel&list=UL

Nothing matches! The race of the killers, the number of killers, the dark complexion of the killers, the vehicle of the killers, the fire power of the killers, absolutely nothing matches the Kanes! This is nothing short of a monumental orchestrated cover up. The dash cam doesn’t match the eyewitness statements, the audio doesn’t match the dash cam. The Kanes were never involved in a traffic stop!

The thing that is a disgrace to these fallen officers is the fact that their killers are still at large. In a white van with an orange roof. While two innocent family members were wrongly accused of being their killers and were wrongly and extrajudicially killed with no due process. While their killers walk around free absurdly stating that they are ‘law enforcement’.

Not only are their killers at large, people who are part of a group that the innocent Kanes never associated with are being targeted. The innocent people killed have been vilified and dehumanized beyond compare. This must be rewound now!

Chief Paudert ordered the Kanes killed, even though the Kanes matched nothing of the killers description. Chief Paudert, when he heard the suspects were ‘cornered’ in the Wal-Mart parking lot, grabbed his gun to go kill the Kanes himself!


Chief Paudert knew the suspects were still alive because dead people can’t be ‘cornered’, and he had the opportunity to fulfill the duties and obligations of his job and Oath of Office as the head law enforcement officer and bring them in, however, Chief Paudert said “I grabbed my pistol and I was going to Walmart and I had planned on killing them,” Paudert said. “I wanted to kill them.” Source: Janice Broach, wmc-tv, Memphis, TN May 25, 2010 http://www.wmctv.com/story/12543145/west-memphis-police-chief-recalls-losing-son-in-deadly-traffic-stop?clienttype=printable&redirected=true. A threat to kill “suspects” from a public servant who took an Oath to protect and defend the Constitution without regard for due process is an impeachable offense in a due process community.

It gets even more disgusting if that is even humanly possible. Chief Pauderts nephew Jimmie Evans, one of Chief Pauderts self-proclaimed ‘hand-picked’ men stacked up on his 4 man family cartel on the drug interdiction team is the same one that was involved in the killing of the 12 year old boy DeAunta Farrow and almost killed the little boys cousin, blew Jerry Kanes brains out and bragged about it.

A SWAT officer went up to the Chief and recounted how he had killed Jerry Kane. According to an article published by The Commercial Appeal, an unnamed SWAT officer said regarding his weapon “I had it [his weapon] aimed at the suspect when he turned around and looked at me and I blew his brains out,”.  Notice he did not say “I had it [his weapon] aimed at the suspect when he turned around and looked at me I called for him to surrender, he refused and I blew his brains out,” or “I had it [the weapon] aimed at the suspect when he turned around and looked at me I called for him to surrender, he refused and aimed a gun toward me putting me in fear of my life and I blew his brains out,”. He said “I had it aimed at the suspect when he turned around and looked at me and I blew his brains out,” According to an article published by wmc-tv,

Chief Paudert said “I hugged him and kissed him and said he did exactly what I would have wanted him to do.” Source: Janice Broach, wmc-tv, Memphis, TN May 25, 2010http://www.wmctv.com/story/12543145/west-memphis-police-chief-recalls-losing-son-in-deadly-traffic-stop?clienttype=printable&redirected=true.

Thanks to Eric Holder’s grant to this ex-Chief, Paudert goes from State to State conducting seminars in a counter terrorism capacity:

As he speaks to the rapt group of Tennessee officers, Paudert projects graphic photos of the two dead assailants onto a giant screen. Source: As printed in The Commercial Appeal article dated April 17, 2011by Kristina Goetz, Cindy Wolff http://www.commercialappeal.com/news/2011/apr/17/west-memphis-police-chief-sovereign-citizens/


Chief Paudert conducts ‘Conferences’ going around the country telling other Chiefs and officers that the Kanes were Sovereign citizens. He refers to them as “scum” or “vomit.” No description seems too vile. Source: printed in The Commercial Appeal article dated April 17, 2011 by Kristina Goetz, Cindy Wolff


People have a right to privacy and a right to be left alone. What most do not realize is that there is no immunity whatsoever for public officials who act outside of their ‘official capacity’, meaning if they try to enforce private acts, commercial acts against the people or extra judicially maim, torture or kill, they are completely stripped of all immunity. Ex-Chief Paudert acted outside his ‘official’ capacity on May 20, 2010 and he’s been acting outside of ‘official’ capacity ever since. And once indicted, and found to have been acting under color of law, his police certificate, badge, gun, retirement and all benefits are stripped as well. And he needs to be imprisoned for the homicides on innocent people.

The Assistant Police Chief, one Mike Allen, knew the Kanes were innocent. See this interview conducted the very same day of May 20th, 2010:

***********Jerry and Joe Kane were innocent and WMPD knew it full well!***********


This ex-Chief has been bold faced caught in lies too numerous to count. MUST SEE!!!!!: **********Jerry Kane Incident Chief Paudert Interview 2 analysis pt 1***********


Everything this ex-Chief said about the Kanes being at a traffic stop is a lie. He even lied about a reason for the fictitious pull over of a family minivan that never happened. What was his lie? On his Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/Paudert it says:

On May 20th, 2010 in West Memphis, Arkansas, Sergeant Brandon Paudert and Officer Bill Evans were patrolling I-40, watching for signs of drugs on the move through their jurisdiction. When Evans spied a white minivan with unusual Ohio license plates.

This is a bold faced lie and he knew it. The Kanes had regular Ohio license plates. See Arkansas State Police Case Summary report 1162414-000—2665-LR-45581-ASP—Section 1.pdf PHE-17 Two (2) Ohio plates; EDE 8396 located in the passenger seat floor board of the white van. Paudert told people the plates were unusual because that would give a plausible explanation for a pull over, or routine traffic stop, as he called it. Paudert let people assume (based upon his lie that the tags were ‘unusual’ that the Kanes minivan didn’t have a valid registration. It did. See The expiration date of the registration on the Kanes tag on May 20, 2010 was 06/10, their tag was NOT expired. The FBI FOIA report 1162414-000—2665-LR-45581—Section 1.pdf page 163 confirms that the Kanes vehicle registration was renewed on May 13, 2010. This made their registration valid through 06/12. The Kanes registration is STILL VALID! It is unbelievable that anyone of average intelligence would believe that someone would have an unusual tag, yet have a valid registration. This also contradicts Pauderts ongoing statements that ‘the Kanes believed they were above the law or the Kanes didn’t believe in any laws”. If someone didn’t believe in any laws, I find it very hard to believe that they would have an official license plate and also ensure they have an up-to-date valid registration.

Paudert keeps referring to the father and son as killers, when he knows full well the father didn’t kill anybody. And neither did the boy as we now well know.

Videos were altered, web sites were altered. Reports had information omitted, and embellished. Video said to never have existed, does. Video that did exist was to be ordered unavailable, even if the orderer of the video had a court order. The 911 call was talked over in different spots, altered.

And I have proof that the Kanes never fired a single shot out of their minivan in the Wal-Mart parking lot as well. Paudert reported in an article that “We kept shooting until the shots stopped”. This is true because they kept shooting at the Kanes vehicle until they stopped shooting at the Kanes vehicle. Where did the other shots come from? We have video proof that the shots fired (that were alleged to have come from the Kanes vehicle) came from other officers on scene.

Brandon Paudert and Bill Evans were the first American fatalities of Operation Fast and Furious, NOT Brian Terry. And I’m quite sure that Brian Terry’s family won’t be pleased to hear about this cover up that the US GOJ AG perpetrated upon them and their son. Their killers are still out there walking around free and this is a disgrace to these downed officers work and memories. I can wholeheartedly assure you that Eric Holder and ex-Chief Paudert know a lot more about this than meets the eye. Paudert should have come clean immediately that they killed the wrong people. If he had done the right thing, Brian Terry may have never been killed. If Paudert had done the right thing, Operation Fast and Furious/Gun Runner could have been stopped before Brian Terry was killed. The old saying He doth protest too much, is blatantly underscored here. Pauderts finger pointing and smoke screening at demonizing innocent people in order to divert from the fact that he had them killed, and in fact grabbed his gun and was going to kill them himself, and demonizes a group that the Kanes had nothing to do with, does not alter the fact that at his behest, homicides were committed on innocent people. And he is the ultimate responsible party.

Paudert’s grant from Eric Holder needs to be immediately revoked and an immediate Homicide investigation needs to be launched regarding what him and the people who acted on his behest, did. All evidence withheld needs to be brought forth.

What was Pauderts motive for the cover up?                                                                                                    Paudert was under a lot of heat and getting outed from the force by the City of WM and NAACP.                 Paudert wanted to avoid prison for his homicides at all costs.                                                                                                             The City of WM collected on what is referred to as “Dead Peasant’s Insurance” for both officers.

The City of WM collected insurance on the ‘terroristic acts’ of the killers, raking in a minimum of $500,000.00, $250,000.00 per incident.

If the Chief had come clean, he would be sitting in prison as the rightfully convicted multiple Felony murderer that he is, wouldn’t get the attention and sympathy he so craves and the City of West Memphis would have had to pay out a minimum of $250,000 per incident to the Kane family for the terrorist acts committed on them by WMPD.

Motives that pack this big of a punch are extremely few and far between.

The Southern Poverty Law Center and Anti-Defamation League have willfully caused tremendous untold damage and the 501(c)3 or 4 tax exempt statuses these entities enjoy needs to be rescinded asap. Please note: The SPLC is responsible for a gunman going to the FRC and firing on a security guard, complete with 15 chik-fil-a sandwiches in his back pack. I believe the SPLC and ADL to be the true terrorists, along with all other entities that were complicit in covering this Operation Fast and Furious debacle up. It is also interesting to note that these entities do not pay taxes yet they are the first ones to call others that don’t pay taxes ‘extremists’. By their own definition, they fit their own definition! And these 501(c)3’s with the tax paying status of a church, do not have any business profiling people, let alone being involved in ‘training’ law enforcement. Further, the sheer fact that American anger is growing proves that the SPLC and ADL are just donation scrapers based on untold lies.

Power Point Presentation packed with photos with a lot more info than I could put here.  Proof Jerry and Joe Kane were completely innocent!! Part 2                                       http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kgPccGk2gh4

All reports or any information that you would like a hard copy of, I can assure you, will be overnighted and in your hands the very next morning by 10:am, as opposed to USDOJ AG ongoing tactics of delay.

Mr. Issa, I want you to know that I telephoned the House several times last year and said I had urgent information regarding Fast and Furious that I needed to get to you asap. This was back in June 2011, August 2011 and several times in November 2011. I was told that a staff person would contact me. No staff person ever contacted me. I also faxed. No response. I then caused to be sent a Registered (rpost) email, here is the proof of Delivery, time opened, receipt and Certification of acknowledgement:

Subject:  Operation Fast and Furious first fatalities on May 20 2010

To:                alexia.ardolina@mail.house.gov                                                                                                                  Delivered:    11/18/2011 3:20:21                                                                                                                                               Opened:        3:24:44                                                                                                                                                         Message ID: 4E909F56796CC7EFC053C3DCFAC4B785E97EAAD7                                                                         Network ID: BLU0-SMTP377CF81BDF45D104814CBF3D5C40@phx.gbl

No response. Come to think of it, this is reminiscent of Eric Holder ignoring my telephone calls, faxes and Registered emails as well.

At this point, I must inform you that this communication will already be in the hands of the Terry family and Terry family attorney Paul Charlton, before it gets into your hands. I do not suspect that they will be very happy with this newly revealed information. Learning of the scope of how my ongoing pleas for help and for a real investigation have gone ignored. Knowing that their son’s death could have been prevented, on many different levels. Holders reluctance to release documents has nothing to do with protecting ‘National Security’ or ‘State Secrets’, it’s about protecting his own hide and in effort to keep a lid on the true number of Americans killed by Operation Fast and Furious/Gun Runner/Wide Receiver/Gun Walkers debacles. Perhaps they can pass this information on to all border patrol guards and real law enforcement officers. Perhaps some semblance of justice can be had. Perhaps a certain currently employed New York police officer will stop calling for other officers to do a drive by on the rest of the Kane family. Paudert has already made a full confession of his complicity and guilt by his own actions. It is now just a matter of time to see if he lives up to the motto that he posts under his photo: “Evil flourishes when good men do nothing”. Well, bad men like Paudert did plenty, including Homicides. I demand that indictments be immediately drawn up on the three main guilty parties: Bob Paudert, Eric Holder and Mike Walden. Bob Paudert was and is, the ringleader. If Bob Paudert had acted in an official capacity and gone after the killers, the Kanes would still be alive. If Bob Paudert hadn’t covered up the Kanes innocence and his guilt in conspiring with Mike Walden and assorted other agencies, along with the fact that these crimes were committed by Fast and Furious weaponry, I see no reason why Brian Terry would not still be alive. If indictments are not immediately drawn up, I will draw the indictments up myself, on those who already failed to act, and those who fail to act.

Update: I called Paul Charlton who kindly gave me the Terry family attorneys name and contact number. I called him and his secretary told me that he would have to see this information before passing it along to them. I said No, based on my past experiences, this goes directly into the family’s hands, first. And I will inform them of the obstruction here as well. So without the Terry family contact information, I paid online for it. I will not allow this to be withheld from their family, or to be altered in any way, shape or form or used as a tool for yet more back room government deals or concealment thereby further victimizing all the victims. These victims have been murdered and cannot speak on their own behalves, only we can do that for them.

Update: This information is now in the hands of the Terry family. Release to all. Please CEASE the obstructing justice/ignoring us at every turn! This is not going to go away. We will not go quietly into the night. We will not be silenced!





28 USC § 1746 – Unsworn declarations under penalty of perjury

“I state under penalty of perjury under the laws of the United States of America that the foregoing is true and correct. Executed on ___/____/_______. ______________________________________”.


                                                                  SERVICE LIST


**Constructive Notice:  After verifiable receipt of these Operation Fast and Furious whistleblower package information packages, those who  fail or refuse to act immediately are guilty of a Felony pursuant to TITLE 18 USC § 4 – Misprision of Felony and a host of other Felonies to not take immediate action in this matter**


Darrell Issa 2347 Rayburn House Office Building, Washington, D.C. 20515 (202) 225-3906                                   Sent 10/15/2012  Certified Mail-Restricted Delivery #      7010 3090 0003 6504 9218

Darrell Issa  1800 Thibodo Road #310, Vista, CA  92081 (202) 225-3906                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Sent 10/15/2012   Certified Mail-Restricted Delivery #      7010 3090 0003 6504 9225

Robert Mueller 935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington, D.C. 20535-0001 (202) 324-3000                                                    Sent 10/15/2012   Certified Mail-Restricted Delivery #      7010 3090 0003 6504 9232     

Sec’y Janet Napolitano, U.S. Dep’t of Homeland Sec’y, Wash, D.C. 20528 (202) 282-8000                                       Sent 10/15/2012 Certified Mail-Restricted Delivery #       7010 3090 0003 6504 9249     

Rand Paul 208 Russel Senate Office Building, Wash, D.C. 20510 (202) 224-4343                                                            Sent 10/15/2012 Certified Mail-Restricted Delivery #       7010 3090 0003 6504 9256   

Governor Mike Beebe, State Capitol Building Room 250, Little Rock, AR 72201 (501) 682-2345            Sent 10/15/2012 Certified Mail-Restricted Delivery #       7010 3090 0003 6504 9263 

DHS-Office of Inspector General c/o Charles K Edwards, 245 Murray Dr SW, BLDG 410, Wash, D.C. 20528 (202) 254-4100                                                                                                                                                               Sent 10/15/2012 Certified Mail-Restricted Delivery #       7010 3090 0003 6504 9270












28 USC § 1746 – Unsworn declarations under penalty of perjury

“I state under penalty of perjury under the laws of the United States of America that the

Foregoing mail and package contained within is true and correct. 

Executed on ___/___/______.            _______________________________________________“.                        



Murders: Frame-up of the Patriot Movement?

Kurt Nimmo
May 21, 2010

On Thursday, two police officers were fatally shot and two wounded. “Two police officers in West Memphis, Ark., were killed at a traffic stop. The two suspects later died in a shootout with law enforcement in a Walmart parking lot. The Crittenden County sheriff and his top deputy were wounded,” USA Today reported yesterday afternoon. “The suspects, who have not been identified, were killed about an hour later after being spotted at the Walmart Superstore in West Memphis, across the Mississippi River from Memphis, Tenn.”

white minivan
16 year old Joe Kane dead at the scene. Note the missing license plate on the vehicle.

On the surface, the story seems like yet another instance of meaningless violence that resulted in the murder of cops and armed suspects.

However, there is something fishy about the story most of thecorporate media is not reporting.

“The white Dodge Caravan van used by the two suspects is registered to the House Of God’s Prayer in New Vienna in Clinton County,” WLWT5 in Cincinnati, Ohio, reports today. “Residents said the people who used the church said they were associated with the Aryan Nations and left about 10 years ago.”

The white minivan, according to additional information received by Infowars.com, had a ministry license plate. In the photo above, the vehicle’s license plate is missing.

MyFox Memphis identifies the two dead suspects as Jerry Kane and his 16-year old son Joseph Kane.

“Jerry Kane and his beautiful son Joe (age 16) were shot to death during an alleged traffic stop by law enforcement on Thursday, May 20th, 2010,” a post on the My Private Audio website states. “Jerry, Joe and their two dogs, while on their way back to their home in Florida have been made out to be everything from drug smugglers to hispanics, which we all know is typical of the media spinners. The police said it was a traffic stop. But their van had more bullet holes in it than Bonnie and Clyde’s.”


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